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Chapter 1487: Taking Care of Him

The girl in front of him was still very young. She had an oval face and had a little baby fat on it. Her skin was fair and her facial features were small. She looked bright, especially her big eyes. They were watery, like the clearest stream in a mountain stream, without any impurities.

He saw the purest thing in her eyes.

Eyes were the windows to the soul. That young girl’s heart was as pure and beautiful as her eyes.

The last time he woke up, he had been on a large mountain. If it wasn’t for the lush forest, he might have died long ago.

He had no memories of who he was, where he had come from, and where he should go.

In the forest, he had encountered a wild beast and had jumped down the cliff. He survived and had been washed here by the sea.

He looked down at the small piece of egg white that the girl was holding. He subconsciously felt that it was unhygienic for her to hold it, but when he saw her clear eyes, he still opened his mouth.

Seeing that he was willing to eat, a smile appeared on the girl’s bright and tender face. “That’s more like it. You didn’t die from such a serious injury. Is it worth it to starve to death?”

After he finished the egg white, she fed him the egg yolks but he pursed his lips and refused to eat.

He was so picky!

“I’ll eat it if you don’t!”

He closed his eyes, letting her be.

Seeing that he had become as cold as ice again, Gu Meng threw the egg yolk into her mouth angrily. She swallowed too quickly and her esophagus seemed to be blocked. She frowned and patted her chest uncomfortably.

After she felt more comfortable, she saw the man open his eyes and look at her. She put her hands on her slender waist. “Don’t you know how to be happy? Why do you look like an ice cube?!”

“I’m going back. By the way, you haven’t told me your name.”

He still didn’t speak.

The girl was about to faint from anger because of his silence. She puffed up her chubby cheeks. “Alright, alright. I won’t force you if you don’t want to tell me!”

She hummed as she left.

Looking at her energetic back, he sighed strangely.

It was good to live without worries.

Although he could not remember anything, his heart was extremely heavy. There seemed to be something pressing on his shoulders, making him unable to lead a simple and happy life!

The sky had just turned bright.

Gu Meng was still sleeping when she was suddenly grabbed by a strong force.

The first feeling was pain.

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts…” Gu Meng opened her dazed eyes and looked at Mrs Gu, who was standing by the bed with one hand holding her ear and the other holding a stick. Gu Meng’s scalp turned numb.” Mom, what are you doing so early in the morning! ”

Mrs Gu pulled Gu Meng up from the bed. “There are two eggs missing from the box under my bed. Did you steal them?”

Gu Meng puffed up her cheeks. “Mom, I took my own eggs, not someone else’s. How can it be called stealing? Are you my mom? There are so many eggs. What’s wrong with me eating two?”

The moment Gu Meng finished speaking, her slender body was hit hard.

Gu Meng gasped in pain. She wanted to dodge Mrs Gu’s rod, but Mrs Gu was still angry and the more she dodged, the harder she hit her.

One of the sticks hit her face and there was a red mark on her fair skin. The tears that Gu Meng had been holding back fell. She stood up and did not dodge anymore, letting Mrs Gu hit her until she calmed down.

“If you continue to steal things from home without my permission, I’ll really beat you to death next time! You haven’t learned anything well. How could you learn to steal from others? Look at how sensible your younger siblings are! How did I raise such a thing like you!”

Mrs Gu threw the stick down and left angrily.

Gu Meng fell to the ground in pain. Her arms and body were full of red and purple marks from being whipped.

Gu Jiao’s unhappy complaints could be heard from the room next door. “Mom, why are you so noisy so early in the morning? You woke me up.”

“Your sister stole eggs, I’m whipping her!”

“Why is she like that? She’s so sneaky. I don’t know whom she resembles.”

“That’s right. If only she was half as obedient and sensible as you and Cheche.”

Gu Meng wrapped her slender arms around her knees. She did not understand. How was Gu Jia obedient and sensible? At such a young age, she was arrogant and unreasonable. She only knew how to act coquettishly and cute all day long, making faces at her behind her back, and laughing at her. She had learned her mother’s sharp and unkind words to the fullest.

As for her, she worked for her family every day and was the top student in school. She did not know what she had done wrong. Why did her mother hate her so much?

It took a long while before the pain from being whipped subsided and she felt better.

Gu Meng gritted her teeth and stood up.

She did not eat breakfast at home and went to the mountains to pick a lot of wild fruits instead. After she was full, she put some in the bamboo basket. Instead of going home, she went to visit the injured man from yesterday.

With his condition, he would probably need to lie in bed for half a year to recover completely.

Gu Meng walked into the house and her heart skipped a beat when she found that the man was no longer on the bed. He was so seriously injured, but he could still get off the bed and walk?

The house was surrounded by mountains. Where did he go?

Gu Meng put down the bamboo basket and looked around the house. In the end, she found the man collapsed at the back door.

It was obvious that he had fallen there.

Gu Meng thought that he did not cherish the life she had saved with much difficulty. She suddenly got angry and her childish voice was mixed with anger. “I spent half a day to save you last night. If you don’t want to live anymore, you should have told me not to save you yesterday…”

The man’s eyes were slightly closed, his thick and long eyelashes fluttering slightly. There was an embarrassed expression on his scarred face.

Gu Meng froze and seemed to have thought of something. “You want to go to the washroom?”

She slapped her head. “I’m so muddle-headed. How could I forget that you have to poop other than eating and drinking!”

Gu Meng walked in front of him quickly and helped him up from the ground. He was only wearing a pair of black bullet underwear and she did not dare to look at him. “Shall I take it off for you?”

The man’s expression darkened even more.

Gu Meng looked at his awkward expression and could not care so much anymore. She closed her eyes, touched the edge of his underwear and pulled it down.

She helped him back to the bed, their expressions extremely unnatural.

However, such a thing would happen again.

Throughout the summer, Gu Meng would come here to take care of him every day.

Feeding, changing his dressings, wiping his body…

Since he had forced himself out of bed and deepened his wound, causing her to need to adjust the splint again, she got him to use a pot instead when he wanted to relieve himself…

Although it was embarrassing, she treated herself as a village doctor and did not think too much about it. However, the man’s dark expression after he was done made her feel like she had tainted his pride.

Even after two months together, he had not said more than ten words to her.

However, after interacting with him, she realized that this person was rather obsessed with cleanliness. He had to wipe his hands clean every day before he ate, and he was very picky when it came to eating. There were many things that he did not eat and he was extremely elegant.