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Chapter 1516: She Admitted That She Was Gu Meng

It had not been easy for her to stand up again after how he had hurt her. She did not want to be pulled into a dangerous whirlpool because of her feelings again.

Whether it was two years ago or two years later, she and Ye Qing would always be different.

She pursed her lips that were numb from his kiss and said softly, “I’ll go out first. You can leave later. Let’s not pester each other anymore.”

With that said, she walked towards the door.

But her fingertips had just touched the door handle when a strong force attacked her.

Her body was thrown against the wall again.

There was a loud clang in the quiet air.

Gu Meng’s heart almost jumped to her throat.

He must be crazy!!!

Dai Na, who was looking for Ye Qing, naturally heard this sound as well.

She lifted the hem of her gown and looked toward the changing room where Gu Meng was.

Dai Na looked at the designer assistant in confusion. “Who’s inside?”

The designer’s assistant did not know that Ye Qing was inside, so she replied honestly, “Miss Ling Hui’s friend.”

Dai Na recalled the fight between her and Ling Hui. There was indeed a woman standing beside Ling Hui. However, she looked ordinary and there was nothing special about her apart from her aura.

“Can you ask what’s going on inside?”

The designer’s assistant did not dare to offend Dai Na, so she knocked on the door of the changing room and asked, “Miss Vivian, did something happen?”

Gu Meng looked at the calm man and her blood pressure increased. When had he become so shameless?

He walked in front of her, his hand moving back to her waist as he leaned down to press his ear against her ear. “The feeling of kissing you hasn’t changed. If it’s not enough, I found a strand of hair in your room yesterday. I’ll go back and do a DNA test with Little Gugu. Tell me…”

Hearing his words, Gu Meng smirked coldly.

“Since you’re not letting go, I’ll go and ask Princess Dai Na why hasn’t she been able to control my fiancé even after two years?”

She had admitted to it. She had the impulse to run out right now…

He grabbed her waist, not letting her leave.

Their eyes met and seeing the coldness in her eyes, his chest throbbed in pain.

“Mr Ye, no matter who I am, it has nothing to do with you.” She was calm and composed, her clear and bright eyes seemed to have lost all feelings for him. “I don’t love you anymore.”

She did not say anything else to him. Even if she had admitted that she was Gu Meng, she had only said that she did not love him anymore.

“Xiaomeng, you don’t love Ye Qing or your Brother Ah Dai anymore?”

His forehead pressed against hers, his voice extremely hoarse.

Gu Meng’s heart trembled.

Brother Ah Dai… The man she used to love with her life.

But when had that love started to fade away?

Knock, knock, knock…

Someone knocked on the door again. This time, it was Dai Na who was asking outside. “What are you doing inside?”

Seeing that the man in front of her had no intention of letting go of her, Gu Meng could only reply, “I was wearing high heels while putting on the gown and accidentally tripped.”

When Dai Na heard this, she muttered, “What am I thinking? Who is Brother Ye Qing? Can any Tom, Dick or Harry have him? Did Daddy call him away because of something? I’ll give him a call.”

Hearing that Dai Na wanted to call Ye Qing, Gu Meng’s pupils constricted.

Was he really not afraid of Dai Na finding out?

If Dai Na found out about it, she would definitely think that they were having an affair and trouble would ensue…

“I don’t want to get involved in your relationship with Dai Na. If she finds out that you’re here, I’ll die again.”

Hearing the word “die”, his dark pupils constricted.

He tightened his hold on her waist. “My phone is in my pocket.”

What did he mean?

Could he not take it if it was in his pocket?

“If you don’t want her to find out, take it out and reject her call.”

He still looked abstinent, but his words were so shameless.

He had changed so much. Had he led Little Gugu astray?

But how was she to know that all these changes had happened because of her?

When he said these words, he felt awkward and unnatural. However, if he did not take the initiative, their relationship would really end right then and there.

So what if she hated him?

If he could make her hate slowly turn into liking him again, wouldn’t it be like a rebirth?

“If you don’t take it out, we’ll be found when Dai Na calls.”

Gu Meng was furious.

However, this man looked fearless.

Gu Meng furrowed her eyebrows and reached into his pants pocket. She had just touched his phone and was about to pull it out when her hand was stopped by his large palm through his pants pocket.

With his strength, her fingertips inevitably touched his…

Her expression changed.

There was a smile in his dark eyes. Not only did he not let go of her hand, his other hand even caressed her lips.

Back and forth.

Gu Meng did not expect him to be so thick-skinned and her eyes burned with anger.

“Call me Brother Ah Dai.”

“Go to hell!”

The moment she finished speaking, he pressed down harder on her hand. The harder he pressed, the closer she was to his private part. Although there was a cloth between them, it was no less hot to her.

But at this moment, his pants pocket vibrated again.

Gu Meng’s feelings were indescribable.

No matter how calm she was, she could not remain calm.

She had been forced into a corner and could only shout, “Brother Ah Dai.”

“There were no feelings.”

Gu Meng gritted her teeth. “Brother Ah Dai.”

“It doesn’t feel right.”

She wanted to strangle him to death.

Dai Na’s voice came from outside again. “I think I heard a phone vibrating. Brother Ye Qing is still here…”

Gu Meng’s eyes were red and she was full of anger, but she could only say gently, “Brother Ah Dai.”

Her voice was originally crisp and pleasant to the ear, but after she deliberately softened it, it was like the soft words of a woman from Jiangnan. The blood in his body gathered and surged towards his abdomen.

Gu Meng shook off his hand with her face red and pulled her hand back from his pocket.

Dai Na, who was outside, noticed that the door to the changing room was closed and felt that something was wrong. She was about to ask the designer’s assistant to take the spare key when Ye Qing’s secretary walked over. “Princess, His Highness has something on and left first.”

“He left?”

“Yes, Princess.”

Dai Na glanced at the tightly closed changing room and felt that she was thinking too much. Brother Ye Qing was not an ordinary person. How could he be so desperate to have something to do with an ugly woman?

After Dai Na left, Gu Meng was about to pull open the door when a man’s voice trailed from behind her. “Xiaomeng, no matter how much you resist, you can’t change what I want to do! Little Gugu needs his mother, and I need you!”

The last sentence seemed to spill out from the depths of his throat. He said it very seriously and firmly.