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Chapter 1483: Wouldn’t Love Him Anymore

Ye Qing stared at the woman standing on the viaduct.

She happened to be looking down at him too. Her pair of large eyes used to be clear, colorful, and filled with energy. However, right now, although it was the same pair of eyes, it was void of any anima, and only had heaviness and resoluteness.

Ye Qing stayed at the same spot, not daring to take even a step forward.

He could only look up at her as a never-before-felt panic grew in his heart.

“Gu Meng, get down first. There is room to discuss anything. You’re still doing your confinement. Please don’t harm your body like this.”

Gu Meng stared at the man whose expression was tense and whose temples were twitching. A soft and prideful smile appeared on her lips. “When have you ever discussed anything with me? I had to listen to and follow whatever you said.”

Her figure wavered, looking as if she could fall anytime. Ye Qing was tensed from head to toe as his Adam’s apple bobbed nervously. “Come down first.”

The smile on Gu Meng’s lips widened, making her look even more desolate. “I’ve really had enough! At first, I thought that becoming pregnant with the baby was God’s best gift to me. However, ever since I was imprisoned by you, I felt as though I was in a living hell.

“Do you think that giving me good food and nice clothes is being good to me? You only made me think that I’m just a pet. A pet without any dignity.”

Ye Qing shook his head. All of his muscles were tensed as his dark eyes reddened. “I’ve said before that I’ll give you freedom after you give birth. I’ll let you go wherever you want to. Come down, come down!”

His low and cold voice sounded a little shaky.

Because the wind on the viaduct was too strong, Gu Meng couldn’t hear the shakiness in his voice and only heard his words. Her eyes filled with tears as her vision blurred. “Give me freedom? Ha, you don’t let me see the baby or Fu Cheng, and got bodyguards to guard my room every day. Is that giving me freedom? You’re punishing me!

“Yes, I did leave with Fu Cheng and go against your wishes. It was my fault for making you angry! But have you ever thought about why I would rather run away than continue staying by your side?”

Gu Meng let go of a hand holding the railing and pointed to the left of her chest, where her heart was. Her body shook even more now. “My heart was full of you originally. I was willing to give you anything and do anything for you. I was even willing to have a child for you.” That was right. Right after she had found out that she was pregnant and had been brought to the capital by him, she still had some hopes and fantasies about him.

She felt that he wouldn’t be too cruel to her.

However, he got engaged to Princess Dai Na behind her back and she had become the third party that everyone hated.

Not only so, but he also wanted to give Dai Na custody of her child.

Why was he so cruel to her?

Ever since he had regained his status above everyone else, she had only suffered with him. However, at the thought of the warm times and memories that they had with each other in the fishing village, she felt that she could still continue and persevere.

He had only forgotten about her. It would be alright once he remembered.

With this thought, she got up every single time she suffered a setback or got hurt.

However, once it happened too many times, she got tired and hurt too!

She stared at him as her tears blurred her vision. “You! You were the one who destroyed this heart that loved you! You made me think that my love for you was a complete joke!”

Hearing Gu Meng’s words, Ye Qing’s eyes reddened as his tall figure trembled terribly. It looked as if he was about to fall to the floor.

The head secretary noticed it and hurriedly took a step forward to support Ye Qing.

It had been a very long time since he had heard her say that she loved him. Those words that had originally been so sweet and moving sounded somewhat sorrowful and pitiful when she said it this time.

Ye Qing lifted his hand, telling the head secretary that there was no need to support him.

He stared at Gu Meng with red eyes as his thin lips trembled slightly. “It’s not that I don’t like you, but…”

Before he could finish speaking, she interrupted him with a laugh. “Yes, you may like me a little, but my identity doesn’t match yours and you can’t give me a proper status as your partner. I know where I stand and I’ve never thought of becoming a phoenix from nothing. I’d even stayed far away from your life. You were the one who wasn’t willing to let me go!

“You imprisoned my body and soul! You made me feel suffocated and depressed!”

An ear-shattering thunder rang out as the sea breeze howled, making his clothes blow and clatter. Gu Meng stared at the man standing below. It was rare for him to not dress himself neatly. Perhaps, he had come out in a rush. He was still wearing a set of home clothes under his coat. His hair wasn’t brushed as neatly as it usually was, blowing messily at his forehead. With a blow from the sea breeze, his fringe was blown apart and she could see his facial features even more clearly.

His trimmed and long, straight eyebrows, his narrow but deep eyes, his well-defined nose bridge, and his thin lips… They were all deep and well-defined. Even his handsome face looked sharp, strong, and resolute. Since he had grown up in the royal family, the dignified aura he had came with his birth.

From the very first time she had seen him in the fishing village, she could already feel that he was different from other men.

Her taste was indeed pretty good… However, she shouldn’t have poured her entire heart out to him.

Since that sincere and truthful heart had been hurt until it was shattered into pieces, what else would there be left?

Gu Meng tugged at her lips slightly as she started to laugh. However, as she laughed, tears streamed down her face.

“Xiaomeng, I’ll respect you if you want to leave. Come down. Don’t do this to your own body.” Ye Qing stretched a slender hand out to Gu Meng. He tried to used his gentlest voice to speak to her, afraid that he would trigger her. That was why his trembling voice sounded really careful.

Tears fell between Gu Meng’s lips and she tasted bitterness. This taste was something she had tasted countless times in the few months she had been pregnant for.

It was disappointment after disappointment. In the end, they grew into despair.

She would not continue in this way. Today, she had to end things with him.

She stared at him as she smiled sorrowfully. “Ye Qing, after I get down, you will only get someone to watch me for 24 hours. You wouldn’t really let me leave. You want Dai Na to become your lawful wife to maintain the interests of the two countries and yet, you also want me to stay by your side and become your exclusive property. But how can there be such a nice thing in this world?

“Don’t think that you can control everything because you’re a prince! After that heart that loves you has been hurt so many times that it shattered into pieces, it has nothing left to fear!”

Hearing her words, Ye Qing felt as if an invisible black hand was clenching his heart tightly. The suffocating and suppressing pain made him unable to breathe properly.

What exactly was happening to him?

Ever since she had been in that car accident, he had never eaten properly. Suddenly, a wrenching pain similar to a convulsion panged from his stomach.

He furrowed his eyebrows tightly. His usual strong and cold demeanor looked rather pale and frail right now. He panted heavily as he said lowly and hoarsely, “As long as you come down, I’ll let go of Fu Cheng and let you go…”