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Chapter 1462: Marriage Proposal (1)

It was Qiao Yanze.

He was dressed quite formally today, a black knee-length tweed coat with a perfectly-ironed, tailored high-end suit inside. He was tall with long legs and had a dignified and arrogant aura all over him.

Right now, his lips were pursed tightly and there was a trace of warning in his eyes.

Cen Xi was surprised when she saw Qiao Yanze coming over.

Wasn’t he on a business trip and would only come back two days later?

When he called earlier, he said he would be having a meeting in the evening!

Why did he suddenly appear here?

When Sun Yueyue saw Qiao Yanze, she was ecstatic and could hardly restrain the smugness inside. She did not expect that God would be helping her. With Qiao Yanze here, he would be able to see Cen Xi’s true colors as a promiscuous woman.

“Young Master Qiao, this was originally a private matter of our translation department. As the saying goes, ‘Don’t wash your dirty linen in public’, but it also involves you.” Sun Yueyue approached Qiao Yanze. Having just come back from the hot spring, she was still wearing a bathing suit. Although she wore a bathrobe over it, the straps were pulled open, revealing the bathing suit inside and her full chest in front of the neckline was clearly exposed.

“Cen Xi, who works at the front desk with me, seduced our supervisor from the HR department. She wanted the supervisor to give her a promotion and when the supervisor did not agree to it, she ran out shamelessly and accused him of molesting her.”

The supervisor nodded vigorously when he heard her words. “That’s right. I have a family and even if the other party is young and beautiful, I will not do anything that will hurt my wife. Cen Xi has a problem in her conduct and I will dismiss her when we get back!”

“Young Master Qiao, I saw Cen Xi seducing you when you came to our translation department that day. Fortunately, you were not enchanted by her. I don’t know how dirty a girl with bad morals like her is!”

Qiao Yanze looked at Sun Yueyue and the HR supervisor, who were talking one after another, and then his dark eyes fell on the silent Cen Xi.

Seeing that she was only wrapped in a bath towel, with a large area of her fair and smooth skin exposed outside, his eyes darkened and he quickly took off the luxurious tweed coat with a fine texture, stepped towards Cen Xi and wrapped her slender body firmly in the coat.

Cen Xi raised her fingers and grabbed his coat as she pulled it around herself. Smelling the fresh and charming masculine scent on the coat, she felt slightly choked up. “Why are you back?”

The others were stunned seeing the natural interaction between Qiao Yanze and Cen Xi. Especially Sun Yueyue and the supervisor, who were looking at Cen Xi and Qiao Yanze in disbelief with their eyes wide.

“Let’s not talk about this first.” Qiao Yanze turned his head, his upturned eyes sweeping towards the supervisor like a sharp arrow and his handsome face turned cold in an instant. “You said that Cen Xi seduced you and wanted to rise up the ranks?”

Qiao Yanze’s cold and fierce aura shocked the supervisor. His body moved backward and his scalp turned numb.

What was the relationship between Qiao Yanze and Cen Xi? It did not seem like the relationship between them was as simple as ordinary friends.

Qiao Yanze strode up to the supervisor, clenched his fist and with a bang, swung it hard on the left side of the supervisor’s face.

The supervisor’s body moved back several steps and there was a fiery pain on his face. The left side of his face was swollen in an instant and a line of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

“Young Master Qiao, you are a man of status. How can you be unreasonable and hit someone without distinguishing from right or wrong?” The supervisor asked in fear. He was flustered after Qiao Yanze had punched him.

He had just finished speaking when Qiao Yanze punched him on the other half of his face.

Qiao Yanze lifted his lips into a cold smile. “Why bother reasoning when it can be solved with fists?” Qiao Yanze came close to the supervisor, looking at him with dark eyes. “Besides, you’re not a reasonable person either, are you?”

Sun Yueyue’s legs turned weak from fear when she saw the supervisor getting beaten up and she did not even dare to let out a breath.

The supervisor was being forced backward until his back was against the wall. Looking at Qiao Yanze, who had his fists clenched and his knuckles cracking, the supervisor had goosebumps all over his body. “Young Master Qiao, w-what do you want to do?”

“I don’t want to do anything, but I have some doubts. Cen Xi is my girlfriend so what reason does she have to seduce you? Do you think you’re better than me in any way?”


Sun Yueyue, as well as the other colleagues present, were stunned silent.

Cen Xi’s boyfriend was actually Qiao Yanze?! The Duchess in the future, but she was very low-key in the company and never flaunted herself.

Oh f*ck. The supervisor was terrified. He dared not quibble anymore because he knew that he was done for. If he still argued, the consequences would only be worse!

The supervisor raised his hand and pointed to Sun Yueyue. “She offered her body to me and wanted to implicate Cen Xi. She came up with the idea and gave me the room card. It was her!”

When she saw that the supervisor had exposed everything, Sun Yueyue’s face turned pale and she swallowed in trepidation. Trembling, she retreated backward, wanting to leave quietly, but she had just stepped back when the hair over her shoulder was grabbed from behind, and a fierce female voice rang out. “So you’re the little vixen who seduced my husband. You shameless b*tch, I’m going to rip off your face…”

The woman who had grabbed Sun Yueyue’s hair raised her hand and slapped Sun Yueyue’s beautiful face several times.

Sun Yueyue was seeing stars and dizzy from the slap. Before she could react to the pain on her face, the woman had pushed her to the ground and tore at her bathing suit, exposing her naked body to everyone.

Sun Yueyue could not beat the woman and she turned to the supervisor for help. The supervisor dared not speak up for her. Instead, he added insult to her injury. “Dear, she wanted to move up the ranks and seduced me, but I only love you. Don’t worry, I’ll fire this little vixen after I get back to work.”

Sun Yueyue’s face turned ashen.

Qiao Yanze was not interested in the drama of the wife fighting with the mistress, although he was the one who had asked Da Zuo to call the wife over. Instead, Qiao Yanze held Cen Xi’s hand and took her out.

After walking for a while, Cen Xi found that something was wrong and looked at herself. “My luggage is still in my room and I haven’t changed my clothes.”

“Don’t change yet. Come with me.”

Cen Xi did not know anything and seeing his serious expression, she had no choice but to follow him.

They arrived at the entrance of the hot spring villa. Cen Xi did not know if the power was out as it was pitch black. She was still thinking about it when two beams of light shone, followed by countless beams of light, making the surroundings as bright as day.

Squinting from all the sudden light, Cen Xi looked ahead. Countless luxurious and cool sports cars were parked at the entrance in a heart shape formation. All the lights of the car were on and it was a shocking sight in the dark night.

Cen Xi’s thick eyelashes blinked and she was a little confused. “W-What are you doing?”

“Get in the car. I’m taking you somewhere.”

Cen Xi looked at the man’s charming upturned eyes and her heart was suddenly beating uncontrollably fast.