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Chapter 1504: Two Years Later

People who usually did not cry often had red eyes, looking pitiful like little white rabbits.

“Brother Ah Dai, you’re lying.”

Seeing her cry, his heart ached terribly.

He reached out to hug her, but she disappeared from his arms.

He quickly got up from the bed and chased after her without even putting on his shoes.

He ran for a long time until he saw her on the viaduct.

She looked at him with tears in her eyes, her eyes filled with despair and sadness. “Ye Qing, let’s not meet again in this life!”

We will never meet again!

A sharp pain pierced his heart and he could barely breathe.

Ye Qing jolted awake from his dream.

He lifted the blanket and got off the bed.

He went to the bathroom to take a bath and came out with a towel wrapped around his waist.

His thick black eyelashes covered his deep and narrow eyes and his lips were pursed tightly.

He pulled off the towel and walked into the changing room.

The changing room was filled with exquisite suits, shirts, ties, belts, and wristwatches.

His well-defined fingers took out a white shirt and black pants.

He buttoned his buttons one by one, covering his muscular chest.

Under his narrow waist were his long and straight legs.

Picking out a blue tie, he stood in front of the mirror and tied it properly.

After getting dressed, he went to the room next door.

His slender hand knocked on the door three times.

There was no movement inside. He turned the doorknob, but it was locked.

His handsome face darkened. “Butler.”

The butler hurried over. “Your Highness.”

“Give me the spare key.”

The butler seemed to be used to such a scene and handed the spare key to the man respectfully.

Ye Qing opened the door and pushed it, but it still did not budge. The door was blocked by an armchair.

Ye Qing used some strength and the sofa was pushed away.

He strode into the room.

He entered a child’s room that was mainly blue in color. On the wide bed, a small figure wriggled under the blanket when he heard the sound, like a caterpillar that did not dare to see anyone.

“Your Highness, don’t be fierce to the little prince. He’s still a child.”

He was indeed only a two-year-old child, but he was different from ordinary children.

His EQ and IQ were all far beyond a two-year-old’s, equivalent to five or six-year-old’s. He was strong and had inherited his mother’s natural strength. At such a young age, he often beat up his classmates who were older than him until they cried.

It had been more than two years, but he still had not found Gu Meng.

He did not want to believe that she was really separated from him. He always felt that she was just hiding and did not want to see him.

She left, leaving the best present for him.

It was fortunate that he still had Ye Ji, so his life was not so sad without her.

The name Ye Ji was given by his grandmother, the Queen.

He also had a nickname, Little Gugu, which sounded like Gu Meng’s surname.

This child could speak when he was half a year old, read when he was one year old, and had a photographic memory by the time he was two years old.

He was rather smart, but no one was perfect. He was as playful and arrogant as he was smart.

His existence challenged his patience and temper.

When Ye Qing had gone to the parent-teacher meeting in school the last time, the other children seemed to call him “Little Devil” behind his back.

After he came back and scolded him, he gave him a nickname, the Tyrant.

In the past, his palace had been rather quiet, but ever since he had a little devil, the palace was often in chaos.

Ye Qing understood this little devil. He must have caused trouble in school for him to crawl under the blanket so early in the morning.

He was not afraid of anything, except for the big tyrant who was angry and had a dark expression.

Ye Qing stared at Little Gugu, who kept squirming under the blanket. His temple twitched and he lost his patience. Reaching out his well-defined hand, he lifted the blanket.

He was lying on the bed, wearing nothing but a small underwear with a little Piglet pattern on it. He tilted his head, his fair hands covering his face as he spread his fair and tender fingers. He looked at Ye Qing through the gap and imitated the voice of Piglet. “This is my Daddy. His face looks like a big poop. I think I made him angry again.”

The butler, who was standing behind Ye Qing, could not help but want to laugh, but did not dare to. He turned his head and covered his mouth to laugh.

Ye Qing pursed his lips tightly.

“Get up.” Ye Qing said coldly.

Seeing that this tactic had not worked, Little Gugu sighed. “Daddy, you’ll grow old if you’re angry. Look, you’re frowning so much that you can kill a fly between your wrinkles.”

This brat!

Ye Qing glanced at his watch. “I’ll give you five minutes to wear your clothes properly.”

Little Gugu put down the two hands that were covering his face and opened his big, clear and black eyes, acting cute. “Daddy, Little Devil wants a hug.”

He knew that he was a little devil.

Ye Ji looked like Ye Qing, but his eyes were wet and dark like Gu Meng’s.

Every time he used a soft and cute gaze to act coquettishly to him, Ye Qing’s cold heart would soften unconditionally.

Ye Qing stretched out his long arm and picked up Little Gugu from the bed.

The butler quickly brought over the school uniform that Little Gugu needed to wear to school.

Little Gugu was much taller than a two year old child. When he wore a shirt, pants and a bow tie, he looked like a four or five year old child.

After getting dressed, he went to the bathroom to wash up.

When Little Gugu came out and saw the tyrant holding his bag and taking out a notice, he felt like he was going to be beaten up.

The notice in Ye Qing’s hand was a letter asking the parents to go to school. Little Gugu had knocked out a classmate’s front teeth yesterday and the teacher was asking the parents to go to school this morning.

“Mi Xiu!” Little Gugu’s childish voice had just fallen when a strong golden retriever ran in through the door.

“Mi Xiu, the tyrant is angry. It seems like the little devil is going to be beaten up.”

Mi Xiu immediately hugged Little Gugu, protecting its master.

Ye Qing’s expression was dark and his voice was cold. “Let’s go downstairs for breakfast.”

Little Gugu walked to the dining room, with Mi Xiu following behind him.

Sitting on the chair, Little Gugu shook his legs and Ye Qing glanced at him. “Don’t shake when you’re eating. Sit properly.”

The royal family was particular about etiquette and rules at the dining table. In this aspect, Ye Qing had been very strict with Little Gugu.

Little Gugu knew what his father cared about the most. As soon as he reminded him, he sat upright and did not make a sound during breakfast.