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Chapter 1491: Lost His Memory

Gu Meng’s head buzzed and her face flushed red. She stammered, “Y-y-you…”

“There’s nothing to see.” He turned and walked toward an old cargo ship parked by the pier.

Gu Meng looked around and found that this was an old pier. Many cargo ships no longer stopped here and went to the new pier instead, so this place looked a little desolate now. She did not know why he had brought her here, so she could only follow behind him. “Stupid bastard.”

The man turned around immediately.

A pair of dark eyes stared at her coldly. “What did you say?”

Gu Meng wanted to slap her own mouth and she avoided him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. My clothes are wet from the rain. It’s so cold!”

The man entered the cargo ship with a dark expression.

Gu Meng followed him and found that the cargo ship was where he lived.

She wanted to ask him why he did not stay in the factory dormitory, but she thought that he was a little antisocial and was probably not used to living with others. That was why he stayed in such a remote place alone.

But he was definitely the cleanest man she had ever seen.

The cargo ship was spotless and everything was arranged in an orderly manner. In the room where he slept, the blanket and bedsheets were spread out without any creases. As a girl, she felt ashamed of herself.

This person was not only a neat freak, he probably had obsessive compulsive disorder!

The man took out a set of clothes from the cabinet and handed it to Gu Meng, who was looking around. “Go wash up first.”

Gu Meng took the clothes and hummed.

There was everything in the cargo ship and a small bathroom.

After Gu Meng went in, she wanted to lock the door but found that it was broken. She pulled a chair and put it against the door.

Halfway through, she heard the man say from outside, “I don’t have any extra towels. Use mine first.”

Use his?

Gu Meng glanced at the wall and her face could not help heating up when she saw the dark blue towel.

She took a quick shower, dried herself with his towel and put on the t-shirt and pants he had given her.

The t-shirt was very long, almost covering her thighs, while her pants were even bigger.

His clothes on her were like a child who had stolen an adult’s clothes.

The pants were too big for her to wear, so she only wore a t-shirt.

She washed her underwear and opened the door. The man had changed into a white shirt and ankle-length pants.

Gu Meng found that he was very particular when it came to clothes. His clothes were all hung in the wardrobe and even ordinary T-shirts were folded neatly.

It would not look crumpled and unkempt when worn.

Seeing her come out, he glanced at her and frowned when he saw her bare legs. “Why aren’t you wearing pants?”

Gu Meng felt uncomfortable from his stare. “Your pants are too big for me.” Gu Meng did not notice the strange look in his eyes and looked around. “Do you have a hair dryer?”

“No.” The man left the room after saying that.

Without the hair dryer, her clothes would not dry immediately. Fortunately, the heavy rain came and went quickly. After washing her clothes, she dried in the sun outside the cargo ship.

It would probably dry after a night.

There were no other cargo ships here. Gu Meng went to the deck and leaned against the railing, looking at the sea that was covered by the night.

If she was taken away by this man called Nameless, would Jiang Chao find out about it? It would be bad if he was implicated and lost his job.

The man came out with a bowl of ginger tea.

He saw the girl sitting on the railing.

He strode toward her.

“Come in,” he said coldly with a straight face.

Hearing the man’s voice, Gu Meng turned around and glanced at him.

But very quickly, she turned her head and pretended not to hear him.

Did he really think of himself as an emperor? She had to follow his orders!

Seeing that she was ignoring him, the man turned around and took a few steps. However, he quickly returned and walked to her side.

He passed the ginger soup to her. “Drink it.”

Gu Meng was a little surprised. She did not think that the big ice cube would care about her!

Taking the ginger soup, Gu Meng took a sip. Looking at his well-defined face, she poked him with her elbow. “Is your name Nameless?”


“Then what’s your name?”

“I don’t know.”

Gu Meng was silent for a few seconds.

So, he had lost his memory.

“Then, can I call you Ah Dai in the future? You’re quiet, cold, and dazed. I think Ah Dai suits you.”

She had thought that he would reject her, but to her surprise, he replied with a hoarse voice, “Mm.”

At night, he let her sleep in the cargo ship’s room.

He slept on the basic sofa in the living room.

He jolted awake from his dream.

He went to the small bathroom to take a bath.

Gu Meng was used to getting up before dawn.

When she came out of the room, she had to pass by the living room to go to the washroom. The man was still sleeping, so she tiptoed into the bathroom.

The man seemed to have come in to take a bath at night. The clothes he wore to sleep last night had been left on the shelf.

Gu Meng washed her face and planned to wash his clothes for him. When he was injured and lying on the bed, she took his father’s clothes for him to wear. She was the one who usually washed his clothes, so she did not think too much about it.

After putting his clothes and pants into the bucket, the bathroom door was suddenly pushed open.

Her actions froze.

“What are you doing?” The man looked at her sharply.

Gu Meng said, “I can’t sleep anymore. I’m washing your clothes.”

“Put it down. You don’t have to wash it.” He suddenly had a big reaction. He strode forward and took the clothes from her hands.