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Chapter 1503: He Could Decide Her Life and Death

Gu Jiao ran to the door and fell to the ground, shouting at the top of her lungs, “Someone come quickly! I was molested!”

Ye Qing leaned against the bedhead, his well-defined handsome face expressionless and his slightly closed eyes were cold.

Footsteps sounded outside the house. Ye Qing pursed his lips, took out his phone, and sent a message.

He had come here without alerting anyone because he wanted to be alone.

This Gu Jiao was really disgusting.

Raising his slender hand, he buttoned his shirt properly.

Hearing the commotion outside, dark clouds appeared in his eyes. Those who knew him would know that he was angry.

Mrs Gu hurriedly entered the yard with the village head and the villagers. When she saw Gu Jiao sitting on the ground with disheveled hair and disheveled clothes, Mrs Gu was shocked. “Jiaojiao, what’s wrong?”

Gu Jiao burst into tears and threw herself into Mrs Gu’s arms. She was extremely sad. “Mom, he, he treated me like Gu Meng and molested me. I don’t want to live anymore…” Gu Jiao cried very sadly. She felt embarrassed and unwilling to be kicked away and humiliated by the Third Prince.

Unless he gave her an explanation, she would fight him to the end.

Even if he was the Third Prince, this matter would affect his reputation if it got out.

The head of the village’s women went forward and saw that Gu Jiao’s neck, shoulders and half of her chest were covered in bruises. She was shocked. “He’s an animal! How dare he come to our fishing village to do such a shameless thing! Jiaojiao, don’t worry, the village will definitely avenge you!”

“Jiaojiao, did he ruin your innocent body?” Mrs Gu hugged Gu Jiao tightly and whispered into her ear.

Gu Jiao shook her head lightly. “Mom, he didn’t touch me, but we have to find him and demand an explanation!”

“If you slander him, will it affect you negatively?”

“Mom, it’s just your opinion. With so many eyes watching, he can’t deny it even if he wants to. Even if he doesn’t want to be responsible for me, we can still extort some money from him. Wouldn’t it be better for our family to move out of the fishing village and live in the city?”

Mrs Gu was persuaded by Gu Jiao. Ah Dai was the Third Prince and had taken advantage of her two daughters. She could not let this matter go!

Mrs Gu immediately cried even louder than Gu Jiao. “Why is my life so miserable? My Mengmeng was ruined by him. Now that I can’t even find Mengmeng, he’s ruining my younger daughter again!”

“Ah Dai, come out and give our Gu family an explanation!”


It was Ah Dai who bullied Gu Jiao?

Hadn’t he left the fishing village and not returned for a long time?

The village leader went forward and looked at Gu Jiao, who looked like she had suffered a great grievance. “Jiaojiao, don’t worry. If Ah Dai really bullied you, Uncle will definitely stand up for you!”

The village head led a few strong villagers into the house.

All of them were aggressive.

They had just reached the door when a tall black figure walked out of the house.

The moonlight mixed with the villagers’ flashlights shone on the man’s well-defined and handsome face. A sharp coldness was emitted from the man’s dark and cold eyes. There was a coldness that made people shiver.

The village leader and several strong villagers were shocked by his aura and stepped back subconsciously.

Until they retreated to Mrs Gu and Gu Jiao’s side.

When Mrs Gu saw Ye Qing coming out, she shouted, “You’ve ruined my two daughters! If you don’t give me an explanation today, you can forget about leaving the fishing village…”

Mrs Gu wanted to stand up and confront Ye Qing, but her knees turned weak when she saw the coldness and indifference in his eyes.

“Ah Dai? Are you really Ah Dai?” The village head stood in front of Ye Qing and looked at him a few times. He found that the scars on his face were gone and he looked much more handsome than before. He was in disbelief. “Don’t think that you can go back to the fishing village and do such dirty things just because you’re dressed like a human!”

Ye Qing looked at the village head and the villagers in the yard. The memory of them throwing eggs and smelly vegetable leaves at him was still fresh in his mind, and his well-defined face tensed up immediately.

“Ah Dai, you have to give the Gu family an explanation today. If not, we won’t let you leave so easily…”

Before the village head could finish, Ye Qing grabbed his arm. “You want to settle the score with me? With your status, you’re not worthy.”

The village head’s arm hurt from Ye Qing’s grip. “What do you mean by not worthy? Don’t think that you can show off in front of me just because you have some money!”

The moment the village head finished speaking, his phone rang. When the village head saw the call from the town’s leader, he hurriedly went to the side to answer it.

After the call, the village leader’s face was pale.

He walked in front of Ye Qing and lowered his head. “Y-You’re the Third Prince?”

The moment the village head spoke, the villagers could not remain calm anymore.

The person whom they had punched and kicked and called a monster was the Third Prince?

“Village Chief, are you sure?”

The village leader was scared out of his wits. “Your Highness, it’s us who failed to recognize you. Please forgive us for our ignorance…”

Ye Qing interrupted the village head coldly and pointed at Gu Jiao. “Ask your head to do a checkup for her and see if she’s been violated?”

Gu Jiao leaned into Mrs Gu’s arms. “Mom, I don’t want to do that kind of checkup. He violated me…”

The village leader was not stupid. He looked at the Gu family’s mother and daughter and quickly understood. “So, you know that this is the honorable Third Prince?”

The village head’s expression darkened as he got someone to pull Gu Jiao out from Mrs Gu’s arms.

“Wait a minute.” The head of the village’s women was about to bring Gu Jiao into the room when Ye Qing said coldly, “Take her out for a checkup. Don’t dirty this place.”

Gu Jiao was extremely embarrassed.

Ten minutes later, the female director came over. “Your Highness, Gu Jiao has never been violated, but she’s not a virgin anymore. She must have broken a long time ago. I didn’t look closely at the red mark on her neck and chest earlier and thought it was a hickey, but I looked carefully just now. There are some bruises on the red mark. It’s obvious that it was pinched and not kissed.”

Ye Qing had a hand in his pants pocket as he stared at Gu Jiao coldly. “Do you know what the consequences are for slandering the Prince? Who gave you the guts to dare to do that to me?”

Gu Jiao shivered in fear. At this moment, she finally understood that he could decide her life and death with a single order.

Soon, the police arrived.

Gu Jiao was taken away. When Mrs Gu found out that she would be sentenced to two years in jail for slandering the Royal Prince, she almost fainted.

She wanted to beg Ye Qing to let Gu Jiao go, but Ye Qing had already driven away.

Mrs Gu kept calling Gu Meng, but her phone was turned off.

Where had that brat gone?