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Chapter 1517: Meeting At The Banquet

Hearing Ye Qing’s words, Gu Meng’s heart trembled slightly.

She did not know what was the point of him saying all this. If he forced her to stay by his side, the result would still be the same as it had been two years ago.

Not wanting to argue with him anymore, she pulled open the door of the changing room and ran away hurriedly.

Ling Hui came in after answering the call and saw Gu Meng rushing out. She was wondering why she was not dressed properly when the changing room door opened again and a tall figure walked out.

Ling Hui and the designer’s assistant looked at each other.

Ye Qing had a hand in his pants pocket. Faced with the strange gaze, his expression was cold and calm, his lips pursed tightly as he left with steady steps.

After Ye Qing left, Gu Meng returned to the changing room and changed into her own clothes.

While Ling Hui was sending Gu Meng back to the apartment, she wanted to say something but stopped herself several times. As such, she ended up not asking anything.

When they arrived at the apartment, Ling Hui said, “I’ll come and fetch you tonight.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Returning to the apartment, Gu Meng rushed into the bathroom and washed her face with cold water.

Looking at her red and swollen lips, she touched them with her fingertips. The man’s warmth seemed to still linger on them.

Her phone rang and Gu Meng glanced at her phone. “Vivian, my father came back just now and his expression is so dark. I mentioned you to him and he even got angry at me. I really can’t live with him anymore.”

Gu Meng replied, “Don’t mention me in front of him in the future.”

Little Gugu, who had received the reply, glanced at the man smoking in front of the French window and asked unhappily, “Daddy, did you secretly meet Vivian behind my back today? Did you do something bad to her?”

Ye Qing turned around to look at Little Gugu, who was nestled on the sofa, his eyes narrowing slightly. “What?”

“Vivian told me not to mention her in front of you again. Besides, I feel that her attitude toward me today is very cold.”

Ye Qing’s slender fingers that were holding onto the cigarette tightened. He walked to the sofa and took away the child’s phone in Little Gugu’s hand. When he saw Gu Meng’s reply, his eyebrows immediately furrowed together.

A few seconds later, he threw the phone to Little Gugu. “She’s cold to you because you’re not charming enough.”

Little Gugu jumped up from the sofa unhappily. “If you didn’t take me away last night, I would have slept with Vivian. She smells so good.”

Ye Qing smirked. “That’s none of your business.”

Little Gugu was furious. “How is it unrelated? You promised me that you would bring her back to the palace.”

“She’s your father’s.”

Little Gugu was speechless.

Ye Qing put out his cigarette and entered the study.

Little Gugu looked at Ye Qing’s back and shouted angrily on the sofa, “Daddy, how can you be so shameless? I was the one who fell for Vivian first!”

In the evening.

Gu Meng attended the birthday party with Ling Hui.

When they arrived at a luxurious and magnificent ancient castle, Gu Meng was surprised to find that Ling Hui had brought her to the President’s wife’s birthday party.

After Ling Hui had been chased out of the Dai family, she was no longer a member of this circle. However, because she was married to Ling Motian, she became the wife of a tycoon that many people envied.

No one knew that the number of times she and Ling Motian had met could be counted on one hand even though they had been married for two years.

When she entered the luxurious castle, there were already many rich and powerful ladies in the banquet hall.

Gu Meng had attended many high society banquets with Ling Hui and she was no longer as restrained as she had been in the beginning.

Ling Hui introduced several socialites to Gu Meng. Gu Meng was intelligent and was able to design a set of jewelry that suited their styles very quickly.

Several socialites had not believed in Gu Meng’s ability at first, but after listening to her description, they all praised her and took the initiative to leave their contact details.

At this moment, there was a commotion at the door.

A socialite beside Gu Meng said, “Ling Hui, your husband is here.”

A tall figure walked in. The man looked like a typical successful businessman. There was a faint smile on his lips, but his eyes were sharp and cold.

“Ling Hui, why didn’t you come with your husband tonight?”

“Ling Hui, everyone is envious of you for marrying such an outstanding husband.”

Ling Hui laughed mockingly in her heart.

“Eh, the one following behind your husband is his secretary, right? I heard rumors about them a few days ago. Ling Hui, women can’t be too headstrong. You’re too focused on your career now and you won’t even know if your husband’s kidnapped by a little vixen.”

Ling Hui shook the champagne in her crystal glass. “If it’s mine, it’s mine. If it’s not mine, I can’t keep it either.”

Alright, the former top socialite was so confident and bold!

“Vivian, I’m going to the washroom,” Ling Hui said to Gu Meng.

Gu Meng did not miss the flash of hurt in Ling Hui’s eyes. She asked with concern, “I’ll go with you.”

“It’s alright. Continue chatting with them.”

After Ling Hui left, Gu Meng glanced at her husband, Ling Motian. Ling Motian was greeting the President and his wife. The petite secretary beside him was holding his arm intimately and the two of them looked like a couple.

Before long, there was another commotion in the banquet hall.

Dai Na held Ye Qing’s arm as they came down from upstairs. The President’s wife was the main character tonight, but Dai Na was wearing a rather sexy long dress. Her chest was exposed and so was her back. She did not look dignified or steady at all, and many socialites scoffed at her.

“She’s become a phoenix, but she’s still unbearably vulgar.”

“Keep your voice down. After all, she’s a princess now. It won’t be good if she hears it.”

“I just don’t like her. From her hair to her toes, how can she ever compare to Ling Hui? Why is she the top socialite now?”

“Her father is the President now!”

“Although her taste is bad, her taste in men is not bad. Look at the Third Prince beside her. He is indeed someone who grew up in the royal family. From head to toe, he exudes a noble aura and masculine charm!”

Gu Meng glanced at the man coming down the stairs. It was true that he was like what the socialites said. There was nothing wrong with him in any aspect. But who would have thought that the man who looked noble and abstinent was a jerk and gangster in private?

She did not know if he had a sixth sense, but the moment Gu Meng looked at Ye Qing, he looked at her.

Their eyes met through the crowd.

A socialite exclaimed, “Look, the Third Prince seems to have glanced at me.”

“Stop daydreaming. Why would the Third Prince look at us? I heard that the President is going to announce Princess Dai Na and the Third Prince’s marriage tonight!”

When Gu Meng heard the socialites’ discussion, she felt an indescribable feeling in her heart. He was clearly about to marry Dai Na and yet, he had still kissed and flirted with her, saying that he needed her. This made her feel like she had swallowed a fly.