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Chapter 1493: He Got Together With Another Girl

Gu Meng did not understand what he meant. “She might fall down if she sits in the back…”

The man’s expression was dark. “If I tell you to sit in the middle, then sit in the middle.”

Alright, on account of him being a good person today, she would not care about his bad attitude.

Carrying the girl in the middle to the back, Gu Meng sat in the middle. Before she could grab the girl’s hand, the girl hugged her slender waist tightly.

The girl’s hot body pressed against her back. Feeling the girl’s hot temperature and soft curves, Gu Meng’s mind was a little dazed. She immediately understood why Ah Dai suddenly stopped the car and wanted her to sit in the middle.

However, when she thought about how the girl had rubbed against Ah Dai just now, anger rose in her heart.

Suppressing the urge to push the girl off the motorcycle, she said to the man in front with a tense expression, “I didn’t know that you were such a gentleman!”

He ignored her and sped down the alley on his motorcycle.

Gu Meng looked at him. The side of his face she saw did not have any scary scars. The contours of his face were smooth and well-defined, while his nose was tall and straight. He was inexplicably attractive.

Gu Meng felt like she was possessed. If not, why did she feel that he looked better the more she looked at him?

“I’m going to speed up. Sit tight.” The man’s hoarse voice trailed over.

Gu Meng glanced at his straight back and was a little embarrassed to hug his waist. She only pulled his clothes gently. Suddenly, she made a sharp turn and leaned forward uncontrollably, her hands hugging his waist tightly.

The tip of her nose touched his back and she smelled the clean grass-like scent on him. Her ears felt hot.

In order to prevent Jiang Chao’s men from catching up, the motorcycle drove at a rather fast speed. The man’s soft short hair fluttered in the wind, his jacket flapping in the wind. She hugged his muscular waist tightly, everything around her seemed to be isolated in her mind. In her eyes, there was only this tall and cold man in front of her.

Her heart was thumping wildly.

She did not know what was wrong with her. Was she sick?

The motorcycle drove to the police station.

Because of the sex video as evidence, Jiang Chao was caught very quickly.

The videos of several girls being drugged were taken in. After the police investigated and collected the evidence, they arrested Jiang Chao very quickly.

Gu Meng thought that this matter had come to an end, but she was dumbfounded when she returned to the fishing village.

Mrs Gu was sitting in the yard, crying. Gu Jiao and Gu Che were also sitting on the ground. Gu Che’s face seemed to have been slapped, while Mr Gu was smoking in the backyard. His face and arms were covered with bruises.

Everything in the house had been smashed, as if they had been robbed by bandits.

When Mrs Gu saw that Gu Meng had returned, she wiped her tears and stood up from the ground angrily. She rushed in front of Gu Meng and grabbed her ear, saying with a ferocious expression, “Stupid girl, I heard that you offended the Jiang family and Young Master Jiang was arrested. His family found out that you and a man worked together to send Young Master Jiang in. The Jiang family refused to sell us our fishing boat and even destroyed our family like this. You jinx, all you know to do is create trouble for our family…”

Mrs Gu kicked Gu Meng to the ground and took a broom, whipping her ruthlessly.

Seeing this, Gu Che pounced on Gu Meng. “Sister didn’t do anything wrong. Young Master Jiang did something bad and should be punished!”

“Cheche, go away!”

“You’re not allowed to hit Sister. Hit me if you want to!”

Gu Meng looked at the fierce Mrs Gu who wanted her dead. Then she looked at Gu Che who was protecting her tightly and a trace of warmth rose in her extremely cold heart.

In this family, there were still people who cared about her.

“Cheche, get out of the way. It’s indeed my fault that the house is in such a state. Let Mom hit me!”

“Sister, go to a friend’s house first and let Mommy calm down before coming back.”

Gu Meng was silent for a moment and thought of Ah Dai. If the Jiang family wanted to stir up trouble, they might find him too.

Gu Meng ran out under Gu Che’s protection.

She rushed to the town and went straight to the old ship Ah Dai was on.

Getting on the cargo ship, Gu Meng went into the living room. Ah Dai’s work pass was placed on the coffee table and he did not go to work today.

She went to the bedroom door and knocked.

There was no answer.

Gu Meng held the door handle and turned it.

The door was locked.

“Ah Dai, are you inside?”

She knocked again, but there was still no response.

What was happening?

Did the Jiang family send someone to injure him?

At the thought of this, Gu Meng felt a sense of panic and nervousness. Her actions of banging on the door became even more urgent.

“Ah Dai, if you don’t open the door, I’ll knock it down…”

Before Gu Meng could finish speaking, the door was pulled open from inside.

“Ah Dai…”

She stopped when she saw the person who had pulled open the door.

It was not Ah Dai, but the girl wearing his t-shirt.

The girl was the one she had saved with Ah Dai a few days ago. She had long wet hair and beautiful facial features. Her fair and slender legs under her clothes were exceptionally eye-catching.

“Why are you here?” She was already unhappy when this girl rubbed her chest against Ah Dai’s back in her dazed state. Why was she still wearing his clothes in Ah Dai’s room now?

Gu Meng pushed the girl away and walked in. When she saw the half-naked man lying on the bed, her mind went blank.


“You’re called Gu Meng, right? That’s right, as you can see, he drank too much. In order to thank him for saving me last time, I gave my body to him.”

Hearing this, Gu Meng trembled in anger.

Damn it, she had saved a promiscuous woman!

“Although he’s a little ugly, he was quite energetic and made me very comfortable.”


Gu Meng felt so disgusted she wanted to throw up.

Gu Meng walked to the bed angrily and looked at the man lying motionless on the bed. She hit his back several times. “Ah Dai, you bastard. I was still worried that the Jiang family would take revenge on you, but I didn’t expect you to… I don’t want to talk to you anymore!”

Gu Meng ran out with red eyes.

After Gu Meng went out, the man lying on the bed slowly opened his eyes.

He sat up on the bed. His chest was bruised and one side of his face was swollen.

The girl sat by the bed and looked at the man who was wearing his clothes. “I just helped you. How are you going to repay me?” The girl looked at Ah Dai’s face. If he didn’t have those hideous scars on his face, he should be a very handsome man. However, this didn’t affect his charm. The aura he exuded from his bones covered the flaws on his face.

Without waiting for the man to say anything, the girl’s fingers moved towards his chest. “Why don’t you be my bodyguard? If you stay by my side, the Jiang family won’t make trouble for you. If not, you won’t have a place here. Didn’t the Jiang family fire you and even issued a ban to make you unable to find another job?”