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Chapter 1494: She’s Getting Married

Looking at the girl’s hand on his chest, Ah Dai shook her hand away coldly.

“I hate those who think they’re flirtatious and slutty. Get out!”

The girl could not believe that he had said those words to her.

Until he said the word ‘scram’ again.

The girl’s expression changed and she stood up from the bed angrily. She pointed at his tall nose. “Don’t be so shameless. Who do you think you are? You’re ugly and scary and you can scare children to tears when you walk out. Why are you so arrogant in front of me? My father is the most powerful person in town. If you offend me, I’ll make you suffer!”

The girl was not grateful that Gu Meng and Ah Dai had saved her. She liked to be stimulated wildly, and had had several boyfriends before Jiang Chao. However, she did not think that Jiang Chao had been so disgusting to dare to drug her and had even planned to take a video.

The girl kicked him and left angrily.

But just as she reached the living room, a group of people holding knives and sticks rushed in.

The girl could tell at a glance that these were thugs hired by the Jiang family.

The leader of the thugs got the girl to stand aside. They held their knives and sticks and waved them at the man on the bed.

The girl sat by the side and watched as the man fought against more than a dozen armed men.

Not bad, his skills were pretty good.

However, he was barehanded. No matter how powerful he was, it was impossible for him to fight against so many fighters.

He was hit on the shoulder and fell to the ground.

The leader of the thugs was about to stab him with a knife when the girl said, “Don’t kill him. Just teach him a lesson.”

The leader kicked Ah Dai a few times. “In the future, we will come here everyday. If you dare to report our Young Master, you will suffer in the future.”

After the thugs left, the girl squatted in front of the scarred man and smacked her lips. “Do you agree to my suggestion? Come to me, I can protect you.”

The man’s deep black eyes glanced at the girl, his voice hoarse. “Okay.”

A month later.

The mayor was taken away by the investigators sent by the higher-ups. The Jiang family was suspected of bribery, the shipyard was seized by the court, and the Jiang family declared bankruptcy.

After letting Ah Dai be his bodyguard for a month, he had become disobedient and used words to humiliate her. She fell onto the living room sofa in a daze.

The inspectors came over to seal this villa.

The girl walked out of the door in a daze. She seemed to have thought of something and looked around the villa. She did not see Ah Dai and ran to the old ship at the pier.

Looking at the man who was leaning against the railing and smoking, she walked over angrily and raised her hand to slap him.

But the next second, her wrist was grabbed by the man.

“It’s you, isn’t it?”

The man shook off the girl’s hand and the girl took a few steps back in surprise.

The man flicked the cigarette ash from his fingertips and narrowed his eyes. They were like the sea behind him. Deep, vast, and endless.

Although he was silent, his thoughts were too deep.

The girl widened her eyes as tears filled her eyes. “I know. It’s not that you can’t beat those thugs. You were deliberately taken down by them so that I would suggest that I take you. You wanted to gain my trust and make me think that you had given in and compromised. It turns out that in order to prevent the Jiang family from taking revenge on you, you secretly found evidence and destroyed our family and the Jiang family together!”

The man exhaled a mouthful of smoke slowly and looked at the agitated girl. “I have a clear conscience.”

Yes, he had a clear conscience. Her father and the Jiang family deserved it!

At this moment, she finally saw clearly that although this person looked easy to bully, his methods and thoughts were definitely not ordinary.

The girl glared at him with red eyes. “Even if my father and the Jiang family can’t make it, I will find a way to make you unable to stay here!”

Ever since she saw the scene that made her eyes burn, Gu Meng had never looked for Ah Dai again.

She kept hypnotizing herself. She did not like him, so why was she angry because he slept with another girl?

When she returned to the fishing village, troubles came wave after wave.

First, her university acceptance letter had been torn apart by Mrs Gu, then her identity card and household register had been hidden by Mrs Gu. What disgusted her the most was that Mrs Gu had asked her to marry the village head’s foolish son.

In the fishing village, there were even people who got married when they were fifteen or sixteen, not to mention that she had graduated from high school.

There was no way to change the fishing boat at home, and neither the village head was not willing to return the money to their family. If they wanted the money, they had to marry Gu Meng to his foolish son.

Gu Meng did not agree and was locked in the room by Mrs Gu. She did not allow anyone to approach her, or give her food or drinks.

Gu Meng had a strong personality and even though she was hungry, she refused to give in.

Until Father Gu fell sick because of the fishing boat incident and was hospitalized. He needed a large sum for his medical fees.

Only did she agree to the marriage.

In order to not let Gu Meng go back on her words, the village head quickly let everyone in the fishing village know that she was going to marry his foolish son.

A month later, they had their wedding.

In the fishing village, they did not need to register their marriage first. As long as they held a banquet and paid their respects, they were considered married.

Soon, it was the day of the wedding.

Gu Meng was wearing a red outfit and was being taken to their house by the village head’s horse carriage.

The sound of gongs and drums was extremely lively.

Gu Meng held the dagger hidden under her sleeve tightly. She was not foolish enough to marry the village head’s foolish son. When she was paying respects to the village head, she planned to use the knife to hold the village head’s foolish son’s neck, threatening the village head to hand over the money she had bought from her family’s fishing boat. Then, she would announce that she would not marry into their family even if she died.

When they arrived at the village head’s house, Gu Meng was led out of the car.

The matchmaker covered her with a red veil. Her vision was dark and she could only look at her feet.

When they arrived at the village head’s house, Gu Meng’s hand that was not holding the dagger was held by the village head’s foolish son. “Meng, Meng, I like you so much. You’re my wife from now on and I can sleep with you, hehehe…”

Gu Meng wished she could kick this foolish boy away and pull her hand back.

The village head’s foolish son was unhappy with Gu Meng’s attitude and started to cry. “Dad, Mom, Mengmeng won’t let me touch her hand. I want to touch her hand and sleep with her…”

The village head looked at Gu Meng unhappily and warned her, “Mengmeng, you will be our daughter-in-law in the future. If you don’t treat your son well, as in-laws, we won’t be nice to you either.”

The village head coaxed his silly son. “It’s almost the auspicious time. Let’s pay our respects first. After that, she will be your legitimate wife.”

The silly son immediately stopped crying and clapped his hands excitedly.

Just as they were about to pay their respects and Gu Meng was about to take out her dagger quietly, a hoarse and cold voice suddenly came from outside the hall. “You’re not allowed to pay your respects!”

Hearing Ah Dai’s voice, Gu Meng froze for a moment. She lifted the red cover in disbelief.