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Chapter 1472: Something Happened!

Ye Qing’s eyes darkened.

The maid that stole Gu Meng’s designs shrank behind the other maids in fear.

She had never thought that someone would tell on her so quickly.

Ye Qing glanced towards that maid with sharp eyes, saying coldly, “You, come out.”

That maid shivered in fear.

“Tell me. What happened?” Ye Qing stared at that maid, his face void of any expression. The oppressiveness on him was extremely strong and pressurizing. “If there are any lies, I’ll get someone to pull your tongue out.”

The maid’s knees went weak and she knelt on the floor.

“Your Highness, M-Miss Gu was the one who made me bring her out. I didn’t agree but she insisted!”

Ye Qing’s eyes darkened as his well-defined facial features tensed into a tight line. “Why did she go out?”

He had already guessed where she had gone, but he still wanted to hear the maid’s answer.

The maid didn’t dare to hide the truth, so she answered truthfully, “She saw the live-stream of Your Highness and Princess Dai Na’s engagement.”

Ye Qing’s black eyes constricted slightly as his thin lips instantly pursed into a tight line.

The aura around him turned even colder and darker.

As he remained silent, none of the servants all dared to breathe loudly at all.

After what felt like ages, they finally heard him speak, his voice as cold as ice. “Why didn’t you inform me that she wanted to go out?”

The maid hung her head, not daring to confess that Gu Meng had something on her.

Ye Qing walked in front of the kneeling maid. Even his perfectly ironed suit pants seemed to have a sharp aura. The maid said timidly, “Miss Gu insisted on going out. She said that if I didn’t help her, she would tell you that I hurt her—”

Before the maid finished speaking, Ye Qing kicked her shoulder ruthlessly.

The maid fell on the floor in pain. She was in so much pain that even her soul was trembling, but she didn’t dare to move even an inch.

“If she’s still not telling the truth, drag her out and beat her to death!”

“Your Highness, please spare me! I’ll say it, I’ll say everything—” The maid spilled everything, from her stealing Gu Meng’s designs to her being threatened by Gu Meng, and Gu Meng seeing Ye Qing’s engagement.

Ye Qing’s expression was completely dark.

He had never known that she had suffered like this in the villa.

Ye Qing’s gaze toward the maid was filled with a hidden murderous intent.

“It seems like none of you took to heart what I said before.”

When he said this, his tone didn’t sound abnormal. However, in the quietness, he actually made people feel cold, as though a grim reaper had arrived.

The servants all knelt on the floor, begging Ye Qing for forgiveness. They swore and promised again and again that they would give their everything to serve Gu Meng from then on.

Thinking about how Gu Meng was about to give birth soon, Ye Qing thought that this timing wasn’t suitable for bloodshed and murders.

He glanced at the maid he had kicked and said coldly, “Tell me clearly who you gave the designs to!”

Jane, the jewelry designer who had gained great popularity recently in S country, rose to fame because she had designed the jewelry Princess Dai Na wore during her engagement.

Although her designs were not as beautiful as the top masters’, they were definitely filled with talent and elegance. She was indisputably a promising talent.

All sorts of honor had come one after another.

Jane’s studio had slowly become busier, and she received customized orders from countless noble ladies every day.

One of them was an order from the Royal Duchess and she wanted Jane to design her order personally.

Jane had drawn several designs, but the Duchess had not been satisfied with them.

Jane called the maid’s daughter, Ah Cai, over.

“Do you have any good designs recently?”

Ah Cai shook her head. Seeing Jane’s expression darken, she nodded again. “I only have a design my mother stole. How about you see if it’s suitable?”

“Bring it here for me to see.”

Ah Cai opened her phone. “It’s this.”

“Alright. Print it out and give it to me.”

Ah Cai printed the design and handed it to Jane. Then, she handed a resignation letter to Jane as well. “Sister Jane, my mother was caught stealing the designs. I can’t supply you with any more designs. This is my resignation letter.”

Jane took Ah Cai’s resignation letter and glanced at it. Her lips tugged. “If you resign, not only will you lose your allowance, neither will you have your salary for this month. Are you sure you want to resign? Ah Cai, from what I see, the woman your mother has been stealing the designs from is rather stupid. Tell your mother to ask her if she’s willing to become my gunner.”

Before Ah Cai could say anything, Jane’s assistant ran over hurriedly. “Sister Jane, you’re trending.”

Jane took the design that Ah Cai had just printed out and took a careful look at it. She was indifferent about the assistant’s words. “What’s so shocking about it? I’m the hottest designer in the jewelry industry recently. Isn’t it very normal for me to be trending?”

Seeing that the assistant’s expression wasn’t right, Ah Cai silently moved away.

The assistant ignored Ah Cai and said in a panic, “Sister Jane, you didn’t trend this time because your works were being praised. It’s because…”

Staring at her stuttering assistant, Jane interrupted her impatiently with furrowed eyebrows. “Because of what?”

The assistant glanced around the office and lowered her voice. “Someone placed a CCTV in your office. Your conversation with Ah Cai earlier has been posted online.”


Instantly, Jane was shocked and distraught. She stood up from her chair and walked out of the office with large strides before calling for the technicians.

Not long after, the technician found a hidden CCTV in her office.

Jane logged onto her Weibo and saw that she was on several trending lists. All of them were negative topics.

There were all sorts of scoldings, criticisms and disdain… The height she was praised to before was how badly she had fallen now!

Jane’s expression was completely dark and her eyes were red. She was trembling from head to toe. “It must be Ah Cai! She dared to betray me?!” Jane took out her phone to call Ah Cai, but she was told that Ah Cai’s phone had been turned off.

Jane’s reputation had been completely shattered.

Her studio had gone bankrupt as well.

Everyone who had sought her out for custom-made jewelry had asked to terminate their contract. Some had even asked for double the compensation.

With the situation suddenly taking such a turn, Jane felt that the lowly Ah Cai wouldn’t have had such abilities to use such methods.

Jane’s incident had also implicated Dai Na.

Dai Na was the guide of the fashion industry. The clothes and jewelry she wore had always been pursued and sought after by people.

However, with Jane’s incident, she hadn’t discovered that Jane’s designs had been stolen in time, and she had even worn a stolen design for her engagement. That made many people think that Dai Na was all looks and no brains, and that she was only an empty flower vase. Some even felt that she didn’t deserve their Third Prince.

Seeing the comments online, Dai Na was so angry that she slapped Jane ruthlessly.

“How do you get things done? If you copied others, don’t you know how to wipe your butt cleaner?!”

Even after being slapped, Jane didn’t dare to be unhappy with Dai Na. She only dared to complain in her mind. When she had been hesitating on whether to steal and copy the designs, hadn’t Dai Na been the one to say that it was fine?

Now that something had happened, Dai Na was blaming everything on her.

However, Dai Na was a Princess and she was merely her follower. She wouldn’t dare say anything.