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Chapter 1479: Not Their Opponent

Gu Meng slept for nearly three days.

Since she couldn’t eat anything, the nurses gave her nutritional drips.

Ye Qing never appeared again and she never found out anything about the baby or Fu Cheng.

She couldn’t afford to wait anymore.

She wanted to know about their situation.

She tried to get out of bed.

Although her abdomen still hurt, she could at least walk now.

She pushed the door open, wanting to walk out.

Two bodyguards dressed in black were standing outside. Seeing that Gu Meng had opened the door, they glanced at her with indifferent expressions.

“Miss Gu, please return to your room to rest.”

Their words meant that she couldn’t take even half a step out of this door.

Gu Meng’s expression instantly turned ashen.

Could it be that Ye Qing was imprisoning her once more in order to punish her?

A storm brewed in Gu Meng’s heart.

If she went up against these bodyguards, she would definitely not be their opponent.

Gu Meng bit her lip and returned to her room.

On the cupboard, there was a bowl of porridge that the nurses had brought in that morning. Gu Meng hadn’t had any appetite at first. However, she walked over and opened the thermos flask and ate a portion of the porridge.

When she was done, she rested again.

Her small hand pressed against her chest. It was empty apart from a clenching pain in her flesh and blood. Because it was too painful, she had lost all feeling in it.

Gu Meng rested for nearly an hour.

Then, a nurse came in and gave Gu Meng another drip.

“Nurse, I want to go to the washroom.” Apart from not answering her when she asked about the baby and Fu Cheng’s conditions, the nurses would help her to the best of their abilities when she asked them for help in other things.

Hearing that Gu Meng wanted to go to the washroom, the nurse hurriedly helped her up.

Once they were in the washroom, the nurse was about to go out when she felt something strike the back of her neck. The nurse stared at Gu Meng in disbelief.

Gu Meng looked down, apologizing before the nurse fainted.

Gu Meng took off the nurse’s uniform from the nurse and put it on before wearing the nurse’s hat and mask. After that, she helped the nurse onto the bed and covered a blanket over her.

After doing all that, Gu Meng pulled the room door open and pushed the small cart containing drip bottles out.

The two bodyguards glanced at her. “Is Miss Gu awake?”

Gu Meng shook her head.

The bodyguards didn’t say anything else and allowed her leave.

Gu Meng pushed the cart to the nurse’s station before she found the booklet that contained all of the newborns’ information. She searched for information of the night she had given birth and saw only one newborn record that night.

Happiness surged in Gu Meng’s heart.

He was still alive and well!

Gu Meng hurried toward the newborn ICU.

When Gu Meng finally found the newborn ICU, she saw two figures standing at the glass window from afar.

One was the tall Ye Qing.

The other was the beautiful and dignified Dai Na.

Both of them were staring at the baby inside through the glass window.

Gu Meng could guess that the baby must be too weak and had insufficient nutrition because he was premature. That was why the baby could only stay in the incubator for the time being.

“Brother Ye Qing, the baby is no longer in a critical condition. Although you didn’t tell me before that you already have a child, I don’t mind. I will treat this child as my biological child from now on.”

Ye Qing glanced at Dai Na from the corner of his eye. “Are you sure?”

Dai Na nodded. “I’m sure. If you don’t want any more children, we will only have him. I like you and I’m willing to listen to everything you say.”

Dai Na hugged Ye Qing’s arm and rested her face against his shoulder.

Ye Qing glanced at her in deep thought and didn’t push her away.

As Gu Meng watched the two leaning against each other intimately, she was in so much pain that her heart became numb and she couldn’t feel anything anymore.

However, when she heard that Dai Na wanted to raise the baby with him, her limbs turned cold and her blood froze.

With Ye Qing and Dai Na standing there, Gu Meng couldn’t go over.

She returned to the nurse’s station.

She asked a nurse, “During the accident a few nights ago, there was a man that was sent together with the pregnant woman. Do you know how badly injured he is?”

The nurse replied, “Didn’t our superiors order us to not mention the people and matters that happened that night?”

“I’m just a little curious.”

“I’m not too clear, but he’s quite badly injured. I’m not sure which room he’s in right now. Anyway, he’s under the care of the people in charge.”

Gu Meng’s heart skipped a beat.

He was badly injured and was being controlled now?

She was the most unwilling to implicate innocent people. However, Brother Fu Cheng had to pay such a price for her. No! She couldn’t let Ye Qing control them like this…

An hour later.

Gu Meng returned to the newborn ICU.

Ye Qing and Dai Na had already left.

Gu Meng walked toward the glass window, her eyes widening as she glanced inside.

Was the thin, small, and wrinkly baby covered in tubes in the incubator her baby?

Seeing how frail the baby looked, the tears Gu Meng had held back fell instantly.

It was no wonder that Ye Qing had been that angry. With how frail and thin the baby looked, everyone that saw him would feel sad.

If the baby had been carried to full term in her womb, perhaps, he wouldn’t be suffering like this.

She wasn’t a qualified mother.

The nurse in the ICU was changing a diaper for the baby. When she lifted his slender legs up, he suddenly started to cry loudly.

No matter how the nurse tried to humor him, he continued crying. She tried to feed him milk, but he wouldn’t drink it either.

The baby’s lungs and heart power weren’t completely grown. When he started crying, his small body convulsed and it looked extremely dangerous.

Gu Meng panicked. The doctor in the ICU did a check on the baby, but didn’t find any problem.

However, the baby couldn’t be humored no matter what, and kept crying nonstop.

Seeing the baby cry like this, Gu Meng’s eyes filled with tears. She pounded on the glass window. When the doctor heard the noise, he opened the ICU door.

“Doctor, please let me go in and take a look.”

The doctor thought that she was a nurse in the hospital. Before he could say anything, Gu Meng ran in hurriedly.

She washed her hands before her soft fingers carressed the baby’s weak and thin chest softly. She sang softly, “As the darken sky hangs low, accompanied by the lights from a star studded sky, flying fireflies, flying fireflies…”

It was a nursery song Gu Meng had sang to the baby when she was pregnant. Suddenly, a miracle happened. The baby that was convulsing from crying slowly stopped crying.

After the baby calmed down, Gu Meng fed him some cow’s milk.

After he fell asleep, the doctor stared at Gu Meng suspiciously. “Which department are you from? Where is your work pass?”

Gu Meng wiped her tears away and said nothing before she walked around the doctor and left the ICU.

Noting that that nurse was about to wake up, Gu Meng went to the nurse station and borrowed a phone from another nurse to make a call to Cen Xi.

Cen Xi was a little surprised about receiving a call from Gu Meng. “Xiao Meng?”

“Xiao Xi, there’s something I need your help in.”

“What is it? Just say it. If I can, I will definitely help you.”

“I’m at the Royal Hospital now. I’m being watched by Ye Qing’s men and I’m not his opponent. However, there’s a person who definitely could help me. Please help me pass a message to him.”