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Chapter 1468: The Scene That Hurt Her Eyes

Gu Meng stood at the door of the servant’s room. There was no expression on her face and she looked at the servants gloomily.

The servant’s heart was trembling with fear. Lowering her head, she followed Gu Meng to the room upstairs.

As Gu Meng looked at the servant who did not dare to look at her, she asked, “You were packing just now?”

The servant’s legs trembled and almost knelt down again. “Didn’t you tell His Highness that I stole your design drafts? I’m sure I can’t stay here any longer.”

A cold smirk appeared on Gu Meng’s lips. “Do you think you still can pack and leave if I told him? Even if he only regards me as a tool for giving birth, he will still punish you if you make me unhappy!”

The servant looked at Gu Meng with a pale face. There was no emotion on Gu Meng’s face, but her expressionless appearance made people feel afraid.

“T-Then… what do you want?” The servant stammered.

Gu Meng felt terrible that all her hard work the past few months was copied by others. But what could she do now? Tell Ye Qing and ask him to stand up for her? The thought was even ludicrous to her own ears.

No, she really did not want to ask him for anything.

She did not want to compare who was more important in his heart, her or Dai Na? Besides, what was the point? In the end, there was nothing to compare. After all, he was about to get engaged to Dai Na.

“I’m going out the day after tomorrow.” Gu Meng looked at the servant.

The servant shivered when she heard Gu Meng’s words. “Miss Gu, His Highness asked you to stay here to rest. You can’t go out!”

“Don’t you go out to buy groceries every day? You’ll find a way. If you can let me out, I won’t pursue the matter of you stealing my design drafts.”

Still the servant shook her head, her face pale. “If His Highness finds out that I took you out, he will surely kill me.”

“It’s not like I won’t be coming back after going out, just don’t let him know. If you don’t agree, I’ll pursue that matter to the end and you and your daughter will be thrown in jail.”

After the servant left, Gu Meng lay on the bed.

Putting her hands on her bulging belly, she lay on her side and was unable to fall asleep. She could not lie flat to sleep because of her big stomach and could only sleep better on her left side.

No one knew how she survived the long night. She was so miserable that she wanted to be rid of everything here quickly!

By nature, Gu Meng was a stubborn person. She did not want to hear from others things that she had not seen for herself.

On that day, the servant went out to buy groceries in the morning. She sent the chauffeur away and had Gu Meng hide in the boot. Like that, Gu Meng left the villa successfully.

When they arrived at the market, the servant opened the boot and Gu Meng came out. The chauffeur’s expression changed when he saw Gu Meng. He wanted to call Ye Qing’s secretary immediately.

Gu Meng took the chauffeur’s phone and said, “You’re also responsible for letting me get out of the villa. The two of you will listen to me today and I won’t make it difficult for you. I’ll go back when it’s time.”

Under Gu Meng’s coercion and threats, the chauffeur had to submit.

Gu Meng asked the chauffeur to take her to the tallest mall in the Capital where there was a huge LED screen on the building.

There were many people standing in the square, who had come to watch the engagement of the Third Highness and Princess of Y Country on the screen.

This engagement banquet was in preparation for several months and it was very luxurious.

The engagement banquet was held in the Royal banquet hall. Dai Na had been staying in a seven-star hotel before the engagement. The road from the hotel to the Royal banquet was blocked and there were guards with guns on both sides of the road.

More than a dozen Rolls-Royce Phantoms were lined up in a long line to pick up Princess Dai Na from the hotel. The banquet hall was full of people with respectable statuses and the designated TV station was broadcasting it live.

Gu Meng got out of the car and stood in the square with the crowd. Many people cheered at the sight of Dai Na coming down from the luxurious car.

“Princess Dai Na is so beautiful!”

“The Princess and Third Highness are so compatible!”

“Yes, though it’s different to a fairy tale ending for Cinderella with no background to marry into the Royal family. Before the Queen was acknowledged by the Helian family, she was not accepted by the Royal family.”

Gu Meng turned a deaf ear to the cacophony of voices around her as she stared at the engagement venue without blinking. Dai Na was wearing a long white dress and her ears, neck and wrists were adorned with shining jewelry.

When Gu Meng saw that set of jewelry, she felt a piercing pain in her eyes that stung with unshed tears.

How ironic…

She drew that set of jewelry in hopes that a pair of lovers would live happily ever after. She did not expect that one day, that set of jewelry would be worn by Dai Na for her engagement to Ye Qing.

Such a grand wedding must have been prepared for months, just like what the servants had said. And the past few months, he would come to the villa and interact with her freely, and held her to sleep at night.

He did not even disclose at all that he was about to get engaged.

How on earth did he manage to get along with her while preparing for the engagement party?

Men had always been very clear about sex and love, but women could not be like that. With sex there was love and with love, there would be sex.

The live broadcast then turned to the banquet hall.

Ye Qing was wearing a tailored black suit and a white shirt with a blue-striped tie underneath. His hair was styled, showing his beautiful forehead and there was not much expression on his well-defined face. It remained cold and indifferent.

Dai Na walked slowly to his side.

Today, the weather in the Capital was very good. The sky was blue and the clouds white. Even as the golden rays of sunlight fell on Gu Meng, she did not feel the warmth, she only felt extremely cold.

Her beautiful clear eyes were fixed on the huge screen. The scene where the man put the ring on the woman’s middle finger, she felt cold all over and the sounds and scenes around her seemed to turn black and white, moving away quickly, like a scrambling kaleidoscope of images. On the side she stood alone, as if on a deserted island, facing the wind and waves, the ups and the downs.

All alone…

The engagement ceremony went well.

The man lowered his head and kissed Dai Na on the face.

Heart clenching, Gu Meng closed her eyes. She thought she would cry, but her face was dry and there were no tears at all.

Wrapping her hands around her slender shoulders, the despair and numbness in her chest gradually dissipated.

She did not want to see it anymore.

She turned to leave.

All of a sudden, she felt her head spinning. Her body swayed and she fell uncontrollably towards the ground.

Scared to death, the chauffeur and servant almost fainted when they saw that she was going to fall to the ground from the car. They quickly got out of the car and tried to catch Gu Meng, but it was too late.

Just as Gu Meng was about to fall to the ground, a pair of strong arms reached out.

Gu Meng fell into the man’s strong chest. Her fan-like eyelashes fluttering, she slowly opened her eyes and looked at the man who was holding her in his arms.