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Chapter 1518: Scene

From the corner of her eye, Gu Meng glanced at Ye Qing, who had greeted the President and his wife after arriving at the banquet hall. He was wearing a low-profile and luxurious hand-tailored suit that fit him perfectly. His figure was cold and tall, and under the bright crystal chandelier, his facial features were as deep and handsome as if they had been carved out. He was so perfect that she could not take her eyes off him.

His expression was as indifferent as ever, his eyes as deep as a bottomless well, making it impossible to read his thoughts.

Just as she was about to look away, the man glanced at her again.

Gu Meng turned around and faced the man with the back of her head.

A faint smile appeared on Ye Qing’s sexy lips. Dai Na noticed the smile on Ye Qing’s lips and asked softly, “Brother Ye Qing, why are you so happy?”

Without waiting for Ye Qing to say anything, Dai Na remembered that before the banquet started, her father had talked to him, hoping to announce the news that the two of them were going to be married tonight. At that time, he had not objected to it.

Was he so happy because he was going to marry her?

“Brother Ye Qing, I will definitely be a good princess in the future.” Dai Na looked at Ye Qing, her eyes filled with tenderness.

At this moment, Ling Motian walked over with his secretary.

Ling Motian was not as handsome, nor his features as well-defined as Ye Qing’s. But neither was he as handsome and devilish as a playboy. However, he had a face that women liked and he looked very gentlemanly at first glance. He had broad shoulders, a narrow waist, refreshing sideburns, and sharp facial features.

Dai Na and Ling Motian looked at each other and smiled brightly. “Brother Motian, why didn’t you ask Sister Ling Hui to be your female companion? She came today as well. How sad would she be that you brought her secretary along?”

Ling Motian glanced past Dai Na’s exquisite and pretty face, his indifferent gaze sweeping past the deep V-neck dress she was wearing. The collar design was sexy and charming, outlining her full and voluptuous chest.

When Dai Na felt Ling Motian’s gaze on her, a small smirk appeared on her lips.

After Ling Mo arrived to the banquet hall, she had secretly observed him and Ling Hui. From the beginning to the end, he had not even looked at Ling Hui, as if he did not have his wife in his eyes.

How could the current Ling Hui compare to her?

“Madam, I’ve prepared a small gift. I’ve already developed this island in the Darran Sea. There are hotels, resorts, churches, villas, malls, golf courses, clubhouses, tarmac, etc. The island hasn’t been named yet. I’m giving it to the ever young and beautiful Madam. I hope you like it.”

Hearing the gift from Ling Motian, the President;s wife and Dai Na were shocked.

Last time, the President’s wife had casually mentioned that she wanted a vacation island that belonged to her. She had not expected Ling Motian to have been so attentive and to develop an island for her birthday.

Compared to Ling Motian, as a prince, Ye Qing had never cared so much about his future mother-in-law.

The President’s wife looked at Ling Motian with a smile. “Motian, you’re too considerate. How can I accept such an expensive gift?”

“It’s just a small gift.” Ling Motian smirked, looking gentlemanly and elegant. “I got my secretary to bring a video over. The scenery on the island is clear. Madam, take a look and see if you like it.”

The female secretary received Ling Motian’s instructions and took the thumb drive to the videographer, passing him the thumb drive.

The lights in the banquet hall suddenly dimmed.

An image appeared on the big screen. The guests’ attention was attracted to the screen.

Dai Na, who was holding Ye Qing’s arm, did not look at the screen. Her gaze landed on Ling Hui, who was standing in the corner of the banquet hall.

She thought to herself that if Ling Hui saw the big gift her husband gave her mother, she would be envious and jealous beyond measure.

She was married to the number one conglomerate but could not hold on to her husband. Ling Hui was really a failure!

But she was different. Not only could she make Brother Mo Tian dote on her, she could even marry the Third Prince.

In the future, who would still dare to say that she was a phoenix that flew up into the sky?

All of these belonged to her!

A smug smile appeared on Dai Na’s lips.

At this moment, she felt like she was a winner in life!

The President’s wife looked at the big screen in a good mood, waiting for the beautiful video of the island.

She had received all kinds of extravagant gifts tonight, but the one she looked forward to and liked the most was the one Ling Motian had given her.

The big screen flashed twice, and then an image appeared.

A woman in a dress with long hair entered the hotel room. Suddenly, she was pushed into a corner by a tall figure. The two of them said something and started kissing crazily.

The woman wrapped her arms around the man’s neck, her slender legs seductively wrapped around the man’s muscular waist.

There was no sound on the screen, but that fragrant and passionate kiss almost attracted the attention of all the guests.

After the kiss, the woman could not wait to unbutton the man’s shirt.

The man carried the woman and walked toward the bed. The woman’s face was on the man’s shoulder, her eyes red and enchanting as she took off the man’s shirt with her hands.

No one had expected such a scene to appear on the screen.

The moment the President’s wife saw the video, the joy in her heart disappeared. She was about to order someone to cut the video when the woman’s face suddenly appeared.

Her breathing stopped for a moment and at the same time, there were sounds of people gasping in the banquet hall.

How could it be Dai Na?

The video had not captured the man’s face, but his back had clearly been captured. There was a faint crescent-shaped birthmark on it.

Very few people knew about this birthmark.

However, Ling Hui knew about it. The moment he saw it, her fingers around the wine glass tightened.

The President was the first to react. His expression darkened and without saying anything, he strode toward the videographer.

There was a fuss among the guests in the banquet hall.

“Oh my god, why is there such a video?”

“The woman in the video is Princess Dai Na?”

“Who’s the male lead? The Third Prince?”

“From his hairstyle and figure, he doesn’t look like the Third Prince.”

“If it’s not the Third Prince, then wasn’t Princess Dai Na having an affair with another man in the hotel?”

Dai Na, who was immersed in her beautiful fantasies and thoughts, heard the discussion. She did not know what had happened and looked up at the big screen.

When she saw that the screen was not showing the beautiful scenery of the island, but the image of a woman being pressed against the bed by a man while exercising, her body trembled.

The decor of the hotel room, the man’s back as he stood by the bed, and the woman’s flushed face. Everything was familiar yet unfamiliar.

Suddenly, the screen dimmed and the video stopped.

However, that video was already imprinted in every guest’s mind. Even if the video was cut off, their memories could not be erased.