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Chapter 1508: Untitled

Because it was the birthday banquet of Country Y’s President’s wife, she had invited her son-in-law.

Little Gugu looked at the invitation with a pitiful expression. “I’ve never been to Country Y. Daddy, please take me to see the outside world!”

He was still so young but he wanted to see the outside world!

Ye Qing was determined not to bring him this time.

He had not expected the little devil to use his trump card.

In his big black eyes, tears fell like beans.

He looked so pitiful!

Ye Qing could not stand letting tears fall from his eyes.

Every time he saw it, he would think of Gu Meng crying in front of him.

It was too heartbreaking.

Ye Qing’s handsome face was tense. “Daddy can take you to Country Y, but you can only stay in the hotel.”

“Oh yes!” A bright smile appeared on Little Gugu’s face, but in his heart, he was thinking: As long as Daddy goes back to the hotel every night and doesn’t make a little brother with the Witch Princess, I’m willing to stay in the hotel.

Half a month later.

Little Gugu took Mi Xiu and boarded his father’s private plane to Country Y.

Dai Na personally went to the private hangar to welcome the plane.

The cabin door opened and a smile appeared on her face when she saw Ye Qing’s tall figure. However, her smile froze in the next second.

A small figure in a white suit, bow tie, and a pair of sunglasses came out from behind Ye Qing. Beside the small figure stood a large golden retriever.

Dai Na felt like a cat was scratching her heart.

What was wrong with Ye Qing? How dare he bring an illegitimate child to their country?

With the experience from the restaurant last time, when Dai Na went up to greet Ye Qing, she stood far away from the little devil and that dog. She had originally planned on inviting Ye Qing to eat with her, but could only let the car send the father and son to the hotel.

After they arrived at the hotel, Ye Qing had a video conference.

Little Gugu felt that it was boring to stay in the hotel, so he held Mi Xiu’s hand and walked downstairs.

There was a large mall opposite the hotel. When Little Gugu saw the KFC and amusement park, his black grape-like eyes lit up.

Although he was usually sly, the tyrant was rather strict with him when it came to education.

Most of the time, he had to learn the royal family’s rules, etiquette, and fighting techniques.

He rarely ate KFC or went to the amusement park.

After a busy day, Gu Meng visited the KFC on the first floor of the mall.

When she was ordering, she saw a little boy standing on tiptoes on the cashier counter, saying in a childish voice, “Pretty Sister, I didn’t bring any money. Can you order first and ask my father to come and pay after I’m done? My father is very rich.”

“No, you have to pay if you want to order.”

The little boy smacked his lips. “If my father comes now, he definitely won’t let me eat it.”

Gu Meng could not see the boy’s face clearly, but looking at the suit he was wearing, his messy and stylish mushroom hair, and the golden dog beside him, she knew that he must be a child from a rich family.

Perhaps it was because the house rules were too strict that he was not allowed to eat outside food.

The little boy drooped his head and touched the golden retriever beside him. “Mi Xiu, what should I do? I really want to eat it.”

Hearing the boy’s pitiful tone, Gu Meng’s heart softened for some reason.

“Little boy, what do you want to eat? Auntie will pay for you!”

The boy looked up at Gu Meng.

Seeing the boy, Gu Meng’s pupils constricted slightly.

The little boy had a pretty and handsome face. His facial features were exquisite and his eyes were black and bright. His nose was tall and his thin lips were as pink as cherry blossoms. He was rather eye-catching.

Gu Meng’s heart seemed to have been hit by something.

She froze for a few seconds, until the little boy greeted her with a smile. “Hi, Pretty Sister, the way you look at me is like I’m a delicious ice cream that you want to swallow in one bite.”

Gu Meng smiled when she heard the boy’s words. “I’m sorry, you look too cute. You look like someone.”

“Pretty Sister, can I take it that you’re hitting on me?”

This child…

There was an indescribable feeling in Gu Meng’s heart.

He looked like that person, but she felt that it was impossible. This child looked like he was four or five years old, how could he be her child?

Gu Meng raised her hand and touched the boy’s head. “What do you want to eat?”

Usually, Little Gugu did not like being touched by girls. Brother Yuyu and Brother Xiaojie had taught him that no one could not touch boys’ heads or girls’ waists.

But for some reason, he did not feel repulsed when this Pretty Sister touched his head.

After ordering food, Gu Meng took the boy to sit by the window.

“Pretty Sister, what’s your name?”

“Vivian, what about you?”

“I’m Little Gugu, he’s Mi Xiu.”

Mi Xiu immediately wagged his tail at Gu Meng. He could feel that his young master liked the woman opposite him. If his young master liked her, he liked her too.

Gu Meng’s eyes softened as she stared at Little Gugu, who had grabbed a greasy drumstick and was eating it with relish. “Eat slowly, don’t choke on it.”

“Mm, mm, mm…” Little Gugu answered vaguely, his pink mouth chewing even more vigorously.

Little Gugu wanted to eat more after eating a drumstick, but he remembered that his father had told him not to eat too much junk food, so he had to hold back.

Gu Meng looked at Little Gugu. “There are still chicken wings. Are you not eating them?”

“No, Vivian, you can have them!”

Gu Meng sat beside Little Gugu and picked up a tissue to wipe his greasy hands and mouth clean. Little Gugu looked up with his big black eyes and sized up this gentle and warm woman in front of him.

She was wearing a collared shirt and a pair of pants. Her black hair was draped over her shoulders and she had no makeup on her fair face. She was not as pretty as the Witch Princess, but for some reason, she made him feel very close and he liked her.

“Vivian, how old are you? Do you have a boyfriend?”

Gu Meng froze for a second before she smiled. “How old are you? Why are you asking this?”

Little Gugu blinked. “I like you a lot. I think I fell in love with you at first sight. If you don’t have a boyfriend, I want to be your boyfriend.”

Gu Meng looked ordinary in her disguise, but it was easy for children to like her. The money she earned from her work would be donated to the children in the poor mountains. Every time she went to see those children, they liked her very much.

Gu Meng did not think too much about it and only thought that the child in front of her was like those children.

“Vivian, can you bring me to the amusement park on the fourth floor later? I’ve never been there before.”

“You have to tell your father first. If not, he will be worried if he can’t find you.”

“Alright then, I’ll give him a call.” Little Gugu had a phone watch on his wrist. He swiped it a few times, found the word ‘tyrant’ and dialed it.

It only rang once before the call was answered.

The man’s deep and cold voice sounded from the other end of the call. “Where did you take Mi Xiu?”