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Chapter 1463: Marriage Proposal (2)

Cen Xi’s slender fingers tightly grasped the coat that was wrapped around her body.

Her heart was beating wildly in her chest. She had a kind of premonition about what he wanted to do but she couldn’t help but be pulled along with him. Lowering her eyes, she asked with her ears feeling hot, “Can I change my clothes first…”

Before she could finish, he lifted her soft body from the ground. Cen Xi gave a small squeak and struggled in his arms. The man looked down at her. “Be good.”

His voice was deep and husky. She did not know what kind of spell she was under, but she really snuggled into his arms and did not move.

He carried her to the sports car in the middle.

He then drove the car personally.

There were a total of 31 sports cars because March 1st was her birthday.

Tang Xi drove in front, leading the convoy, followed by some young men who were on good terms with Qiao Yanze. Each sports car was priceless.

How spectacular they looked, driving out from the villa in a neat row!

As they drove to the city, pedestrians and other drivers all stayed away when they saw such a magnificent and shocking scene. If they ran into any one of the cars, they could not afford to pay even if they sold themselves!

There were a lot of pedestrians gathered on the road. They had never seen 31 luxurious sports cars driving past like this before.

Moreover, when they got to the downtown area, they had retracted the roofs of their cars and with Tang Xi in the lead, the group of young men started singing love songs.

Cen Xi did not know whether to laugh or cry.

The man beside her used to be a playful person. Sports cars, planes, tanks, he had played them all. Although he had become steady in character after experiencing major changes, he would still be as wild and uninhibited as before when he felt happy.

When Tang Xi and the rest sang the love songs, he sang along with them. Moving his body left and right as he drove, he did not look mature and arrogant at all!

This group of crazy men!

The smile on your face,

The truth in your eyes,

The touch of your hand,

Let me know that you need me.

His voice was deep, magnetic and sexy. A blush appeared on Cen Xi’s face. Being affected by this kind of atmosphere, she clapped her hands rhythmically and sang along with him at the climax of the song.

Seriously, this was too crazy! She had never had this kind of experience before.

After singing, she got up from her seat, leaned out and shouted into the wind. The long black hair that was spread over her shoulders flew in the wind and the smile on her face was radiant.

Under the light on both sides of the road, Qiao Yanze’s gaze on her was very deep and gentle.

After driving for some distance, Qiao Yanze handed Cen Xi a blindfold. “Put it on.”

Although Cen Xi had vaguely guessed his purpose, she still listened to him and put on the blindfold.

The car stopped after some time and Cen Xi was carried out of the car by the man. Although she could not see anything, she still felt at ease being held in his strong arms.

He walked for a distance before putting her down.

“I’ll count to three and you can take off your blindfold.” His deep and sexy voice sounded in her ear.

Cen Xi’s heart was beating wildly. “Okay.”

“One, two… three.”

Cen Xi took off the blindfold with slightly trembling fingers and opened her eyes, but it was still dark all around. The man who was standing in front of her had disappeared.

Cen Xi’s heart tightened and she subconsciously turned back to search for him.

At this moment, a gorgeous castle under the brilliant light was suddenly reflected in her eyes.

The huge projection, dazzling laser lights and dreamlike castle almost blinded Cen Xi’s eyes.

She blinked.

The next second, another light came on in another area. It was a big and gorgeous carousel.

Slow and romantic music sounded. Cen Xi saw the man sitting on the carousel, stretching out his slender hand towards her.

Cen Xi’s white teeth bit her lip hard.

She felt choked up and tears filled up her eyes.

Every girl had a dream of being a princess in their hearts. Although she was much more mature than girls of her age, she couldn’t deny that she also had a princess dream in her heart.

Sniffing, she walked slowly towards the man. He lifted her up to the wooden horse ride, then sat behind her with his long arms around her slender waist.

The carousel started to turn.

The lighting, music, structure and various distinctive artistic elements were integrated together, forming a strong visual impact and artistic enjoyment.

It was romantic, luxurious, charming and gorgeous all around. The speed in which the blood in Cen Xi’s body surged, kept accelerating and hit her heart hard like a tidal wave!

The man’s hot and sexy lips came to her ear. “Xiao Xi, marry me, hm?” When he spoke, his fresh and charming breath made her shiver and numb.

He snapped his fingers and a remote-controlled plane flew this way with a delicate box hanging on it. Taking the box in his hands, he opened it and the brilliant diamond ring was reflected in her eyes.

Although she had thought that he might propose to her, she did not expect him to propose in such a way.

Her girlish heart was so full it was about to burst!

How could she refuse? How could she refuse?

Cen Xi lowered her eyes and tears fell like a line of broken pearls. Her tears fell into her lips. It was salty, but it was very sweet in her heart.

“Beauty Cen, say yes! Third Brother is getting on his years and it’s not easy for him to propose!”

Qiao Yanze looked at Tang Xi, who was talking, and made a movement of cutting his throat. “Shut up!”

“F*ck, I was the one who put forward this proposal idea.”


“How can I have a brother like you who turns against a friend after you have no use for him!” There was a smile on Tang Xi’s face and he was not really arguing with Qiao Yanze. It was not easy for him to have come all this way and seeing that he could regain his happiness, they were all happy for him. Tang Xi took the lead in shouting, “Say yes, say yes!”

As soon as Tang Xi shouted, the other young men also shouted, “Marry him! Marry him!”

Cen Xi raised her hands and covered her face that was wet with tears and mumbled, “Why didn’t you let me change my clothes before coming?”

She should be dressed beautifully for this kind of scene!

“It doesn’t matter what you wear. What matters is that you are the most beautiful in my heart!”

Moving her hands away from her face, Cen Xi looked at the man, who was standing so close, with her eyes red, as she stretched her hand to him. “Thank you for putting in so much effort for me. Of course I will marry you!”

Cheers and shouts sounded around.

Qiao Yanze took out the ring from the box and slid it into her finger with his fingers trembling.

After putting the ring on for her, he looked at her, his slender and upturned eyes a little red. “Cen Xi, let’s live a good life in the future. You’re still young and you don’t have to worry about it if you don’t want to have a baby. I still want to spend time with just the two of us.”

Cen Xi’s long eyelashes that were wet with tears fluttered. Reaching out her slender arms, she wrapped them around his neck and kissed him.