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Chapter 1482: Untitled

Gu Meng naturally understood what the Queen meant.

If Gu Meng no longer existed in this world, it would mean that Gu Meng had died.

Gu Meng stared at the Queen and told her all about her plan to leave Ye Qing.

After hearing her plan, the Queen admired her determination to leave.

“Miss Gu, can you really bear to leave Ah Qing? Can you bear to part from the child that is still in the incubator?”

Leaving Ye Qing had already become Gu Meng’s obsession.

No one could understand and experience what she felt from loving him so deeply to losing all hope, or the torturous and painful psychological journey she had experienced.

As for the baby, of course, she couldn’t bear to part from him. But what else could she do?

She hadn’t been able to escape successfully with the baby when she was pregnant. Now, the baby was still in the incubator and good medical intervention was needed for him to grow healthily.

She wasn’t a qualified mother and had already implicated the baby once.

She understood one thing very well. She would never be able to fight against Ye Qing.

Besides, Gu Meng wouldn’t exist in this world in the future. If the baby was with her, he would suffer too.

Gu Meng stared at the Queen as her eyes filled with a layer of sparkling tears. “I’ve already decided. Your Majesty, please grant me my wish.”

The Queen pondered for a moment. “Wait for my news.”

Ye Qing was busy with work until four in the morning. Then, the head secretary drove Ye Qing home.

The car drove for a while before Ye Qing raised his slender hand to massage his temples and he spoke with a low and hoarse voice, “Go to the hospital.”

“Your Highness, you haven’t rested properly for several nights now.”

“Don’t make me repeat myself.”

The head secretary sighed, having no choice but to make a u-turn to head toward the Royal Hospital.

Once they arrived at the hospital, Ye Qing first went to the newborn ICU to look at the baby in the incubator.

When he was done, he had wanted to leave. However, somehow, he went to Gu Meng’s room instead.

When the bodyguards guarding the room saw Ye Qing, they bowed respectfully. “Your Highness.”

“How has she been for the past few days?”

“The nurse said that she’s in a better mood and has started to eat.”

“Open the door.”

The bodyguard pushed the door open and Ye Qing’s slender long legs walked in.

The lights weren’t turned on in the room, so he could only use the light shining in from outside the window to vaguely see the slender figure lying in the bed.

Gu Meng was asleep.

Ye Qing walked toward the bed and stared at her small face. It was void of the liveliness she had had in the past, with only paleness and delicateness left.

Ye Qing lifted his slender palm, wanting to caress her face. However, when he almost touched her face, he pulled his hand back.

“Gu Meng, why can’t you be more obedient?”

He pursed his thin lips tightly, staring at her for a long time before turning around and leaving.

Right as the door closed, the woman on the bed opened her eyes slowly.

Ye Qing didn’t return to rest in his palace, but headed to Autumn Leaf villa instead.

He slept on the bed that Gu Meng had slept on before. The moment his head touched the pillow, his heavy eyelids shut quickly and he fell asleep.

However, not too long after he had fallen asleep, his phone started to vibrate.

No matter how exhausted he was, he had always been a light sleeper.

He picked up his phone from the bedside table. Seeing that it was a call from the head secretary, he answered the call.

“Your Highness, it’s not good. The doctors said that Fu Cheng can’t hold on anymore.”

Ye Qing’s expression instantly changed as his grip on the phone tightened. “What did you say?”

“Fu Cheng had been sent into the surgery room, but the doctors said that he might not make it.”

Ye Qing lifted the blanket and got out of bed. He didn’t have time to wash up as he hurriedly threw his coat over his shoulders and rushed down.

However, he had just arrived at the villa’s entrance when he heard the head secretary say, “Fu Cheng is gone.”

Through the call, Ye Qing seemed to hear the cardiograph of the heart monitor turn into a straight line. It was the sound of the end of life.

Ye Qing’s mind was a little messy and blank.

Fu Cheng was dead!

Would Gu Meng think that he had killed Fu Cheng on purpose in order to threaten her?

Ye Qing got his driver to send him to the hospital.

On his way there, his expression was rather stiff and frozen.

During the forty-minute journey from Autumn Leaf villa to the hospital, Ye Qing’s lips were pursed tightly as his black eyes were filled with red blood vessels.

The car had driven for more than twenty minutes when Ye Qing received another call from the head secretary.

“Your Highness, the bodyguards guarding Miss Gu’s room just realized that Miss Gu knocked the nurse, who had been giving her a drip, unconscious. She changed into a nurse’s uniform and ran out.”

Ye Qing’s expression instantly darkened completely. “Why aren’t you going to find her? If anything happens to her, come and see me with your heads!”

As he hung up the call, Ye Qing’s temple started to throb, like it had been stabbed by needles.

His well-defined facial features were tightly tensed as the atmosphere in the room fell to a suppressing extreme.

The driver didn’t even dare to breathe loudly and quietly sped up.

Once they arrived at the hospital entrance, Ye Qing opened the door and got out of the car before the driver could do it for him.

The head secretary was rushing out of the hospital and bumped into Ye Qing.

“Did you find anything?” Ye Qing asked coldly, his expression as cold as ice.

The head secretary looked ashen. “Yes. Miss Gu is on the viaduct.”

Ye Qing frowned. Instantly, he had an ominous premonition.

On the viaduct.

The roads had been sealed from all sides. There was no oncoming traffic, no one around, and only the police and soldiers were standing below it.

On the tall railing stood a slender figure. She was wearing a hospital patient’s outfit. Her limbs were slender as her body shook a little on the railing, making her look as if she was a falling autumn leaf that fell the moment the wind blew.

Ye Qing got out of the car. When he saw the figure standing on top, his pitch black pupils constricted terribly.

There was a dangerous and deep sea under the viaduct. The weather that day wasn’t too good with the skies appearing gloomy. It looked as if a storm would arrive soon. The sea breeze was blowing a little too strongly and the patient’s outfit of the woman standing on the viaduct was blowing so hard that it rang. Her bob cut flew with the wind. She looked like she was about to be carried away by the wind.

Ye Qing’s heart thumped crazily as an indescribable emotion overwhelmed him. He took several steps ahead, walking in front of the soldiers and police, wanting to approach her.

Gu Meng had seen him the moment he had gotten out of the car.

She glanced at him, saying hoarsely, “Ye Qing, if you come up, I will jump down right now.”

Ye Qing stopped instantly.

His hands resting by his sides clenched into tight fists before they loosened and tightened again. A layer of cold sweat covered his palms. “Come down. We can have a proper talk if you have anything to say. Come down first.”

Although he was usually calm and mature, he was speaking with a slightly trembling voice right now.

A small smile appeared on Gu Meng’s lips. Her smile appeared extremely bleak and desolate, matching with the current dark skies.

Seeing her smile, Ye Qing felt as if a thousand-pound stone was resting on his heart. It was so heavy he almost couldn’t breathe.

That bad feeling in his heart grew stronger and stronger. However, he didn’t dare to move too close to her either, and could only stare at her in a panic, afraid that she would do something that couldn’t be undone.