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Chapter 1464: She Slapped Him

Looking at the woman who had kissed him on her initiative, Qiao Yanze shivered. Feeling agitated, he held tightly to her slender waist.

As soon as her lips touched him, he deepened the kiss and melded their lips together into one. Wrapping her hands around his lean waist, her pink lips opened slightly. He kissed deeply, as if he wanted to burn her into his body and soul.

All the while, her heart had been thumping crazily and the feeling of happiness and sweetness rushed to her heart in endless waves.

She did not know if she was dreaming at this moment. If it was just a dream, she wanted to never wake up from it.

There were countless images in her mind. She did not know when she had started to like him. Perhaps it was the moment she saw him when he saved her from the desert bandits and she fell in love.

The countless heartaches, resentment and losses she had experienced had turned into sweet pink bubbles at this moment.

Hot tears gushed out from her eyes again.

Those were sweet and happy tears.

The carousel was still turning romantically. Tang Xi and the others watched the man and woman kissing each other on the wooden horse ride, and those who were not married had an impulse to find a woman, those that were married wanted to go back home to hug their wives as soon as possible.

Such a scene made them envious, but there was no hate behind it. After all, they were all happy for Qiao Yanze.

“Young Master Tang, this is so beautiful. You need to quickly find a woman and settle down! Next time when you propose to her, you can use the same method. It’s guaranteed to work!”

“If I want to propose, I’ll just throw a ring and the woman will be grateful.”

“Just keep boasting. Everyone knows that the goddess you like is going to get married.”

“F*ck, do you want to die!” Tang Xi cracked his knuckles. “If it wasn’t for Third Brother’s successful proposal tonight, I would have beaten you up.”

The cheers and shouts at Tang Xi’s side were so loud that no one noticed Qing Yan standing in a slightly dark area.

She had been working overtime recently and on her way home in the evening, she saw Qiao Yanze’s luxurious convoy and she asked the taxi driver to follow them.

When she saw the man and woman kissing sweetly together, there was a trace of envy in her eyes. How could any girl not be envious of such a scene?

It was romantic and beautiful.

The next day, in the detention center.

Qing Yan pulled some strings and met with Qiao Yanxuan. He was dressed in a prison uniform and was brought out by the guard. His hair had been cut to a crew cut and there was some stubble on his chin, his neat hairstyle showing his face completely. It did not look strange and there was a sharp edge to his handsomeness.

He did not look like a vicious criminal at all.

Qing Yan came today meticulously dressed up. She wore a white turtleneck with a red coat over it and red lipstick on her lips. Her wavy long hair was gathered and spread over one side of her shoulders and her exquisite facial features looked even more noble and cold.

There was a sharp contrast between the two of them.

Qiao Yanxuan knew that she had done it on purpose.

He sat quietly opposite her. Although he was detained here, he did not seem down-and-out at all and even seemed a little proud and indifferent.

Qing Yan lifted her lips slowly.

Seeing her smile, Qiao Yanxuan felt bewildered. “What are you smiling at?”

“As far as I know, your grandmother may not be able to wake up. If she can’t, you have to be locked up here. To be honest, I’m quite happy.”

The expression on Qiao Yanxuan’s handsome face changed instantly and his bloodshot eyes seemed redder. “Qing Yan, that year, you had an affair behind my back and got pregnant with another man’s child. How can you still have the face to appear in front of me?

“Does Qiao Yanze know that you have a child?”

Compared with Qiao Yanxuan’s agitated mood, Qing Yan was much calmer. There was no emotion on her cold face and she said flatly, “He won’t find out.”

“Ha.” Qiao Yanxuan’s handcuffed hands clenched into fists, the vein on the back of his hand protruding. But soon, he calmed down again. “You’re a cheap slut!”

“You’re not much better.”

Qiao Yanxuan laughed at Qing Yan’s words and licked the corner of his lips. He and Qiao Yanze looked alike, when they smiled, their handsome faces would look devilish. “Qing Yan, you’d better pray that I’ll be locked here all my life, or else you’ll be miserable when I get out.”

“I’m looking forward to it!” Standing up, Qing Yan suddenly slapped Qiao Yanxuan’s face with lightning-fast speed. “You’re such a pitiful creature!”

Qiao Yanxuan’s ears were buzzing from that slap. He stood up with a fierce glint in his eyes and wanted to chase after Qing Yan, but the guards quickly pressed him down. “Behave yourself!”

Qiao Yanxuan poked at his burning cheek with the tip of his tongue, his red eyes turning extremely dark.

After Qiao Yanze’s successful proposal, they invited Qing Yan for a meal. Qiao Yanze and Cen Xi were very grateful to Qing Yan. Without her, they might not have made up so quickly.

They arrived at the restaurant and after waiting for a long time, Qing Yan had still not arrived.

“I’ll go have a look at the entrance,” Qiao Yanze said.

Cen Xi was ordering food and she nodded. “Okay.”

Qiao Yanze went to the door and saw Qing Yan getting off a taxi in a hurry after a few minutes. She walked quickly to the restaurant while talking on the phone. As she had her head lowered, she did not notice a little boy coming over on a scooter.

Qiao Yanze frowned and called out to her, “Qing Yan, be careful!”

Although Qing Yan looked up, it was too late to back away and she collided with the little boy.

Both of them fell to the ground.

Qing Yan ignored her scraped palms and quickly helped the little boy. “Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?”

The little boy was wearing knee pads and was not hurt. He only shook his head. “I’m okay.”

“Good.” Qing Yan breathed a sigh of relief.

After the little boy left, Qiao Yanze helped Qing Yan up and seeing her bag on the ground, he bent to pick it up for her.

Some things had fallen out of her bag, including a small notebook. Qiao Yanze was about to put it back into the bag when he caught a glimpse of a picture slotted in between the notebook.

It was a picture of a little boy.

Qiao Yanze was slightly stunned when he saw the boy’s face clearly.

A fair and slender hand reached over and took the notebook away. “Yanze, let’s go in!”

Qiao Yanze walked behind Qing Yan. He looked at her back, frowning slightly with a thoughtful expression on his face.

In the afternoon.

Qiao Yanze had something on and Cen Xi happened to be free. She made pastries and brought them to the villa Gu Meng was resting in.

Now it was more and more difficult to see Gu Meng. Before entering, she had to hand in her cell phone at the gatekeeper’s office and had to be scanned by a scanner.

Although Gu Meng had the best food and accommodation here, what difference did it have from jail?

After getting permission to go in, Cen Xi went into the villa with the pastries.