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Chapter 1515: Not Letting Go

Gu Meng almost asked what could not be changed?

She looked down and took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down.

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about.” Her eyes were cold and there was resistance and wariness all over her. “I’m sure your fiancée has come out to find you. I don’t want to cause trouble. Please respect yourself!”

The man acted like he did not hear her and his large hand naturally wrapped around her slender waist.

The strength he used to hold her was just right. It was not too tight, but she could not break free.

Gu Meng wanted to step back, but there was not much space in the changing room. No matter where she went, he could catch her easily.

He was determined to force her to admit it.

She was both angry and amused.

Where did he get this confidence from?

Since he was shameless, why should she care about his dignity?

She opened her mouth and shouted, “Help! Molest…”

Before she could finish, her mouth was covered by the man’s large hand.

She struggled but could not break free.

“Aren’t you afraid?” He asked her with narrowed eyes.

Her lips, which were covered by his palm, moved and she glared at him angrily.

Seeing that she did not dare to shout, he let go of her. “Alright, since you’re not afraid, shout loudly.”

Gu Meng furrowed her eyebrows. Before she could say anything, she saw him lifting his hand to undo the buttons on his shirt.

Gu Meng could not read his mind. “What are you doing?”

He smirked, his eyes dangerous. “Didn’t you say I was molesting you? Since that’s the case, I have to turn it into reality.”

Gu Meng felt like she had dug a hole for herself to jump into.

And… he was different from two years ago.

He used to be indifferent and had no interest in her, let alone do anything shameless.

Did he really remember what had happened in the fishing village?

He had become Brother Ah Dai again?

Ye Qing looked at the woman who had her eyes lowered, not knowing what she was thinking. He sized her up carefully.

His dark eyes moved from her ordinary-looking face to her slender figure.

The dress she was wearing exposed her shoulders, her beautiful neck, and exquisite collarbones…

Gu Meng felt uncomfortable under his gaze.

Seeing the man’s Adam’s apple moving up and down, Gu Meng lifted her high heels and stepped hard on his leather shoes.

She knew that that step had been quite painful, but she did not care about his feelings at all.

What she had not expected was for his expression not to change even after being stepped on.

The atmosphere froze for a moment.

After some time, he lowered his head, his lips close to her ear. “Is your anger gone?”

The cold masculine scent made her scalp tingle.

Was he going to force her into a corner, making her have no way out so she would have no choice but to surrender to him and admit her identity?

But Gu Meng had died two years ago!

“Little Gugu’s father, please respect yourself!”

He continued to speak by her ear, his voice low and hoarse. “Do you want to hear a story?”

His voice was as deep as a cello. “There was a bastard who met a kind and beautiful girl after he lost his memories. She filled his dark life with sunshine… But he didn’t cherish her. After returning to his home, he forgot about that girl and did a series of things that hurt her. But he already knows that he was wrong and regrets it. Does he still have a chance?”

If this had happened in the past, she would have jumped with joy when she heard him say this.

However, after having suffered so much, an apology wasn’t enough to return everything to normal.

He might never understand that after being so disheartened and hopeless that she had no fear of death, it was hard to warm her heart.

“Little Gugu’s father, not everyone who has done wrong is worthy of forgiveness. Since you’ve already missed your chance, letting go is the best choice.”

He looked at her, his lips pursed into a tight line.

She pushed him away and lifted her skirt.

“What if I don’t let go?” He suddenly asked hoarsely.

Gu Meng’s heart jumped.

She was surprised that he would say such a thing.

It was not like him to pester her endlessly, was it?

Gu Meng laughed in anger. “Then, why are you looking for me? You should look for her instead. I remember telling you that I have a fiancé and I’m getting married soon…”

Before Gu Meng could finish speaking, the man kissed her.

The moment he kissed her, he knew that there was no mistake.

She was the person he was looking for!

His hand grabbed her slender waist tightly, as if he wanted her to melt into his flesh and blood.

He would not let her go again!

Let go?


Gu Meng’s eyes turned red as well, but that was because she was angry at his actions.

She used all of her strength and pushed him away ruthlessly.

He took a few steps back unsteadily and hit the wall opposite, making a loud thud.

Just then, Dai Na’s voice sounded from outside. “Did you see the man who came with me?”

The designer’s assistant replied, “I went to the washroom and didn’t notice.”

“That’s strange. I changed into a gown and came out, but he disappeared?”

Gu Meng wanted to slap the man, but when she heard Dai Na’s voice, her body stiffened and she pressed herself against the wall, not daring to move.