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Chapter 1461: Cen Xi’s Boyfriend

Cen Xi’s heart was beating wildly. She was afraid yet felt slightly thrilled. Her hands were on his shoulders and she did not know whether to push or wrap them around him.

Click, click, click. The crisp sound of high heels stepping on the smooth floor sounded.

Cen Xi was shocked and pushed the man away quickly. “Go quickly!”

When Qiao Yanze saw Cen Xi’s guilty expression, he was amused. “Is it so shameful for your boyfriend to be seen?”

“No, we’ll make it public when I get promoted on my own ability.”

“I haven’t had enough kissing. I’ll punish you at night.”

Cen Xi turned red in the face.

Sun Yueyue came over with the water and saw Qiao Yanze’s hand moving away from Cen Xi’s head.

Sun Yueyue’s expression changed. “Young Master Qiao…” Before she could finish, she saw Qiao Yanze turn and leave without even looking at her.

Sun Yueyue went to the front desk and threw the cup of water on the table, glaring furiously at Cen Xi. “Did you seduce Young Master Qiao just now?”

But Cen Xi was too lazy to care about Sun Yueyue and didn’t respond.

Cen Xi had been at the front desk for half a month. Sun Yueyue thought she was just a pretty face, but after some time, she found that Cen Xi was better than her in everything.

She knew several languages and not only could she finish the task at the front desk well every time, but she would also be called by the supervisor to the translation department as a temporary interpreter from time to time.

If this went on, Cen Xi would definitely be able to pass the training period and be promoted.

Even now, Sun Yueyue still remembered how Cen Xi seduced Young Master Qiao behind her back the other time and she was jealous now that Cen Xi’s position in the company was going to be higher than her. As she was not as strong as Cen Xi in terms of ability so she could only use dishonest means.

The supervisor of the HR department had a good impression of her and after pretending to refuse, she got together with him.

But the supervisor was a womanizer. Afterward, she heard from him that he recruited Cen Xi because of her beauty. Otherwise, he would not have recruited a person with such a high turnover rate.

Sun Yueyue understood what the supervisor meant as soon as she heard it.

So he wanted to sleep with Cen Xi.

Sun Yueyue leaned against the supervisor and whispered a few words to him. When the supervisor heard Sun Yueyue’s idea, his eyes turned bright. “Do you think it’ll work?”

“Why not? She looks cold and arrogant on the surface, but in fact, she likes to hook up with men. The other day I even saw her seducing Young Master Qiao, but he was not interested in her.”

At the beginning of spring, the head of the translation department organized all the colleagues to go to the hot spring villa for a holiday during the weekend. This was the first gathering of colleagues after Cen Xi returned to the translation department, so she naturally would not miss it.

When they arrived at the villa, Cen Xi and Sun Yueyue were assigned to the same room.

This time, the head of the department organized a holiday for the employees and was no doubt trying to make the colleagues more united, be familiar with one another and build up their cohesiveness.

Cen Xi did not like to share the room with Sun Yueyue, but in the end, she did not say anything.

What Cen Xi did not expect was that Sun Yueyue was colluding with the supervisor of the HR department.

It was like this. Cen Xi came back to her room after soaking in the hot spring and went to take a bath in the bathroom. When she came out, she saw the supervisor sitting on her bed.

Cen Xi only had a bath towel wrapped around her body and did not expect the supervisor would appear in the room. As soon as she came out, the supervisor’s eyes were fixated on her smooth skin.

Although Cen Xi was not as voluptuous as Sun Yueyue, her figure was well-proportioned, areas where it should be big were not small, while those that should be slim were not fat. Wrapped with a bath towel, the slender curves of her body were extremely enticing.

Cen Xi had remembered to close the door when she returned to the room. The supervisor must have gotten the room card from Sun Yueyue to be able to enter the room.

Spinning around immediately, Cen Xi moved to go back to the bathroom, but the supervisor moved very fast and grabbed her arm, pulling her into his arms. “Cen Xi, I will promote you tomorrow as long as you serve me well tonight.”

Cen Xi had thought that the supervisor of the HR department was a little perverted, but she did not expect that he dared to put it into action.

As Cen Xi held the bath towel tightly with one hand, she swung the other at his face. “How can there be such a scumbag like you in the translation department?”

The supervisor glared at Cen Xi. “You dare to hit me?”

“If you don’t get out of here, I’ll kick until you die without any descendants!”

“Do you believe that I’ll fire you tomorrow?” The supervisor had played around with many girls, but he had not met one who was as unruly as Cen Xi. Where did she get the courage to offend him when she had no backing?

“Stop pretending. You’re no longer a virgin, are you? I don’t know how many men you’ve slept with, but you’ll be promoted if you sleep with me. What are you not satisfied with?”

Cen Xi looked at the supervisor’s red eyes and dark expression. If she used force, she was not his opponent. So Cen Xi went past him and walked quickly to the door.

The supervisor did not expect Cen Xi to dare to go out. If she went out, she would definitely let the other colleagues know about this.

He stepped forward to chase after Cen Xi, but Cen Xi moved fast and opened the door. Just then, there were colleagues who were returning to their rooms opposite and they were stunned when they saw Cen Xi who was wrapped in a bath towel and the supervisor who was chasing after her.

“Ah… Cen Xi, you and the supervisor… The two of you…” Sun Yueyue was also among the colleagues and she looked surprised when she saw Cen Xi and the supervisor.

The other colleagues looked incredulous. They did not expect that Cen Xi was really like what the rumor was, secretly colluding with men to rise up the ranks.

“Don’t misunderstand. There’s nothing between me and Cen Xi. She asked me to go to her room earlier, saying that she had some work matters to consult me. I had just arrived, but I didn’t expect her to go take a bath as soon as I entered the room.

“She wanted to sleep with me, but I didn’t agree, so she stormed to the door and tried to ruin my reputation.”

When she heard the ludicrous words spouting out of his mouth, Cen Xi laughed at how the supervisor was distorting the truth. “I wouldn’t fall for a person like you.”

“Cen Xi, don’t be a sour grape. Supervisor has a family and if you do this, aren’t you just a mistress who destroys people’s families?” Sun Yueyue looked at Cen Xi with contempt.

Not wanting to talk to a fool, Cen Xi did not want to say anything else to Sun Yueyue. She looked at the supervisor in challenge. “How about this. Let’s call the police and let them check the surveillance cameras to see if I was the one who opened the door for you, or did you swipe the room card to go in? Also, you said that I asked you out. Did I ask you out verbally, or did I send you a text message or give you a call? If I asked you verbally, where did I ask you? If I sent you a text message or called you, show the evidence on your phone.”

The supervisor had a dark expression on his face. “After we arrived at the villa, you asked me verbally at a place where there was no one around.”

Cen Xi laughed. “I’m sorry, Supervisor. After arriving at the villa, other than being in the hot spring for a while, I’ve been talking to my boyfriend on the phone.”

“You have a boyfriend?” Sun Yueyue could not help asking.

“Is it strange that I have a boyfriend?”

“You have a boyfriend and you’re seducing other men?”

“Who did I seduce?”

“The other day you seduced Young Master Qiao and today it’s the supervisor.”

Just when Cen Xi did not know whether she should laugh or cry, a deep and devilish voice resounded through the hall.

“Who seduced me?”