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Chapter 1466: He Was Back

Gu Meng looked at Jane’s latest work and there were several sets of jewelry that were similar to hers. It only differed in some minor details.

She could see at one glance that it was her design.

It was impossible that there would be two different designers in the world who would draw the same designs. As she stayed in the villa every day, every work of hers was drawn when she had an inspiration.

Gu Meng was 100 percent certain that someone had plagiarized her work.

But how?

Turning off the cell phone, Gu Meng sat on the bed with her hands and feet cold. Her work had been copied and it should be someone in the villa who had done it.

After calming down, she went to the door.

Gu Meng opened the door and looked at the two servants outside. “Prepare dinner for me. I had a dream just now and have some inspiration. I’m going to the garden to draw some designs before eating.”

An hour later, the servant went to the garden to call Gu Meng for dinner.

Gu Meng got up with her design draft.

After dinner, Gu Meng went for a walk before returning to her room. By then, the servant had filled the bathtub for her.

This time when Gu Meng went into the bathroom, she did not take off her clothes. Instead, she pricked up her ears and listened to the movements outside.

After a while, the servant who had filled the bath came back.

Glancing at the bathroom, she guessed that Gu Meng had taken off her clothes and was taking a bath, so she walked quickly to the bedside.

Opening the bedside drawer, she took out Gu Meng’s design book. Turning to the page with Gu Meng’s latest design draft, the servant took out her camera to take photos of it.

Just then, the bathroom door was opened.

Gu Meng, with her huge belly, stood at the door of the bathroom and looked at the servant without blinking.

The servant was so scared that her camera fell to the ground. Gu Meng walked over, picked up the camera and looked at the pictures inside.

It was all her drawings of her designs.

The servant’s hands and feet had turned cold from fear and her face had turned pale.

With a thump, the servant knelt down and said in a trembling voice, “Miss Gu, I just think that your drawings are beautiful. I-I didn’t do anything else. You…”

Gu Meng looked at the frightened servant. “Since you didn’t do anything else, why are you so afraid? What’s more, all the designs you’ve taken pictures of have gone on sale and have become hot items, haven’t they?”

The servant’s eyes turned wide. She did not know how Gu Meng knew. On second thought, the Cen girl came to see her today and she probably told her.

The look in the servant’s eyes became even more flustered. Although Gu Meng was just a tool to give the Third Highness a child, the servant could not afford to offend her.

The servant kowtowed to Gu Meng in panic. “Miss Gu, please don’t tell His Highness about this. I know I’m in the wrongー”

Gu Meng’s expression showed a little tiredness. “Why did you steal my design draft? Who told you to do this? If you don’t tell me the truth, we’ll just wait for the Third Prince to come and you can say it then.”

The servant shivered from fear. “At first, I found Miss Gu’s draft in the bin. My daughter also studied jewelry design and I think that Miss Gu’s drawings are so beautiful, so I wanted to bring it back for her to get some inspiration. Who knew she took the draft to the company and her boss saw it. Her boss thought my daughter drew it and asked her to give it to her.

“Her boss modified Miss Gu’s draft and then took it as her own. She gave my daughter a promotion and a raise and asked her to draw a better design draft for her.

“Miss Gu, my husband is in poor health and needs money to see the doctor. My daughter has only just entered the workforce. She has no experience and can’t stand the temptation. The drafts she drew were not satisfactory to her boss and she is under great stress…”

Gu Meng continued from the servant’s words, with a hint of coolness and sarcasm in her voice, “Your daughter can’t draw, so she asked you to steal my design drafts. As a mother, you actually held the candle for the devil. Are you going to say that your family is so pitiful and I just lost a few design drafts, so it doesn’t matter at all?”

All the words the servant wanted to say were finished by Gu Meng. For a while, she did not know what to say. Shaking her head in disappointment, Gu Meng continued, “Do you know that these are all my hard work and effort? And that it took me months to draw these designs?”

“Miss Gu, I was wrong. Forgive me this time and please don’t tell His Highness. If he knows, my daughter’s life will be ruined!” The servant turned pale and kowtowed to Gu Meng.

Gu Meng turned her head, not looking at the servant.

The servant’s forehead was red from kowtowing. She raised her head to look at Gu Meng. Seeing her expressionless face and that she seemed determined to tell the Third Highness, the servant looked indignant and said as if she had nothing to lose, “Miss Gu, I didn’t expect you to be so cold-blooded and merciless. Now you are pregnant with the Third Highness’s child and he may stand up for you. After you have given birth to the child, you’re nothing and you will be worse than a servant!

“Although the servants in this villa usually circle around you and listen to you, in private, no one really thinks highly of you. We earn money by our own hands. But you, on the other hand, sold your body!”

Hearing those callous words, Gu Meng’s face was drained of blood. Looking back at the servant, her eyelashes fluttered. She could not refute the servant’s words.

In the end… Wasn’t she just a tool for giving birth now?

The sound of a car’s engine sounded downstairs, and the servant’s face turned even paler when she heard it.

Trembling, she kowtowed to Gu Meng several more times. “Miss Gu, my words are too harsh. I shouldn’t have said that to you. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Please give me another chance. You can’t let His Highness know about this. Pleaー”

Gu Meng sat on the bed and waved her hand. “Get out!”

“Miss Gu…”

“I asked you to go out!”

The servant did not know if Gu Meng would tell the Third Highness, but the Third Highness was about to come up, so she could not stay in this room.

Lowering her head, the servant exited the room. As soon as she went out, she saw a tall and handsome figure coming up the stairs.

Ye Qing was wearing a white shirt with excellent texture and impeccable black suit pants. He was unbuttoning his extravagant cufflinks as he went up the stairs. He rolled up his sleeves slightly with an innate cold and noble air to him.

The servant lowered her head and did not dare to look at Ye Qing.

Ye Qing pushed open the bedroom door and went in.

It had almost been a month since he had last visited as he had been busy with both official and private affairs.

Gu Meng was sitting in the bed, her stomach looking like it had grown slightly bigger. She had cut her hair short and there was a heavy and melancholy look on her face.

It seemed like he had not seen a bright smile on her face for a long time.

It was as if she had not seen him and he did not speak. Taking his bathrobe, he went into the bathroom.

After taking his bath, he came out with his bathrobe loosely tied, as if it was going to open up anytime. He looked at the woman who was still sitting in the same posture as when he arrived.

“What are you thinking about?”