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Chapter 1469: You’re a Normal Man, Don’t You Have Any Sexual Desires?

The man who had caught her had bright eyes, a handsome face and the diamond earring on his right ear was shining in the sun.

Fu Cheng.

The boss who had brought Gu Meng into the world of jewelry design.

After she got pregnant, she followed him to work in Wen City. He took care of her a lot and later, when Ye Qing found out that she was pregnant, she was forced to resign. At that time, Fu Cheng did not quite understand and had an argument with her.

They had not been in touch since.

Gu Meng blinked. “Brother Fu?”

After Fu Cheng helped Gu Meng to stand up properly, he released her and sized her up. There was no sarcastic expression on his face. “I knew you would be like this.”

Gu Meng held her stomach with both hands, slightly embarrassed and ashamed. “I-I’m sorry for letting you see that.”

Shaking his head, Fu Cheng raised his hand and flicked at Gu Meng’s forehead. He did not use much strength and he glared at her with his face tensed. “Why are you so stupid? Looking at your child’s father getting engaged to another woman. I really want to scold you until you wake up.”

Gu Meng covered her face, spreading her fingers open slightly and looked at Fu Cheng through the tiny gap. “Don’t scold me anymore. I’m already awake and don’t have any other hopes.”

The chauffeur and servant ran over and were both on guard when they saw Gu Meng and Fu Cheng talking.

“Miss Gu, it’s time to go back.”

It was time to return. Gu Meng did not want to make it difficult for the chauffeur and the servant. If she did not go back, they would suffer if Ye Qing found out. Moreover, he was powerful and it was hard for her to escape with such a big belly.

“I want to talk with my friend for a while more. Wait for me in the car first.”

After the chauffeur and servant got into the car, Gu Meng looked at Fu Cheng. “I will leave after the baby is born.”

“It’s hard to carry the baby for ten months and you can’t even raise him after giving birth to him. How silly are you?”

Hearing this, Gu Meng laughed at herself. “I’m really silly. I overestimated myself so I ended up like this.”

When Fu Cheng looked at her pale face, he really did not want to say anything more to make her feel bad. “I’ll be in the Capital for the time being. You remember my phone number, right? Call me after you have given birth and I’ll take you away from this godforsaken place.”

Although his tone was still a little fierce, there was still a warm feeling surging out from Gu Meng’s heart.

“Thank you.”

“I just can’t bear the sight of that man. When he was still Ah Dai, if it wasn’t for you, would he have lived till today? The whole village doesn’t like him and you were the only one who foolishly treated him well. Now that he has recovered his status, he abandoned you so easily. Even if he begs you on his knees in the future, don’t ever like such a man anymore.”

“Mm, I won’t like him anymore.”

Before, she thought that there was no time limit to love someone, and that she could love someone all her life. Later, she found out that she was too naive.

After saying goodbye to Fu Cheng, Gu Meng returned to the car. Until the car left, she did not look at the big screen again.

In the banquet hall.

Nan Zhi, Mu Sihan, the Queen and others were sitting at the same table.

Ye Qing and Dai Na had come to toast. There was a happy smile on Dai Na’s face.

Although this was a marriage between the two countries, the two protagonists had not cultivated their feelings for each other. If anything, this was just a political union based on mutual needs, but Dai Na was still happy.

Because she liked Ye Qing.

She grew up in the Royal family and had never wanted for anything. But she was told when she was very young that she could not decide her marriage herself. Since young, she did not have much hope for marriage.

But then she met Ye Qing, a man she fell in love with at first sight.

Perhaps her life had been too smooth as she was able to get everything she wanted. After meeting Ye Qing, his indifference to her aroused her desire to conquer him.

The colder he was, the more enthusiastic she was.

One day, the ice would be melted by the fire.

The engagement ceremony between the two countries was a serious event. There were too many benefits involved. After the engagement, the next step was to get married.

There was no chance for both of them to regret anything. Unless they disregard the interests of their countries.

When Ye Qing and Dai Na went to the next table, Nan Zhi looked at Mu Sihan beside her and murmured softly, “Although you are brothers, your personalities are really different.”

Mu Sihan could give up everything for love. He would destroy everything if anyone stopped him from getting his beloved woman.

Ye Qing was the opposite.

Perhaps like what Mu Sihan had said, Ye Qing had grown up in the Royal family and received a different education and had different ideas. His marriage was to contribute to the interests of the nation.

Love? It was secondary, if it even existed at all. He was calm and restrained, conformed to rules and regulations, and Nan Zhi could not say whether it was a good thing or not.

As a Queen, it was good that Ye Qing was sacrificing his marriage for the development of the country. But as a woman, she could understand Mengmeng’s feelings. Mengmeng must be sad and in despair after Ye Qing had given up on her.

Nan Zhi lowered her eyes and sighed in her heart. She did not know if Ye Qing would regret it if he remembered Ah Dai’s memories one day in the future.

After a busy day.

Dai Na, who was used to wearing high heels, could not bear it anymore. Back at Ye Qing’s palace, Dai Na took off her shoes and stepped barefoot on the soft and luxurious carpet.

The butler had already taken her luggage from the hotel and hung her clothes in the cloakroom. Dai Na went to take a bath in the bathroom and then put on her custom-made silk pajamas.

Sitting in front of the vanity, Dai Na looked at the woman with the beautiful facial features in the mirror. She applied skincare products, sprayed perfume and after making sure she was flawless, she lay in bed and waited for Ye Qing to come.

It was nearly 11 p.m when Ye Qing finally came.

In the evening, the leaders of the two countries had a meal together and he had drunk a lot of wine.

The butler helped him into the room. When the butler saw Dai Na on the bed, he did not go in further. “Your Highness, I’ll go out first.”

After the butler left, Ye Qing entered the room. He glanced at Dai Na on the bed, walked into the cloakroom and came out with his clothes.

As she waited expectantly, Dai Na thought he was going to take a bathrobe and have a bath, but… what was he doing? Confusion was apparent on her face when she saw him carrying a bag as if he was about to go out.

Dai Na’s expression changed and she quickly got out of the bed. When he was about to open the door, she rushed over and held him from behind.

“Brother Ye Qing, it’s already so late. Where are you going?” Dai Na did not expect that he would leave and stay somewhere else after they were engaged.

Dai Na was not wearing much and when she held him, her exposed soft skin was clinging to his back. Ye Qing frowned and a sense of disgust rose from his heart. He pulled away Dai Na’s hands that were around his waist. “We have already talked over this. This marriage exists only in name. Princess, don’t cross the line.”

A shiver went down her spine at his cold words.

When she agreed to his request, it was only a plot to gain time. She liked him and wanted to be his princess consort. She agreed to whatever he put forward, but she did not intend to follow it all the time. After becoming his princess consort, she could not stay alone all her life.

Besides, with her beauty, she did not believe that any man could be a saint.

Dai Na went around Ye Qing, wrapping her hands around his neck like a snake. “Brother Ye Qing, you’re a normal man. Don’t you have any sexual desires?”