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Chapter 1520: Exposed

Gu Meng was brought to an unnoticeable corner.

The man’s tall figure surrounded her, blocking the light around her.

The faint smell of red wine and tobacco wafted to her nose. It was a familiar yet unfamiliar smell, and her heart trembled.

It was Ye Qing.

She looked up, her clear eyes looking at the man in front of her.

Had he heard the conversation between Dai Na and Ling Motian just now?

Having been cheated on by his fiancée, his face was still expressionless. He was so cold and deep that it was hard to understand him.

Perhaps, Ling Motian’s guess was right. The video was released because he had swapped them.

Was it to cancel the engagement with the Princess?

Staring at the silent Gu Meng, Ye Qing’s eyes darkened. “Are you okay?”

She had almost been discovered by Ling Motian and Gu Meng was indeed shocked.

But now, she was feeling much better.

Retracting her arm from his warm and dry palm, she nodded. “I’m fine.”

She took two steps back, putting some distance between them.

Seeing her action, a trace of sadness flashed past Ye Qing’s deep eyes. However, very quickly, he stepped forward as if nothing had happened and leaned against her intimately once more. “After tonight, Dai Na and I will cut off all contact.”

His voice was low and charming. In the quiet night sky, it was like a violin playing.

Gu Meng looked up, meeting his dark eyes. A few seconds later, she pursed her lips. “What does it have to do with me?”

She pushed him away ruthlessly and left without looking back.

Ye Qing stared at her cold and distant back. He licked the corner of his lips and suddenly laughed softly.

That laughter seemed to come from the depths of his throat, deep and resonant.

Hearing this, Gu Meng’s scalp turned numb.

He was crazy! What was so funny?

When Gu Meng returned to the banquet hall, she still did not see Ling Hui.

Even an outsider like her found it hard to believe and accept that Ling Hui’s husband and Dai Na were having an affair, let alone Ling Hui herself.

Although Ling Hui rarely mentioned her feelings to her, her wedding ring was always on her finger.

A woman wearing a wedding ring meant that she still cared about that man and their marriage.

It had already been a blow for Ling Hui when Ling Motian brought his female secretary over tonight. Then, such a video had been exposed. Any normal woman would not be able to withstand such a blow!

Gu Meng was worried about Ling Hui and did not know where she had gone. Would she do something stupid?

When she entered the castle, she could not bring her phone in and as such, she could not call Ling Hui. She was about to go out to have a look when there was a commotion in the banquet hall.

The President and his wife headed downstairs with Dai Na.

Gu Meng stopped. Like the other guests, she wanted to hear how the President and his wife would deal with this scandal.

“Dear guests, I went upstairs to ask Dai Na just now. She said that she did not do anything to let the Third Prince down. She loves the Third Prince deeply and would not marry anyone other than him. How could she do such a shameful thing to another man?”

Some guests raised their doubts. “Mr President, we all saw the video. The female lead is clearly Princess Dai Na!”

The president shook his head and sighed. “This is all my fault. After I inherited the presidency, Dai Na was kidnapped and her life was almost in danger. After she was safe, I was worried that something similar would happen again, so I gave her a substitute.”

As the President spoke, he clapped his hands and two guards escorted a woman over.

The woman looked up. Her face under her long hair was almost the same as Dai Na’s.

“This is Dai Na’s substitute. She did such a shameful thing to a man in private. After Dai Na found out about it, she was scolded by her. Dai Na told her to cut ties with that man, but she didn’t agree and even hated Dai Na! Today’s video is one of her methods to take revenge on Dai Na. When my men found her, she was about to run away with her lover.”

In the video, only a woman’s face appeared. The man had never shown his face, so no one could investigate. Ling Motian had thought of this idea.

The substitute who was being detained by the guards glared at Dai Na angrily. “What’s wrong with me falling in love with him? What right do you have to make me leave him? Just because you’re a princess, you can criticize my feelings as a substitute? If you let me be happy, I will ruin everything you have!”

The voice of the substitute did not sound any different from Dai Na’s. When the guests heard this, almost all of them believed the President’s words.

Gu Meng would have believed it too if she had not seen Dai Na and Ling Motian meeting with her own eyes.

The President was really cunning. He had been able to push all the blame to Dai Na’s substitute.

“Mr President, you must teach this substitute a lesson.”

“A servant dares to scheme against her master? I think she deserves the death penalty!”

“How dare she slander the Princess?”

“If we don’t punish him severely, there might be people who will disrespect the Princess in the future! We support Mr President in punishing this substitute severely!”

Dai Na’s tensed heart finally relaxed when she heard that the guests believed her father’s words.

Ling Motian was smart enough to think of a plan to cover up this scandal in such a short time.

The President and his wife heaved a sigh of relief.

After this scandal was covered up, they had to find out who had made the video.

If it was really related to Ye Qing, they would not let this matter go so easily.

Just when everyone thought that this matter would end here, a cold and mocking voice suddenly sounded with a woman’s unique tone. “This matter really cannot be let go like this!”

Everyone looked over and saw a woman in a dark green dress walking over slowly.

Under the bright crystal chandelier, the woman had a stunning face.

There was a moment of silence in the banquet hall.

Who else could it be other than Ling Hui? She had gone off somewhere earlier. The dress she was wearing was still the same, but the makeup on her face had changed slightly.

The lipstick on her lips had deepened. It was charming and strong, like a rose with blood on it. Her wavy hair was gathered on one side of her shoulders, and the way she walked over was charming and beautiful.

When Ling Motian saw Ling Hui, he furrowed his eyebrows slightly. He strode forward and grabbed her arm, whispering, “What are you doing?”

Ling Hui looked at the man in front of her who could remain calm even when a mountain had just collapsed in front of him. Her red lips curled up into an enchanting smile. “You used to say that you liked dignified, gentle, and obedient women. For you, I’ve always worked hard to become that kind of person.” Her fingertips nodded at his chest, her smile becoming even more dazzling. “Now it seems like it was just a joke!”

With that said, she took a few steps back and looked at the guests around her. “Does everyone want to know who the male lead in the affair with Princess Dai Na is?”