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Chapter 1467: He Was Marrying Another Woman

The man’s voice was deep and magnetic.

Before Gu Meng’s cell phone was confiscated, she would see him appearing in the trending topic from time to time. Many netizens said that his voice was so good that it could cause eargasms.

Perhaps she had listened to it so many times that she had become numb to it, but she did not feel that it was sexy and pleasant to hear. It was cold-blooded and indifferent.

Gu Meng slowly raised her head and looked at him quietly. Her lips were pursed tightly and she remained silent.

Seeing that she did not speak, Ye Qing frowned. “There are still five weeks to go before your delivery. I’ll ask the obstetrician to come in a few days…”

Before Ye Qing could finish, Gu Meng interrupted him. “Let’s do a C-section when I’m in my 37th week!”

Ye Qing’s well-defined face darkened. He looked at her with his eyes cold and there was a frightening aura around him that made people shudder.

The atmosphere in the room became cold immediately.

Pursing his lips into a tight line, Ye Qing went to the cabinet, took a cigarette and lighter, and lit it.

After she got pregnant, he seldom smoked in front of her. But at this moment, his throat was itching badly and his lung felt uncomfortable. He needed the taste of nicotine.

As he sat on the bench at the end of the bed, the cigarette between his fingertips and the curl of smoke blurred the fierce outlines of his face. He stared at her coldly with sharp eyes.

There was a faint warning in his low and cold voice.

Gu Meng looked at his deep and slender cold eyes and dug her fingernails into her palms. “I want to quickly give birth to the baby and leave as soon as possible.”

She was incredibly calm, it could even be said that she was calm to the point of being tranquil.

When she first learned that she was pregnant, the amount of happiness and joy she felt was how discouraged she felt now!

She had not gone anywhere the past few months she was brought to the villa to rest. She had stayed here every day and could see the sky outside, but she was like a bird with broken wings. She could only look at the blue sky, but could not fly out.

She had no idea what she felt about the baby in her stomach.

She could not fight him. When the baby is born, he would be leaving her, his mother.

There would be no feelings for her when he grew up. She did not dare to pour more feelings on the child as she was afraid that she would be too sad and reluctant to leave.

Ye Qing looked at Gu Meng and his eyes darkened.

Blowing out a mouthful of smoke, he suppressed his emotions. “I asked the doctor and was told that pregnant women in the late stages of pregnancy are prone to emotional instability. I will stay in the Capital and come here whenever I have the time.”

Gu Meng looked at his indifferent face. “I’m serious. Third Prince, I feel tormented every minute and every second I’m here. I feel like I’m going to suffocate, so please have some pity on me, okay?”

Her tone was calm, aggrieved and there was also a trace of pleading in it. Ye Qing lowered his thick eyelashes and raised them again. His eyes turned dark and his gaze swept across her face like knives.

Her arched eyebrows, beautiful almond-shaped eyes, small and delicate nose, lips that had turned red from her biting it… It was a face he was obviously familiar with, but he felt that it was extremely unfamiliar.

“What kind of attitude are you using to talk to me?” He was used to being high above and her tone made his eyes turn cold.

Gu Meng’s blood was rolling in her body, her heart was clenched tightly and the feeling of suffocation became greater. Biting her lip, she tried to hold it down, but her tone was still cold. “Do you think I’m not pathetic enough? Do you want me to get down on my knees when I talk to you?”

Ye Qing flicked the cigarette ash. “I’m not here to fight with you.”

His indifferent attitude made Gu Meng’s eyes turn red. Then he stood up from the bench and his tall body came towards Gu Meng. He looked down at her, the emotions in his eyes unreadable. “I won’t stop you if you want to leave, but doing a C-section at 37 weeks is dangerous. Remember, I won’t allow anything to happen to the child.”

Gu Meng bit her lip. She wanted to speak, but could only clench her jaw. Under his domineering attitude and cold eyes, Gu Meng’s eyes filled with tears.

Ye Qing looked at her as he stood by the side, unmoved.

But Gu Meng was also a stubborn person. Her lips had turned red from biting it and the tears swimming in her eyes did not fall from her eyes.

Stubbing out the cigarette in the ashtray, Ye Qing went to the cloakroom to change his clothes. When he came out, he glanced at Gu Meng, who was sitting by the bed. “Take care of your body and the baby. If you continue to think too much, the consequences are not something that you can bear.”

With a swish of his coat, he was gone. Soon enough, the sound of the car leaving could be heard.

Thud. Gu Meng sat on the bed and her chest felt stuffy. She was here without any freedom. If she wanted to go out for a breather, she could only hope.

She looked down at her bulging stomach. Perhaps the little fellow felt her sadness as he kicked her stomach a few times.

Gu Meng lowered her eyes and put her hand on her belly, saying softly, “I’m sorry, I can only carry you in me and give birth to you, but I can’t raise you and watch you grow up.”

It was not that she did not love him, but that she did not dare to love him.

However, this was her flesh and blood. Even if she said that she did not love him, but how could she not love him in her heart!

Gu Meng stayed in the room for a long time.

Coming out of the room, she went downstairs. She arrived at the servant’s room and was about to knock on the door when she heard the servant who stole her design drafts talking about her with another servant.

“How could you do such a stupid thing? And why would you say those harsh words to Miss Gu?”

“I blurted it out when I saw how cold-blooded and merciless she looked.”

“Miss Gu is actually really nice. She is quite pitiful. I don’t think she is happy here at all.”

“If she was not vain, she would not be giving birth to His Highness’s child. She is indeed pitiful. After all, His Highness will soon be engaged to the Princess from Y Country.”

“Where did you hear that? How come I hadn’t heard about it?”

“My daughter’s boss is the designer Princess Dai Na likes. I heard that all the jewelry she will be wearing at the engagement party is designed by her. I also heard from my daughter’s conversation with her boss that news of their engagement hasn’t been released to the public yet. It’s said that it will be released only on the day of the engagement, and it will be live-streamed all over the world.”

“I didn’t expect His Highness to be getting engaged to the Princess from Y Country. No wonder he did not allow Miss Gu to use her cell phone or watch TV. Anyone who saw it would feel awful!”

“Yes, and it’s the day after tomorrow!”

“So fast?”

“No, I heard that they’ve already been planning it for several months.”

The two servants wanted to say something more when the door was pushed open. Seeing Gu Meng standing outside, their expressions changed.

“M-Miss Gu?”

Gu Meng looked solemnly at the servant who had stolen her design draft. “Come out, I have something to tell you.”