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Chapter 1477: Nervous

Ye Qing sat in the black sedan as he instructed the driver to drive around and check all the important junctions.

As he sat in the back seat, his slender fingers were clenched into tight fists as they rested on his knees. A black coat was draped over his shoulders. The dim moonlight shining in through the window lit up only half of his face and he exuded an icy cold aura from head to toe.

Even as he sat there in silence, the sharp and strong aura around him was enough to make people shiver in fear.

The head secretary drove on, not daring to glance at the man behind him.

Ever since the Third Prince had returned to the royal family, he had never acted like this, no matter how big of a challenge he was met with for work.

Right now, the dark and cold aura around him was really strong.

They checked two junctions in this manner before the head secretary’s phone rang.

Seeing that it was a call from the traffic police, he hurriedly answered it.

After ending the call, the head secretary glanced at the man behind him through the rearview mirror.

Ye Qing’s head was slightly bowed, preventing him from seeing his pair of dark and deep eyes. No one could read his mind.

However, just as the head secretary glanced toward him, he looked up at the head secretary. His sharp features were handsome but tensed. “Is it about her?”

The head secretary nodded, taking a deep breath before saying, “There’s been a car accident at XX Road. An SUV and a lorry collided with each other. The lorry driver called the police and they were informed that there was a man and a woman in the SUV. The woman is pregnant and both of them have been injured and have been sent to the hospital!”

Hearing this, Ye Qing’s cold figure trembled terribly. Lightning seemed to strike in his mind as his usually calm and cold black eyes turned completely red. A metallic taste swelled up in his throat. He didn’t dare to believe what the head secretary had just said.

His usually calm heart was thumping crazily, beating harder as each second passed. All of his blood seemed to rush toward his head.

“Go to the hospital.” When he said these four words, his voice and soul were both trembling.

The head secretary had already turned the car around and was headed for the city hospital.

On their way there, Ye Qing ordered with a trembling voice for the head secretary to call the head of Royal Hospital and to get him to send the best gynecologist in the Royal Hospital over.

After the head secretary informed the head of Royal Hospital of that, he got the traffic police to clear a path for them.

With nothing obstructing their way, the head secretary drove toward the hospital at the fastest speed he could.

When they arrived at the hospital, Ye Qing pushed the car door open and got out of the car. Unlike his usual mature and calm self, his legs were trembling as he walked.

His heart was filled with fear, worry, and panic… Countless emotions intertwined within him.

The way from the hospital entrance to the labor room wasn’t exceptionally long, but he felt as if he had walked for a century.

He had attended all sorts of important events, but as he walked towards the labor room, his mind was completely blank. His limbs were freezing as well.

The two large doors of the labor room were tightly shut.

Ye Qing’s tall figure leaned against the wall as he pressed a hand against his forehead. Countless small but sharp needles seemed to be pricking his temple.

Minutes and seconds passed.

He pursed his lips tightly as he stared at the labor room doors with red eyes.

He had to resist the urge to rush in and see what was happening inside!

His hands clenched into tight fists, seemingly using all of his strength. His overly-tensed muscles tugged at the wound on his shoulder. The place that had finally scabbed was starting to bleed again. However, he couldn’t feel any pain.

Seeing Ye Qing bearing with the pain, the head secretary spoke carefully, “Your Highness, please take a short rest on the chair. The heavens will stand by a good person like Miss Gu. The mother and child will definitely be safe.”

Ye Qing couldn’t hear the head secretary’s words at all as he stared fixedly at the labor room with bloodshot eyes.

His heart was filled with panic.

He waited for nearly an hour just like that before the doors to the labor room finally opened.

Ye Qing’s mind was tense and his legs had seemingly lost their senses. He couldn’t move them and they were stiff like rock statues. He could only stare at the doctor walking out with his pair of reddened eyes.

The doctor’s mouth opened and closed as he said something, but Ye Qing suddenly couldn’t hear anything as everything blacked out and he fainted.

When Ye Qing woke up, he was lying in a hospital bed.

The head secretary was standing by the bed and staring at him anxiously.

Ye Qing instantly sat up in bed. Because he sat up too quickly, he felt light-headed momentarily.

“How is she?”

“Miss Gu has been transferred to a ward. She is still unconscious but the doctor said that she’s not in any danger.”

Ye Qing let out a sigh of relief.

As if thinking of something, he asked again hoarsely, “What about the child?”

The head secretary said with furrowed eyebrows, “Because the Little Prince isn’t 37 weeks old yet, and the placenta had detached because of Miss Gu’s accident, he’s still in a critical condition. The doctor said that if he is still in a critical condition for the next 24 hours, he’s afraid that-”

Before the head secretary finished speaking, Ye Qing got out of bed hurriedly.

He found the little boy who had been placed in the incubator. He was small and thin, and was covered in tubes. He didn’t look as fair and tender as usual newborns did, but was completely bruised. He looked so small, so weak, and so pitiful.

Throughout the entire pregnancy, Gu Meng’s appetite hadn’t been very good. As such, although the baby was almost 37 weeks old, he still looked thinner and smaller than normal babies did.

Ye Qing stared at that small figure, and at the small heart beating under that fragile and thin chest. It looked as though it would stop beating at any time. Ye Qing’s eyes couldn’t help but redden.

If the boy was still in critical condition in the next 24 hours, he would lose this boy…

Ye Qing closed his eyes and called the head of Royal Hospital. He threatened to take the head’s head if anything happened to the boy in the incubator.

Ye Qing sat outside of Gu Meng’s room without entering the room.

He raised his head slightly, leaning against the wall.

He closed his bloodshot eyes. When he opened them again, they seemed to have regained the deepness and calmness they usually had.

“Did you find out who took her away?”

The head secretary nodded. “Yes. It’s a man called Fu Cheng. He’s also the one who set fire to Autumn Leaf villa.”

“Fu Cheng?” Ye Qing’s lips moved as he spit out the two words coldly.

The head secretary could sense a murderous intent oozing out of Ye Qing’s eyes. He continued in fear, “Your Highness, these are the things they found in the SUV.”

Ye Qing glanced coldly at the bag the head secretary had given him.

He took it and opened it.

Apart from Gu Meng’s identification documents, there was also a phone.

Ye Qing turned on the phone.

There was a message inside. “Brother Fu, don’t take the risk and come and save me. Just treat it as if I didn’t call you. I will be able to leave after giving birth. Please don’t take the risk. I don’t want him to hurt you.”

Ye Qing read the message on the phone. She had sent it the night she had stabbed him and after he had left.


A cold scoff appeared on Ye Qing’s thin lips.

He clenched the phone tightly before throwing it to the floor. The phone dimmed as spiderwebs appeared on the screen.