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Chapter 1514: She Slapped Him

Ling Hui did not miss the contempt in Dai Na’s eyes.

Ling Hui and Dai Na were cousins. Ling Hui was originally surnamed Dai, but a few years ago, her father was poisoned and was now in a vegetative state, while her mother became a suspect. After her father fell, she and her mother were chased out of the Dai family. The family did not allow her to be surnamed Dai, so she changed her surname to Ling.

Her parents had always been loving. Even if her father had an affair and had gotten into a fight with her mother, her mother would never have poisoned him.

Ling Hui had always suspected that it had something to do with Dai Na’s family, or in other words, her uncle’s family..

Her father was his grandfather’s eldest son. He was supposed to inherit the president’s position. But right before her grandfather abdicated, something happened to her father!

Dai Na’s father was an illegitimate child. When Ling Hui was still in the socialite circle, Dai Na was just like Cinderella.

After Dai Na’s situation changed, she was arrogant and wanted to snatch everything from Ling Hui. She would wear whatever Ling Hui wore. She would snatch her best friend from whomever Ling Hui played well with.

It was only when Ling Hui and her mother were chased out of the Dai family and were in dire straits that she stopped comparing with them.

However, two years ago, Ling Hui married Country Y’s top financial magnate, Ling Motian. Dai Na felt extremely uncomfortable. How could a down-and-out socialite marry into a rich family?

This was also one of the reasons why she was determined to marry into Country S’s Royal family.

Ye Qing was handsome, perfect, and elegant. Whether it was his appearance or status, he was better than Ling Motian.

The designer’s assistant came over with a sexy dress. “Miss Ling Hui, this is the dress you wanted.”

Ling Hui was about to take the gown when Dai Na said, “Sister Ling Hui, you can’t afford such a style, right?” Dai Na glanced at the gown. It was silvery white with a V-neck, with a hollowed back and a fishtail skirt. It must be quite sexy on her.

It was her mother’s birthday party tonight and Ling Hui wanted to wear this to steal the limelight?

Dai Na looked at the designer assistant with a fake smile. “I like this dress too.”

The designer’s assistant looked at Ling Hui and then at Dai Na, looking troubled.

Ling Hui had an exquisite face that was so beautiful that women would be moved when they saw it. The corners of his eyes were raised slightly and she lifted her lips with a charming and feminine charm. “Since the Princess likes it, let her have the dress!”

Dai Na took the dress and glanced at the man behind her. “Brother Ye Qing, I’m going to try on the dress.”

Ye Qing hummed coldly.

After Dai Na entered the changing room, Ye Qing’s dark eyes looked towards Gu Meng.

Gu Meng met his eyes and looked away.

Ling Hui pulled Gu Meng to the side and said softly, “That wasn’t the gown I was intending to give you. I’ll get the designer’s assistant to bring that over for you to try on later.” A call came in and Ling Hui glanced at the caller ID. “I’m going out to answer a call.”

Gu Meng nodded. “Okay.”

After Ling Hui went out, Gu Meng looked around. Ye Qing was not in the studio’s lobby anymore.

The designer’s assistant brought over a long dress that looked like an elegant fairy. “Miss Vivian, Miss Ling Hui ordered this for you.”

Seeing the dress in the designer’s assistant’s hands, Gu Meng was stunned.

It was too beautiful.

The designer’s assistant led Gu Meng to another changing room.

“Miss Vivian, if you need me to pull the zipper on your back, just call me. I’m at the door.”

“Thank you.”

Closing the door of the fitting room, Gu Meng took off her clothes. She could not wear a bra with straps in such an off-shoulder dress. The designer’s assistant had thoughtfully prepared a strapless one for her.

Gu Meng changed into her bra and put on her long dress. She wanted to pull up the zipper on her back, but it was stuck halfway. Gu Meng was worried that the zipper would be broken and she opened the door of the fitting room slightly. “I’m sorry, the zipper is stuck. I might have to trouble you to come in and help me…”

After waiting for a while, no one came in and Gu Meng tried to pull it herself.

She did not notice that the door of the fitting room was pushed open and a tall figure walked in.

Because of the carpet on the floor, Gu Meng could not hear any footsteps. She only felt that someone had entered and thought that it was the design assistant. She took two steps back. “I’m sorry, I’m in trouble…”

After the man came in, he locked the door.

Looking at the woman’s fair back, the man’s dark eyes darkened.

His well-defined fingers pinched the thin zipper and pulled it gently. After the zipper could move, he did not pull it up. Instead, he pulled it down to her waist.

Gu Meng felt that something was wrong and she covered her chest, looking back.

Seeing that the person standing behind her was not the designer’s assistant but the handsome and cold man, her pupils constricted slightly.

“Little Gugu’s father, did you go into the wrong fitting room?”

After the zipper was pulled to her waist by him, her skirt had to be pressed against her chest to prevent it from falling off. She could not push him out and could only glare at him sharply. “Please go out quickly…”

Before she could finish, the man grabbed her slender shoulders and turned her around.

Gu Meng stepped back instinctively, but he was like an elegant cheetah, approaching her step by step.

Gu Meng furrowed her eyebrows. “Little Gugu’s father, are you crazy? We’ve only met twice and you’re doing such a dirty thing. Aren’t you afraid that your fiancée will know?”

He looked at her, his eyes dark. “Just treat it as if I’m sick.”

With that said, he grabbed her wrist, his other hand pulling down her gown.

All of Gu Meng’s blood rushed to her head.

She almost screamed.

However, his expression remained unchanged as his dark eyes looked below her left chest.

His eyes darkened when he saw that there was no scar at all.

Was he really mistaken?

He was about to take a closer look when he felt a pain on his face.

The woman slapped him angrily.

“Little Gugu’s father, look at you, you’re also a well-known figure. Princess Dai Na is your fiancée. She’s trying on clothes in another changing room, but you came to take off another woman’s clothes. Where are your manners?”

Ye Qing touched his face that had been slapped by Gu Meng and licked the corner of his lips. Surprisingly, he was not angry, and laughed softly instead.

Gu Meng cursed him in her heart.

Was it funny to be hit?

Gu Meng held onto her long dress with one hand and pointed at the door with the other. “If you don’t go out, I’ll shout that you’re molesting me.”

He narrowed his depthless black eyes, his voice low and hoarse. “You wouldn’t dare.”

Gu Meng’s heart skipped a beat. She opened her mouth, wanting to say something when he suddenly came close and wrapped his hand around her waist. “You can change your appearance and your scars can fade, but there’s one thing you can’t change.”