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Chapter 1473: Someone Had Instructed

Dai Na was filled with anger.

It wasn’t only because of Jane, but because of Ye Qing as well.

After their engagement, he had rarely returned to his palace, with the excuse that he was busy with work.

Both of them were not close or intimate at all.

The most intimate they’d ever been with each other was during their engagement ceremony, with the kiss he had placed lightly on her cheek.

Before she managed to deal with Ye Qing, Jane had gotten into trouble.

Seeing Dai Na’s dark and cold expression, Jane spoke carefully. “Your Highness, don’t you think that something is wrong with this matter? Ah Cai is usually a yes-man. She would never dare to go against me. Yet, she dared to secretly install a CCTV in my office this time. Someone must have instructed her to do it behind our backs.”

Dai Na crossed her arms and rested her chin on her fingers, falling into deep thought. “Go and bring Ah Cai over.”

“Your Highness, the day the incident happened, Ah Cai and her mother had disappeared. Even her father, who has been hospitalized, had been transferred to another hospital as well. The family of three seemed to have disappeared from the Capital.”

Dai Na narrowed her beautiful eyes. “Think about it carefully. Did Ah Cai ever mention whom her mother had stolen the designs from?”

This matter must be related to the person who had crafted the designs.

Jane looked down and thought about it carefully.

Ah Cai only seemed to have said that her mother worked as a servant in a rather rich family. Her mother had also signed some confidentiality contract and could not reveal any information about her bosses.

However, when Ah Cai called her mother once, she seemed to have heard Ah Cai mention an Autumn Leaf villa.

Jane told what she knew to Dai Na.

Dai Na furrowed her eyebrows. “I’ll get someone to investigate the Autumn Leaf villa.

Dai Na got the information very quickly. There was indeed an Autumn Leaf villa in the Capital.

What made her surprised was that it was Ye Qing’s property.

Dai Na felt that something was wrong.

The baby was 36 weeks old now.

She was nearing her due date.

Ever since that night, Ye Qing had never come to the villa again.

Also, the maid, who had stolen her designs, had resigned the next day.

The other servants in the villa were acting weird as well. In front of her, all of them were extremely careful, as though they were afraid that they would do or say something wrong.

There had been servants that talked behind her back from time to time in the past, but there were none now.

Just a sneeze from her was enough to make the servants terribly nervous.

When her appetite wasn’t good and she didn’t want to eat, the servants serving her would kneel down and beg her to do so.

Gu Meng wasn’t a fool. With how abnormal the servants were and the leaving of the maid that stole her designs, she guessed that Ye Qing already knew of some things.

He knew that she had gone out to see the live-stream of his engagement.

He knew that her designs had been stolen and copied.

But what would change from him knowing?

Gu Meng laughed self-deprecatingly.

She laid on the bed and took an afternoon nap.

When she woke up, a maid came and knocked on her door.

“Miss Gu, Dr Liang is here.”

Dr Liang was the doctor that gave Gu Meng her prenatal checks. Ever since she was in her third trimester, Dr Liang had started coming every week.

Gu Meng headed downstairs.

Dr Liang took her blood pressure and checked on the baby’s heartbeat.

Every time she heard the baby’s heartbeat, Gu Meng felt the urge to cry.

At the thought that she would part with the baby soon, her eyes couldn’t help but redden.

After Dr Liang was done with the checkup and that everything was fine, Gu Meng sat on the sofa as a daring idea emerged in her mind.

Gu Meng called the butler over and told him, “Tell your Third Prince to come to the villa if he’s free tonight.”

Ye Qing arrived at the villa at nine that night.

Perhaps, he had come from a banquet. He was dressed rather formally in a dark-colored suit, and there was a neatly folded handkerchief in his left breast pocket. His hair was combed backward, and his well-defined handsome face was flawless. He looked dignified and elegant.

Seeing Gu Meng sitting at the balcony, drawing, Ye Qing walked over. Standing behind her, he stared at her for a while before he spoke in a hoarse and low voice. “The butler said that you were asking for me?”

Gu Meng put down the drawing pencil she was holding and turned back to look at Ye Qing. She stared into his eyes that were as dark as ink for a few seconds before she said slowly, “You’re engaged with Princess Dai Na, right?”

“Didn’t you see it already?” He stared straight at her, his deep eyes looking like a deep and endless abyss.

Gu Meng choked at how indifferent he sounded.

She nodded. “Since you already have the Princess, you’ll have children very soon. Can you…”

As if expecting what she was going to say, he interrupted her with a dark expression. “No.”

Gu Meng’s suppressed emotions instantly exploded. She glared at him with red eyes. “Why not? The Princess will be your princess consort in the future and you will have your own children. Why? Why can’t you let me leave with my baby?”

Ye Qing approached Gu Meng. His slender fingers grabbed her pretty face as his dark orbs glinted with coldness. “Do you want another woman to have my children that badly?”

“Princess Dai Na isn’t another woman. She’s already your fiancée. The two of you will get married in the future. Your Highness—”

Before Gu Meng could finish speaking, the man lifted her chin and pressed his thin but strong lips ruthlessly against hers.

He kissed her again!

A strong sense of humiliation and helplessness grew in Gu Meng’s heart!

She usually hated being the third party the most. However, she had become the type of person she hated the most.

She really couldn’t understand what this man was thinking about.

She hated this sort of life too. She lifted her left hand that was hidden in her sleeve and stabbed at his shoulder without any care.

A fruit knife was in her hand.

Before stabbing him, she hesitated for a second.

He clearly had the chance to dodge it, but he hadn’t.

The blade entered his flesh.

Bright-red blood gushed out of the wound. His muscles were tense, but he didn’t move at all.

As Gu Meng stared at the warm blood, her lips trembled. She wanted to say something, but no words left her mouth.

She wanted to remove her grip from the knife. However, he suddenly lifted his hand to grab hers.

With a strong push, the blade sunk deeper into his flesh.

Gu Meng widened her eyes. All of her nerves were tingling and trembling.

She stared at him in disbelief.

His dark eyes were slightly red as he stared at her. He said coldly, “Gu Meng, I never thought that we would be in this situation today. You already hate me to the point that you want me to die. Although I cannot remember Ah Dai’s memories, I know that I owe it to you.

“Just treat this wound as Ah Dai returning it to you.” He closed his red eyes as his cold voice became hoarser. “The child must follow me. I won’t force you to stay or leave. But if anything happens to the child, I will never let you go!”

Gu Meng took a few steps back as she laughed in self-ridicule. “There’s no chance for a negotiation anymore, right?”

He replied coldly, “Yes.”