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Chapter 1505: Handsome and Adorable Little Prince

After breakfast, Ye Qing called his secretary to postpone the meeting in the morning.

He got Little Gugu to take his car to school.

The father and son sat in the back with a golden retriever.

Ye Qing turned on the television and watched the morning news.

Little Gugu caressed Mi Xiu’s golden fur and chattered nonstop.

Ye Qing felt that it was noisy and he furrowed his eyebrows, glancing at Little Gugu.

Little Gugu immediately blinked. “Daddy, when we get to school, don’t hit me or scold me. It’s that brat who deserves a beating!”

Little Gugu looked like Ye Qing. His facial features were very well-defined and his face was pretty. His skin was fair and tender like an egg that had been peeled. Sometimes, he would boast shamelessly and even had a hint of gangster-like domineeringness.

His small mouth was sometimes sweet and sometimes shameless. Even his grandma, the Queen, would be taken aback by his coaxing.

In a month, Ye Qing had been to the teacher’s office more than ten times.

He attended the Royal Kindergarten, where all the children from prominent families attended. All of the children were as precious as they could be. Although he was a prince and the other parents gave him face, as time passed, there had inevitably been complaints.

“Next time you beat someone up in school, I’ll give Mi Xiu to your Brother Yu.”

Mi Xiu seemed to have understood that Ye Qing wanted to give it to someone. He was lying lazily on the ground when he suddenly jumped up and threw himself into Little Gugu’s arms.

Little Gugu’s bright black eyes curved into a bright smile. “Even if we go to Brother Yuyu’s Palace, Mi Xiu will come back himself.” Little Gugu patted Mi Xiu’s head. “Isn’t that right, Mi Xiu?”

Mi Xiu barked.

Ye Qing’s temples hurt again.

Compared to the children in his fourth and fifth siblings’ families, this child was a little rebellious.

The gods had sent him to torture him!

At the entrance of the kindergarten, the Rolls-Royce stopped.

Ye Qing got out of the car and walked in front, with the butler and Little Gugu, who was carrying a small bag, walking behind.

Looking at Ye Qing’s cold and distant tall back, Little Gugu looked up at the butler beside him. “Daddy looks like a big block of ice. No wonder Mommy left him. He’s not as generous as me. Grandpa Butler, do you know how popular I am in school? I receive chocolate everyday.”

The butler looked at the extremely handsome and cute Little Gugu beside him. “Our little prince will definitely be a charmer when he grows up.”

“Grandpa Butler, do you think my father likes my mother or that witch princess?”

Hearing Little Gugu’s words, the butler hurriedly gave him a look. “Little Prince, you can’t say that about Princess Dai Na outside.”

Little Gugu looked around and seeing that there was no one around, he pouted its pretty lips and hummed softly. “Princess Dai Na is a witch. She can forget about being my mother. If the big tyrant marries her, I will take Mi Xiu away from home…”

The butler did not hear what Little Gugu was singing and he asked in confusion, “Little Prince, what are you singing?”

Little Gugu looked up and smiled brightly. “I’m singing a nursery rhyme that my teacher taught me!”

The butler was slightly stunned when he saw Little Gugu smiling brightly. Every time Little Gugu smiled, he felt that it looked like Miss Gu.

He had fluffy, soft, mushroom-shaped black hair, a fair and tender face, exquisite facial features, and a pair of grape-like eyes that were black and bright. He had inherited the good genes of His Highness and Miss Gu.

In the teacher’s office.

The child whose front tooth had been knocked out by Little Gugu yesterday was in his mother’s arms, crying nonstop.

It was a child from a tycoon.

The child’s mother was dressed professionally and looked extremely strong and capable.

Seeing a tall and handsome man walk in, a complicated look flashed in the woman’s eyes. She was Dai Na’s distant relative and had married into the capital’s financial magnate’s family. When Dai Na and Ye Qing got married, the two families would also be relatives.

It would not be nice to fall out with each other.

However, one of her precious son’s front teeth had been knocked out and he had cried in pain for the entire night.

She could not be so careless just because he was the Third Prince’s son.

In private, everyone knew that the little devil was just an illegitimate child.

After Ye Qing entered the office, he sat on the sofa with familiarity. He had a noble aura, and was cold and indifferent, with a distance that made people not dare to approach him.

The woman looked at Ye Qing’s well-defined face and had to admit that he was indeed handsome. Besides, as he grew older, he became more masculine. It was no wonder that Dai Na had become even more infatuated with him.

“Your Highness, you’ve seen my son’s condition as well. Your son is causing trouble in school every other day and has affected the other children and their parents quite a bit. You’re a prince and should pay the most attention to your upbringing. Now that your son is like this, I think it’s most likely because he’s like his mother. He’s not a child born with an authentic royal bloodline and always has some wildness. I hope Your Highness can educate him well.”

Hearing the woman’s words, Ye Qing’s eyes under his thick black eyelashes were completely dark and cold. He smirked, revealing a mocking and cold smirk. He did not even look at the woman, his eyes looking at the teachers who did not dare to offend either side. He was expressionless as he used his eyes to suppress her. “Where did they fight yesterday?”

“The classroom.”

“Show me the footage of the fight,” he said simply.

The teacher immediately went to check the surveillance cameras.

When the woman saw that Ye Qing was not looking at her and did not apologize, she felt embarrassed.

“Your Highness, are you the one who spoiled your child?”

Ye Qing’s well-defined face darkened slightly, his eyes sharp like a blade. He glanced at the woman coldly, as if he wanted to split her apart.

The woman felt oppressed by his gaze.

Just when she thought that he would not say anything, he said coldly, “If it’s Ye Ji’s fault, I will make him apologize to your son. But if it’s not his fault, your son must apologize to him.”

The woman scoffed. “My son’s front teeth were knocked out. What wrong did he do?”

Ye Qing looked like an ice sculpture again.

The woman was livid with anger.

This pair of father and son was really infuriating!

Soon, the teacher came.

Sensing the cold atmosphere in the office, the teacher said something to smooth things over. “The children are still young. It’s inevitable for them to quarrel and fight…”

The woman’s eyes landed on the teacher unhappily. The teacher did not say anything else and took out the copy of the surveillance camera footage.

“Your nickname is Little Gugu. That’s the sound frogs make. Your father must think you’re a frog!”

“Little frog, I heard that your father is getting married to the princess very soon. They will have a baby and once they have a baby, they won’t like you anymore!”

“My mother said that your mother is a fishing village girl who is ugly and poor. Your father abandoned her because he didn’t like her! You will be abandoned by your father like your mother!”