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Chapter 1475: Missing

Two days passed peacefully despite Gu Meng’s uneasiness.

Although she hadn’t been able to get through to Fu Cheng, nothing had happened in the villa, at the very least.

Fu Cheng didn’t know where she lived, so he probably wouldn’t take the risk to do anything.

Ye Qing never returned and after she had stabbed him that night, he would probably never return!

It was nine in the evening.

Gu Meng had just finished showering and was ready to go to bed.

Her windows were open, so she went over to close them. Suddenly, she smelt a weird smell.

Not too long after, she heard a maid shout from downstairs, “Is there something burning in the kitchen?”

Gu Meng sniffed around. Indeed, there seemed to be something that was burning.

Also, that burning smell was becoming even more overpowering.

Gu Meng left her room and went downstairs.

Several servants were running towards the kitchen. “Nothing’s burning in the kitchen!”

Right at this moment, someone suddenly shouted from outside. “Oh no! The east wing is on fire!”

Several servants ran out hurriedly, with their exclaimed shouts following almost immediately. “Oh my god, it’s really on fire!”

Gu Meng vaguely felt that something was wrong.

The servants were all in a panic as they all held buckets or water pails and hurriedly ran toward the fire.

Gu Meng hugged her swollen abdomen and rushed out of the mansion.

Sure enough, she saw a thick cloud of smoke and fire from the east wing of the villa. The wind was blowing and the fire seemed to be spreading with every passing second.

At that moment, a figure wearing a male servant’s uniform walked in front of Gu Meng and grabbed her arm. “Hurry and follow me to the villa’s back gate.”

After getting a clear glimpse of the man’s face, Gu Meng’s eyes widened. “Brother Fu?”

“Let’s hurry up.”

Gu Meng’s mind was blank, but she didn’t have any time to think. “I’ll go up and take my identification documents.”

“Alright, hurry up.”

Gu Meng went up and took out her phone from under the bed, and her identification documents from the wardrobe. She didn’t have the time to pack any of her clothes before hurriedly rushing downstairs.

The servants in the villa had all gone to extinguish the fire, so no one noticed Gu Meng’s actions.

Gu Meng followed Fu Cheng out of the villa’s back gate and got on a SUV.

After the servants and the guards worked together to put off the fire, the butler suddenly seemed to have thought of something. “Why would there be a fire all of a sudden?” As he spoke, he slapped his head. “Quick, go and look for Miss Gu.”

The butler led a few servants and hurriedly headed to the bedroom on the second floor.

He knocked on the door but didn’t hear any response.

Worried for Gu Meng’s safety, the butler pushed the door open.

The bed was made and the windows were still open, allowing the breeze in. He could still smell the scent of the fire in the air.

However, he didn’t see the pregnant Miss Gu.

The butler and the servants’ faces turned ashen.

In the office.

Ye Qing was still in the midst of a video conference. He was sitting on a luxurious and wide, black-leathered chair, and was wearing a perfectly ironed black shirt. The officials on his screen were currently telling him about the work report proposal and plan for the newest season.

The wound on Ye Qing’s shoulder had yet to heal completely. When he wrote with a pen, it tugged on his wound and it hurt a little. However, he paid no heed to it.

Halfway through the conference, his secretary walked in.

Ye Qing had a practice of not liking to be disturbed when he was working.

He glanced at his secretary with a dark expression. “What is it?”

The secretary bent down and whispered something into Ye Qing’s ear.

After hearing the secretary’s words, Ye Qing’s handsome face instantly changed.

He said, “Let’s end tonight’s conference here.” Then, he immediately turned off the video.

The tall and cold figure stood up from the leather chair before his slender legs strode out as he hurried out.

The driver sent Ye Qing to the Autumn Leaf villa.

The moment he went in, Ye Qing smelt a strong charred smell.

He got out of the car with a cold expression.

The butler was standing fearfully at the door with the rest of the servants.

When they saw the cold Ye Qing got out of the car, they didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.

The Third Prince cared a lot when they made Miss Gu suffer just a little, what more now that Miss Gu had disappeared!

As Ye Qing got out of the car and walked into the villa, the air around him seemed to be frozen by the freezing aura around him.

Ye Qing rushed upstairs and pushed the bedroom door open.

When he didn’t see Gu Meng, he opened the drawer where she kept her identification documents.

He didn’t keep her documents because he would respect whatever decision she made after giving birth to their child. Another reason was also that he felt that she wouldn’t leave after living here.

The servants and guards he had assigned to the villa were guarding the place. Where could she go while pregnant?

However, it was a fact that she was gone!

Ye Qing’s dark eyes darkened even more as he went downstairs and got the butler to replay the CCTV. He got his secretary to send people to check on the airport, train stations, rest stations, and harbors.

After remaining silent for several seconds, he added, “Don’t miss any of the road junctions either.”

A black SUV was driving on the roads.

Gu Meng was sitting in the back seats, her heart thumping crazily. She was so nervous that her heart was about to jump out of her throat.

Fu Cheng glanced at Gu Meng through the rearview mirror. Seeing her tensed face, fluttering lashes, and pale face, heartache flashed past his eyes. “I’ve already prepared a speedboat. Once we reached the seaside, we will leave in the speedboat.”

Gu Meng’s mind was in a complete mess.

She didn’t know if they would be able to run away. After all, this was Ye Qing’s territory.

With an order from him, both she and Fu Cheng could become wanted fugitives that the authorities would arrest.

If she fell into Ye Qing’s hands, he might not do anything to her for now because of her pregnancy. However, Fu Cheng was different.

Gu Meng said with a trembling voice, “Brother Fu, this is too risky. If we get caught, you might—”

Fu Cheng interrupted her words with a dark expression. “I saw everything that day. Your eyes were filled with despair and sadness when you saw him getting engaged to another woman at the plaza. After you got into the car and left, I followed behind the car secretly. When I saw you enter the villa, I’d already guessed that he had imprisoned you there like a criminal.

“Given your personality, it must be really torturous for you to be imprisoned there. You’re not his criminal. How can he restrict your freedom? I’ve never seen such a foolish girl as you. If he doesn’t care for you, I will.”

“Although I always attacked you in the past and said unpleasant things, I only did it to attract your attention. To be honest, I’m jealous and envious of the Ah Dai who lived in the fishing village. Who is he for you to accompany him and love him so deeply without any care? However, I’m not jealous and envious of the current Ye Qing. He doesn’t know how to cherish or love you. Losing you is his loss!”

Hearing Fu Cheng’s words, Gu Meng’s eyes reddened.

“Brother Fu…”

“Xiao Meng, don’t worry. I did all of these willingly. I’ve been in the Capital for several months now. I wanted to find you and see how you were doing. Once I saw you appear at the plaza that day, I knew that your life wasn’t good at all.”

“Thank you, Brother Fu.”