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Chapter 1506: Famous Jewelry Designer, Vivian

Little Gugu had not said anything in the video. He simply raised his fist and swung it.

Simple, rough, and arrogant.

A punch had knocked out one of the boy’s front teeth.

Ignoring the boy who was crying in pain, Little Gugu clapped his fair hands and strutted out.

After the video was played, the office was unusually silent.

The arrogant woman looked down, not daring to speak.

“I think I know who’s right and who’s wrong in this matter.” Ye Qing stood up from the sofa, his expression cold.

“Your Highness, I’ll make my son apologize to your son. I promise that he won’t say those words again in the future.”

Ye Qing took the video the teacher had copied and walked out of the office.

Little Gugu was carrying a small bag and was standing against the wall. When he saw Ye Qing coming out, he lowered its head. “Daddy, are you going to hit me?”

Reaching out his long arm, Ye Qing pulled Little Gugu into his arms and carried him to an empty place.

He squatted down and placed Little Gugu on his lap. Compared to his peers who were fair and fat, he was much thinner, so his black eyes appeared larger. They were bright and clear like a lake without any impurities.

Every time he saw this pair of eyes, he would think of that ruthless woman who had not even bothered to look at her son.

“If anyone dares to say that about you again, hit them hard. Don’t go easy on them.”

Little Gugu blinked. “Daddy knows about it?”

Ye Qing hummed with complicated emotions.

“Then will you have a baby with the witch… Uh, the princess?”

Ye Qing raised his hand and caressed Little Gugu’s fluffy hair. “No, Daddy only needs you.”

After school, Little Gugu returned to the palace and passed by the study, just in time to hear the big tyrant talking on the phone.

“Princess, you want to eat at a western restaurant? Alright, I’ll get the head secretary to make a reservation.”

Seeing that the tyrant had turned back, Little Gugu immediately shrank back and ran downstairs.

He had just said that he would not have a baby with that Witch Princess in the morning but was going to have dinner at the western restaurant tonight?

The tyrant was a liar!

After a while, the tyrant came downstairs. He glanced at Little Gugu who was hugging Mi Xiu. “Sleep early tonight, don’t play too late.”

Little Gugu snorted and ignored him.

Ye Qing went to the yard and drove out.

He started the engine and was about to leave when the butler came out. He had something to report to Ye Qing.

Ye Qing got out of the car. He did not notice that a small figure had pulled open the back door of the car and entered. The small figure made an “ok” gesture to the butler.

They arrived at a western restaurant.

Ye Qing turned off the engine, his tall and straight back leaned against the back of the chair. He looked in the rearview mirror, his lips moving. “Stop hiding, come out.”

Little Gugu showed his cute and handsome head. “Daddy, why are you so smart? I can’t hide anything from your eyes. You must be the reincarnation of Sun Wukong!”

Damn brat, he had indirectly called him a monkey.

“What are you doing here?”

Little Gugu blinked innocently. “I’m just afraid that you’ll be kidnapped by the Witch Princess. I’ll only be at ease if I see you with my own eyes.”

Ye Qing was speechless. Did he need a small child to look after him?

Dai Na arrived at the western restaurant ahead of their appointment. Ye Qing’s secretary had booked the entire venue and it was obvious that Ye Qing valued their date.

Although the number of times they went on dates in the past two years was few and far between.

Having been engaged for so long, Dai Na did not want to wait any longer. She hoped that the two of them would get married soon.

She had already mentioned the marriage to her parents. Her parents had also called the Queen to put pressure on them.

It was probably because Ye Qing could not withstand the pressure that he agreed to have this meal.

Dai Na did not care if he liked her or not. She only wanted to be his princess consort.

If she took that place in the palace, no one would be able to snatch him away from her.

Besides, that fishing village girl had already jumped into the sea and died, leaving behind a little devil that was as annoying as her. When she got pregnant, she would definitely send the little devil away.

“Your Highness, this way please.”

Hearing the restaurant manager’s voice, Dai Na knew that Ye Qing had arrived. She stood up from the chair, a beautiful smile appearing on her exquisitely made-up face. However, her smile had yet to fully spread before her expression froze when she saw the little devil following behind Ye Qing.

Wasn’t he having a meal with her alone? Why did he bring the little devil out?

“The princess is so pretty today, like a little fairy.” The little devil ran over.

Dai Na winced.

It was nice to call her “Pretty Sister”, but she was her older sister and Ye Qing was her father. Wasn’t that wrong?

“Little Ye Ji, you should call me Auntie or Mommy.” In front of Ye Qing, she tried to show her warm and kind side.

“Didn’t my mommy disappear? You didn’t disappear, how could it be my mommy?” The little devil blinked his innocent eyes.

The corners of Dai Na’s lips twitched. “After I marry your daddy, I’ll be your mommy. Don’t worry, I’ll dote on you well in the future.”

Little Gugu did not believe her.

Every time she was alone with him, she would be especially impatient. He did feel that she would like him at all.

“Brother Ye Qing…”

Ye Qing looked up at Dai Na and pulled out a chair for Little Gugu. “Sit down and order your meal!”

“Daddy, there are fries in this restaurant. I want to eat them.”

“Eat less fried food.”

Dai Na smiled and said, “Brother Ye Qing, don’t be too harsh on little Ye Ji. It’s okay to eat it once in a while.” Dai Na helped Little Gugu to order a serving of fries.

The fries arrived at the dining table very quickly. Little Gugu tried to tear the packet of ketchup open, but was unable to tear it open. He walked in front of Dai Na and blinked his big eyes. “Sister Princess, help me!”

Dai Na was about to reach out to take it when his fair hands suddenly tore the bag open. The moment Dai Na approached, the ketchup in the bag spilled out and sprayed on Dai Na’s face and chest.

She was wearing a white fishtail dress today and the bright red ketchup on it was very eye-catching.

The fire in Dai Na’s heart surged.

This little devil!


A large-scale jewelry show had just ended and the jewelry designer, Vivian, was being interviewed.

Vivian had started to stand out in the jewelry industry last year. Her design style was unique and had a strong classical style, but she was able to integrate the modern elements of fashion very well.

The woman, who was being interviewed, was wearing a thin white OL jacket, a long chiffon skirt, and light high heels. Her figure was exquisite and graceful.

Her smooth black shoulder-length hair fell over her shoulders as she smiled confidently and elegantly.

She answered the reporters’ questions methodically, her clear eyes filled with determination and competence.