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Chapter 1513: Bring It Back

If he remembered correctly, there was a small scar below her left chest.

Back then, she had fought a wild boar to save him.

Gu Meng had not expected this cold and noble man in front of her to ask her to take off her clothes with a straight face.

He must be crazy about women!

Little Gugu was still in the bathroom, but he was not going to care about his son and was going to have a one night stand with a woman?

Gu Meng looked at his calm and cold face and the smile on her lips widened. “You’re not going to care about your son anymore?”

He narrowed his dark eyes and instead of answering, he asked, “You don’t dare to take it off?”

She smirked, her slender body approaching him as her slender fingers caressed his chest.

Even through the fabric of the shirt, she could feel the firm muscles under the shirt and the scorching temperature.

She moved across his chest slowly, her actions frivolous and casual. “What’s the point of me taking it off myself? Come and help me take it off…”

As she spoke, she exhaled on his well-defined handsome face.

She was extremely charming.

Her fingertips slowly slid down from his muscular chest and landed on his well-defined abdomen. She grabbed his shirt lightly, wanting to pull it out.

However, before she could exert any strength, her fingertips were grabbed by the man.

A faint coldness appeared in the man’s cold eyes. The aura he exuded was cold and icy, like a sharp blade that could cut a person’s skin with a light touch.

His handsome face approached her and his warm breath landed on her face. His voice was low and hoarse. “Did you learn all of this in the past two years?”

A storm brewed in Gu Meng’s heart.

Did he recognize her, or was he bluffing?

No, she had already died once. She did not want to go back to how she had been before.

She retracted her fingers that were held by him and swept up her hair, playing with it casually. “Little Gugu’s father, why don’t I understand what you mean? Or do I look like the woman you liked before?”

She was still smiling, but there was a hint of mockery in her smile.

There seemed to be no light in those bright, black eyes. They were so dark that it made her feel extremely panicked.

Ye Qing felt a little suffocated under her gaze.

Had he really admitted his mistake? Or had she completely let go of him that she no longer had any feelings for him?

He lifted her chin, his cold face pressing down.

At this moment, a young voice sounded. “Daddy, what are you doing?”

Gu Meng and Ye Qing turned back together.

Little Gugu came out with a towel wrapped around him. Seeing the ambiguously intimate couple in front of the wardrobe, Little Gugu was furious.

The reason why his father made him cry and shout was to destroy his image in Vivian’s heart, so that he could take advantage of the situation and win her favor?

Daddy was really too bad!

On the way back to the hotel.

Little Gugu glared at the cold man who had remained silent since leaving Vivian’s house.

He had not even questioned him yet, so why was his expression so dark?

Little Gugu caressed Mi Xiu’s head and snorted. “A gentleman does snatch others’ possessions. A certain someone is too ungentlemanly.”

Ye Qing’s dark eyes glanced at Little Gugu. “Shut up!”

Little Gugu burst into tears, his large grape-like eyes covered with a pitiful mist. “I want to call Vivian and tell her that you’re angry at me!”

“Do you think she still cares?” Ye Qing regretted saying this coldly. He pinched his eyebrows. “Do you want to see her everyday?”

Little Gugu looked at Ye Qing suspiciously, not knowing what he was thinking of. “Of course I want to. I even want to bring her back to the palace. I don’t like the Witch Princess at all.”

Ye Qing caressed the black and soft hair on Little Gugu’s head, his voice low and hoarse. “Give Daddy some time. I promise to fulfill your wish.”

Little Gugu was doubtful. “Daddy, can you really do it?”

Ye Qing pursed his lips slightly. “Daddy will do his best.”

After the father and son left, Gu Meng could not completely calm down.

Ye Qing’s thoughts were deep. He was full of integrity. He would never treat a stranger in that way, let alone act intimately with her.

He had deliberately made Little Gugu cry and gone into the bedroom to open the wardrobe… All of these showed that he was suspicious of her.

He was too smart. He might draw connections between many things if there were any clues.

He must have gotten someone to investigate her last night.

As for the contents of his investigation, she was not worried. After all, the Queen had arranged everything for her.

However, if they met a few more times, he might find something on her.

If he knew that she was still alive, what would he do?

Should he bring her back to the capital and let her witness his wedding with Dai Na? Or should he repent for his coldness toward her?

No matter what, from the moment she had decided to leave him, she had never thought of turning back.

She would leave Country Y after meeting the socialites Ling Hui would introduce to her tomorrow night.

The next day.

Ling Hui called Gu Meng and asked her to go to the studio of the most famous fashion designer in Country Y to pick out a dress.

The studio was in the city center, but it was quiet.

There was a small bridge with flowing water in the front yard, a rock garden, and bamboo forest. The air was filled with a faint fragrance.

It was elegant and quiet.

The designer was not in town and the designer’s assistant came out to welcome them.

Ling Hui pointed at Gu Meng. “Is the dress ready? Take it out and let Vivian try it.”

Gu Meng was slightly surprised. “Sister Ling Hui, I’ve already prepared a gown.”

“You’ve earned a lot of money for me recently. I’ll give you a gown as a reward.”

Gu Meng knew that Ling Hui was worried that they would laugh at her for not wearing a top-grade brand when meeting those socialites.

The designer’s assistant was about to go get the gown when a pretty female voice suddenly came from the door. “Brother Ye Qing, I finally asked my dad to let me have you for half a day. You must help me pick a nice gown. I believe in your taste.”

Hearing Dai Na’s voice, Gu Meng furrowed her eyebrows. Why did she have to meet Dai Na and Ye Qing here? But then she remembered that Ling Hui was also from Country Y and the place she had brought her to was the best in Country Y. It was not strange for Dai Na to appear here!

Ling Hui instructed the designer’s assistant softly. Although the designer’s assistant was puzzled, he did not ask anything.

Dai Na held Ye Qing’s arm and entered the studio in high spirits. When she saw Ling Hui, a trace of smugness and contempt flashed past Dai Na’s eyes, but there was still a pretty smile on her face. “Sister Ling Hui, long time no see. You’re back?” Ling Hui used to be Country Y’s top socialite. Two years ago, she married the richest tycoon, Ling Motian, and rejected the man she had had a crush on for ten years. What was that man’s name again… Oh, Tang Xi.