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Chapter 1484: Cutting Her Relationship With Him!

Before Ye Qing could finish speaking, Gu Meng had interrupted him agitatedly. “You’re still lying to me! I heard that Brother Fu is already dead!”

Ye Qing’s black straight eyebrows furrowed tightly together.

He pursed his thin lips, wanting to explain. However, Gu Meng didn’t want to hear him speak anymore, and she said hoarsely, “Ye Qing, if you still have some conscience, please treat my baby well in the future!”

As if he had a feeling of what she was about to do, Ye Qing’s pupils constricted terribly. His body instantly tensed up, as if he was a bowstring pulled to its maximum and would break at any moment.

His well-defined and handsome face was no longer calm and cold. As though a crack had struck through it, endless panic and fear hit him like a wave. “Xiaomeng, listen to me…”

“I don’t want to listen to your explanation!” Gu Meng saw pain and panic appearing in the man’s black eyes. Her lips curled up into a scoff as she laughed. “Let’s end this here! I’m really tired! I’ve loved you for so many years and I gave both my warm heart and most precious first time to you. Please let me go. I beg you!”

He saw despair and resolution on her face.

He was frozen like a stone statue as he saw how determined she was. A bolt of lightning seemed to strike his mind.

Heavy rain started to pour.

The skies were dark as waves kept clashing in the seas.

Ye Qing stared at the slender figure swaying on the viaduct. Suddenly, he didn’t know what he should do to make her stay.

Rain drenched him from head to toe and looked terribly haggard. The head secretary, police, and soldiers stared at the situation between the two, not daring to approach them.

A dark patch appeared at the bottom of Ye Qing’s eyes. He spoke with an extremely hoarse voice. “Come down first. I’ll listen to whatever you want…”

Before he finished speaking, she suddenly let go of her hands from the railing. Without support, her slender figure swayed even more.

Ye Qing felt as if his throat had been grabbed tightly by another and he couldn’t even say a single word.

“Miss Gu, it’s dangerous! Please grab the railing quick.” The head secretary standing behind Ye Qing shouted loudly.

The storm raged on as the sea breeze blew.

Gu Meng couldn’t hear clearly what those people on the bridge were saying. She couldn’t see them clearly either.

Her expression fell into a trance as her gaze became lax and resolute.

She had no fear when staring at the crazy waves.

Perhaps, after she jumped down, she would die if no one saved her.

However, she would have no regrets.

This relationship had hurt her completely and she was now covered in bloody scars.

If she could start everything again, she would rather that she had never saved him or loved him!

Ye Qing stared at Gu Meng’s swaying body as a metallic taste filled her throat. His hands clenched into tight fists as he trembled slightly. “Xiaomeng, believe in me. If you come down, I’ll agree to whatever you want…”

Gu Meng’s gaze became completely blurred from the rainwater and her tears. She laughed softly. “Ye Qing, my feelings for you and my trust in you have been destroyed by you…”

“I wanted to leave long ago…” She sucked in a deep breath as her slender body leaned forward slightly. “The air outside is so fresh. Even the rainwater tastes sweet.”

The breeze blew at her wet sleeves as she faced the sea, looking both pale and desolate.

She looked down, glancing at him for the last time. “Ye Qing, between heaven and earth, between the skies and earth, let’s never meet again in this lifetime!”

She gave him a final smile before she spread out her arms and jumped down, as he looked on with his constricting black orbs and shocked expression…

She fell toward the seas like a butterfly spreading its wings.

When she jumped, she had successfully seen intense pain and fear in his eyes… Her lips curled up as she thought self-deprecatingly that she must have seen it wrongly!

How could a cold and heartless person, who had benefits, power, and status above everyone, be sad for an ordinary fishing village girl like her?!

He already had the beautiful Princess Dai Na whose status was befitting of him. Very soon, he would forget about her!

In this lifetime, she didn’t want to have any more contact with this man called Ye Qing! Let’s just end that past with him!

The moment he saw Gu Meng jump down, Ye Qing’s body shook terribly as his handsome face instantly paled.

He walked toward the railing with trembling legs as he saw the figure disappearing the moment she fell into the seas. He shouted hoarsely, “Gu Meng, Gu Meng—”

He took off his coat and jumped over the railing, wanting to jump down to save her. The head secretary hurriedly moved forward to pull him. “Your Highness, the guards will go down and search for her. You can’t go down…”

Before the head secretary finished speaking, Ye Qing kicked him away ruthlessly.

He jumped back over the railing and jumped down without even thinking about it.

Seeing this, the head secretary jumped down together with the soldiers and policemen.

She stood on the viaduct, welcoming the sea breeze as a bright smile slowly bloomed for him. That smile was so desolate and sorrowful.

Suddenly, a large piece of rock seemed to press on his chest, pressing down so hard that he couldn’t breathe.

The sea breeze howled as her hair blew crazily. Her palm-sized face was completely void of color as she said to him, “Ye Qing, between heaven and earth, between the skies and earth, let’s never meet again in this lifetime!”

She leaned forward and jumped down, disappearing in that depthless sea.

“No, Xiaomeng!”

Ye Qing startled awake from his nightmare.

Cold sweat covered his forehead.

Ye Qing cupped his suffocating chest and opened her eyes.

He wasn’t in the freezing cold sea, but the hospital.

There were several people standing in the room. They were all his closest kin.

Ye Qing’s gaze landed on the head secretary behind the Queen. “Did you find her?”

The head secretary shook his head. “We only found one of her shoes. Your Highness, there was a heavy storm then and the current was really turbulent. You’ve been unconscious for 24 hours while our men have been looking for her for 24 hours, but we haven’t been able to find Miss Gu. I’m afraid that she might be in deep trouble!”

Ye Qing closed his bloodshot eyes, wanting to get out of bed. The Queen furrowed her eyebrows and said, “Ah Qing, there are professional rescue teams searching for her right now. You won’t be able to help even if you go. There’s an infection in your lungs and you have a slight concussion in your head too. Rest properly in the hospital.”

“Grandma, I want to go search for her personally.” Disregarding everyone that was stopping him, Ye Qing forcefully left the hospital room in his patient’s outfit.

Mu Sihan stared as Ye Qing, who stumbled out weakly. He wanted to move forward and support him, but the Queen shook her head at him. “Let him go!”

Mu Sihan glanced at the Queen in confusion.

The storm had already stopped a long time ago. The sea had also regained its calmness.

Ye Qing arrived on a rescue team’s boat.

Staring at the calm and quiet sea, he thought about her last words to him. His temple started to hurt again, feeling as if it was going to split open.

Suddenly, some memories that he had no recollection of swarmed into his head.