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Chapter 1486: Cold Man

“Take another look and I’ll dig out your eyes.”

He was clearly injured all over and could not move while lying on the bed, but his words were extremely cold and arrogant.

It was strange. She had covered his eyes, but he could feel that she was looking at something she shouldn’t have.

Gu Meng was young and hot-tempered. She was the famous sun in the fishing village and was not afraid of men’s threats at all.

“You can’t even sit up now and you’re still digging people’s eyes out. You’re used to being a young master and you think that everyone is afraid of you!” Gu Meng said as she slashed the knife across the area where the man had been shot.

The man groaned with his pale lips pursed tightly.

Gu Meng knew that it was painful. She did not have anesthesia, but throughout the process of her removing the bullet, the man did not make any sound other than the first groan.

The sweat on his forehead was mixed with blood and flowed down together.

An hour later, Gu Meng took out the bullet from his legs and applied the medicine.

She secured his broken ribs with a simple splint that she had made.

After doing all of this, Gu Meng took off the black cloth covering his eyes and applied the crushed medicinal herbs to the deep wound on his face.

It was only when she was close to him that she realized that this man’s facial features were very good looking, especially his eyelashes. They were long and dark, and thick and dense, as if they were longer than hers. His deep eyes were like a deep pool, with no end in sight.

After applying the medicine on his face, Gu Meng saw that he was in a terrible state and went outside to fetch a bucket of water.

“I’ll be a good person until the end. I’ll help you wipe your body.”

She started from his neck to his collarbones, chest, arms, and hands. His hands were big and slender. They felt cold to the touch, just like him, giving off a cold feeling without any warmth or humanity.

From his chest to his abdomen, there were well-proportioned and firm muscles. They were thin and strong. Gu Meng did not dare to look at them, so she went past the important part and brushed against his legs.

His legs were so long…

This person seemed to be taller than the men in the fishing village.

After wiping his body, Gu Meng was extremely tired. Fortunately, it was summer vacation now and she had plenty of time.

She took out a thin blanket from the bamboo basket and covered the man. “Alright, this is as much as I can help you with. I’m leaving. Good luck.”

The man still pursed his lips tightly and said nothing.

This person was too boring.

With the bamboo basket on her back, Gu Meng clapped her hands and skipped away.

When she returned home, she smelled the fragrance of chicken soup the moment she entered.

“Mom, what good day is it today to have chicken soup…” Before Gu Meng could finish speaking, Mrs Gu came out of the kitchen, grabbed Gu Meng’s ear and slapped her.

Following behind Mrs Gu, Gu Jiao, who was not even ten years old, giggled when she saw her sister getting hit again. Gu Meng glared at her and she even made a face at Gu Meng.

“Mom, why did you hit me again?” Gu Meng pouted, not knowing how she had made her mother unhappy.

Her mother disliked her the most.

Mrs Gu poked Gu Meng’s fair forehead with all of her strength. “I heard from the villagers that you saved a man of unknown origin. Do you have nothing better to do?”

“I saw the villagers hitting and kicking him. I couldn’t just watch him die!”

“You only know how to cause trouble for your family!” Mrs Gu glared at Gu Meng. “You’re not allowed to eat tonight!”

Gu Meng’s stomach growled and she tugged at Mrs Gu’s sleeve pitifully. “Mommy, I won’t grow up if I don’t eat.”

Mrs Gu shook off Gu Meng’s hand with a cold expression, turned around and pulled Gu Jiao into the kitchen.

Mr Gu and her younger brother, Gu Che, had gone to the town to sell fish. They would not return tonight, and if the father and son did not return, no one would plead for Gu Meng.

Gu Meng could smell the fragrance coming from the kitchen and she could not help but lick her lips.

Mrs Gu and Gu Jiao’s conversation could be heard from the kitchen. “Jiaojiao, be careful when you walk in the future. Your arm is bleeding from the fall, drink more chicken soup to nourish it.”


Gu Jiao only fell and her mother made chicken soup for her to nourish her body.

She had lost a lot of blood during her period and her stomach had hurt terribly. She had wanted to drink some brown sugar water but her mother had been unwilling to buy it for her.

Gu Meng did not understand why her mother was always so biased.

After dinner, Gu Jiao drank the chicken soup and came out of the kitchen. She stuck out her tongue at Gu Meng and made a gloating expression before running away with a smile.

After a while, Mrs Gu also came out of the kitchen, looking at Gu Meng with a dark expression. “Come in and eat. Wash the dishes after you’re done.”

Mrs Gu went out.

Gu Meng went into the kitchen and found that there was not a drop of chicken soup left. There were chicken bones piled on the table and there were only some cabbage and radish strips left in the bowls. Gu Meng’s eyes turned red and she sniffed, but she recovered quickly.

If there was no chicken to eat, so be it. She was already used to it.

After Gu Meng ate a bowl of rice, she suddenly thought of that scarred man. He couldn’t move and couldn’t go out to find food. Was he hungry?

She could not possibly let him starve to death after saving him!

Putting down the bowl and chopsticks, Gu Meng sneaked into Mrs Gu’s room and stole two eggs from the paper box under the bed.

After cooking the eggs, Gu Meng put them in her pocket and cleaned up the kitchen before she sneaked out.

Ever since she was young, she had been beaten and scolded by Mrs Gu. She was already used to it. Although she would still feel a little sad occasionally, she had become more independent and did whatever she wanted. Mrs Gu could not control her either.

Gu Meng went to the empty house at the back of the mountain and pushed the door open. The man seemed to be asleep, but he opened his dark eyes the moment she took two steps in.

His eyes were guarded and cold.

Gu Meng crouched down beside him and stared at him for a while. “I saved you earlier. Why are you looking at me like that? I’m not your enemy.”

She took out the egg that was still warm in her pocket and waved it in front of him with a smile. “Do you want to eat it?” Usually, her mother would not let her eat eggs. Only her younger brother, Gu Che, would secretly give her the egg his mother cooked for him. To her, egg was considered a top delicacy.

When the man saw the egg in her hand, he furrowed his eyebrows slightly, a look of disdain appearing on his cold face.

Seeing this, Gu Meng glared at him unhappily. “You actually despise my eggs? Then, I won’t let you eat them.”

The man closed his eyes. It was cold, as if he had no interest in her eggs.

“Was your family very rich in the past? Are you tired of eating eggs?” Gu Meng peeled the eggshell, broke off a small piece, and fed it to the man’s dry mouth. “Even if you’re tired of eating, you have to eat something. This is the most delicious food I can take out. Don’t look down on it! I can’t eat it even if I want to!”

The man opened his eyes and looked at the chattering girl. This time, he started to size her up.