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Chapter 1485: He Experienced What Gnawing Pain Felt Like

The throbbing pain in Ye Qing’s temples almost cracked his head open.

His well-defined face was tense and blood was drained from his face, making it deathly pale.

Looking at the calm and boundless sea, a thin mist filled his eyes and blurred his vision.

In this world, the most suffocating despair was not sharp knives and guns, poverty or disasters… But the one you loved the most making a clean break with you.

At this moment, Ye Qing experienced what making things difficult for oneself felt like, as well as a gnawing pain in his heart!

“He’s a monster!”

“How can there be such an ugly person in the world?”

“Kill him! Kill him!”

“His appearance polluted the water in the fishing village!”

He opened his eyes slowly. Before he could see where he was, countless fists and feet had landed on him.

He was seriously injured and was unable to move his limbs, so he could only be kicked and punched.

After the great pain, only numbness remained.

Just when he thought that he would die under the fists and kicks of these savage villagers, a clear and pleasant voice of a girl rang out. “What are you doing?”

In his blurred vision, he saw a slender figure push through the crowd and hurry over.

Seeing the tall figure lying on the beach with blood dripping all over, with his face and body so full of injuries that his face could not be seen clearly, the girl kicked the villagers away.

“He’s still alive. You’ll kick him to death!”

“Meng, this man looks like a monster. If we don’t kick him to death, what will we eat in the future if he pollutes our water?”

“That’s right!”

Seeing that the fists and feet were going to land on the man again, the girl stretched out her arms in front of the man. “He’s just seriously injured and looks a little scary. He’s not dead and if you kick him to death, it’ll be murder. Murdering someone is against the law!”

“Meng, a little girl like you shouldn’t meddle in this! Otherwise, we’ll tell your mother and let her teach you a lesson.”

Hearing this, the girl’s fair face turned red. “I’m not afraid even if you tell my mother. If you kick him to death, I’ll report it to the town officials!”

With that, the girl bent down and lifted the bloody man up from the seaside.

The man had his eyes closed. With his face covered with blood, he looked horrible.

In spite of the villagers’ objections, she held the man and left.

The man could not walk at all and had leaned almost all of his weight on her small body. Fortunately, she was born with great strength. Although she was thin, she was not at all weak.

She did not find it hard to support the man.

Although the man was only half-conscious, his body was very stiff after being supported by her, as if he was not used to the touch of strangers.

Gu Meng thought that this man must be someone who was withdrawn and was rarely touched by people.

Gu Meng did not help the man back to her house. If she took him back, her mother would make a big fuss and it would not be suitable for him to recuperate.

Gu Meng knew that there was a house behind the mountain that no one lived in, so she helped the man over.

Putting him on the hardboard bed, Gu Meng took out her handkerchief and wiped the blood off the man’s face. There were several bone-deep wounds on it which looked very shocking.

He was wearing a black suit, but there were burnt marks, tears, and traces of gunshots on it. It could be seen that the quality of the suit was excellent and was unaffordable for ordinary people.

Gu Meng checked the man’s body. He had several broken ribs and two gunshot wounds on his thigh. Fortunately, the injuries were not fatal. Otherwise, he would not be able to survive.

He was quite lucky. Gu Meng guessed that he must have fallen into the mountains and had been bitten by wild animals. Then, when he was running for his life, he had fallen into the sea and had been washed up to their fishing village!

After checking the man’s body, Gu Meng went out.

Half an hour later, she came back with a bamboo basket on her back.

Seeing the weak man lying there with his eyes slightly opened, Gu Meng crouched down beside him and smiled brightly. “What’s your name? How old are you? Where are you from? Shall I contact your family? But you have gunshot wounds on your leg and you have to take out the bullet quickly or you may be disabled in the future!”

The man didn’t speak.

Seeing that the man was silent, Gu Meng did not discuss with him anymore. If he did not treat his injury, it would be unfavorable for him.

Reaching out her hand, she unbuttoned his suit and then the buttons of his shirt that was coated with blood, exposing the man’s chest. Although it was covered in blood, the man’s skin was really good.

It was fair and tender like shelled eggs, and it was much better than that of the men in the fishing village.

She was still an innocent girl and did not think too much about it. She just wanted to treat his wounds.

After taking off his shirt, she unbuckled his belt.

His belt buckle was inlaid with shining gems and looked extremely expensive.

She had never unbuckled someone else’s belt before. His belt buckle was a bit complicated and she was unable to unbuckle it even after some time.

“How do you unbuckle the belt?”

She asked with a frown.

“Get out!” The man said in a hoarse voice.

Gu Meng clapped her hands and stood up from the ground. “You broke four ribs, were shot once in both your left and right thighs, your left leg was bitten by wild animals, your right arm is broken, and there are countless bruises from being kicked around. If you don’t get it treated in time, you probably won’t survive past tonight even if you are very lucky!”

Putting the bamboo basket on her shoulders, she headed outside. “Since you want to die, I won’t force you.”

Gu Meng went out of the house and hid under the window, looking into the room.

She frowned when she saw the man close his eyes, looking as though he was waiting for death.

Could it be that this person’s family was in dire circumstances and was being hunted down by enemies? Was that why he could not take it and had lost the will to survive?

He wanted to die but she could not just watch him die, could she?

Gu Meng entered the house again with the bamboo basket on her back.

The man opened his eyes, which seemed to be shrouded in a layer of haze, and looked at her coldly.

Gu Meng took out a piece of black cloth from the bamboo basket and covered the man’s eyes.

Anyway, he could not move or jump up to do anything to her.

Unable to unbuckle his belt, she took a knife and cut it off.

She pulled off his bloodstained pants.

The man’s dry and pale lips moved. It seemed like he wanted to say something, but because of the sharp pain of his wounds, he was unable to say a word.

Gu Meng pulled the man’s pants, which was of good quality but had been torn to pieces, down to his feet. Her clear and bright eyes inevitably swept across the place that she shouldn’t have been looking at.

How could this man wear such shameless underwear? It was so tight and it was like he was not wearing anything.

At first, she thought it was a very sacred thing to save people. But now, her face felt a little hot and her heart was beating faster!

“What are you looking at?” The man’s hoarse voice suddenly sounded out.

Gu Meng was startled and quickly lowered her head. “I-I didn’t see anything.”