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Chapter 1458: Making Up

People were coming and going in the airport, and the sounds of the suitcase wheels rolling could be heard.

When Qiao Yanze looked up, he saw the slim figure not far away. Everything around seemed to have disappeared, leaving only the two of them in the empty hall.

She was standing there, dressed in a nude pink shirt with a khaki vest over it, cropped beige pants paired with a pair of nude-colored high heels, giving off the air of a beautiful working professional.

Her hand was holding the handle of the suitcase with a long coat draped over her arm. With her long black hair spread over her shoulders and her lips a natural pink color, she looked cold and charming at the same time.

If it was not Cen Xi, who could it be?

She didn’t leave!

Qiao Yanze’s heart was beating very fast and seemed to almost jump out of his chest. He closed his red eyes and opened them again. Seeing that she was still standing there, he could be sure that he was not hallucinating.

“Cen Xi,” he called her in a low and hoarse voice.

Cen Xi’s lips moved. “It’s me.”

Her voice was still a little cold and there was not much emotion in her eyes, but he thought that this was the most pleasant voice he had heard and the most beautiful gaze he had seen.

His temperament had eased a lot after experiencing so many things. He thought that he had matured, but at this moment, he was like a hot-blooded brat, running towards his beloved girl.

He strode up to her and stopped when he was one step away. The blood in his body surged rapidly, making him feel extremely agitated.

Spreading his arms, he lifted her from the ground regardless of whether she was willing or resistant. He held her in his arms and turned several rounds on the spot.

Many passers-by stopped to look at them.

The man was tall and handsome, while the woman was slim and charming. A lot of people thought they were shooting for an idol drama.

Cen Xi felt the eyes of everyone on them and she raised her hands, pushing the man’s broad shoulders. “I’m getting dizzy. Put me down first.”

He obeyed and put her down.

As soon as her feet touched the ground, her body swayed because of the dizziness and he pulled her into his arms again.

Smelling the fresh scent mixed with a faint smell of tobacco of his body, Cen Xi felt choked up and grabbed his collar with her fair fingers, slowly tightening her grip.

Raising her head, she met with his deep and dark eyes.

The rims of his eyes were a little red and the eyes staring at her were as dark as ink. He did not care about the gazes of the people around and looked at her deeply, his voice low, hoarse and restrained. “Why didn’t you leave?”

She looked up, tears swimming in her eyes. “Sister Qing Yan sent me a video. Someone sat by the sea and drank a lot of beer. Then he shouted like a lunatic, asking a certain woman to forgive him, that he was wrong and would never do such an inhuman thing again.”

Qiao Yanze lowered his head and bit the tip of her nose. “I have to thank Qing Yan then?”

A drop of tear slid down from the corner of Cen Xi’s eye and her rose-like lips lifted into a smile. “Let’s find some time to treat her to a meal. But next time if you make me sad again, I really won’t turn back.”

“There won’t be another time.” With that, his lips came close to hers. There were too many people around her so she subconsciously dodged it, but soon, he grabbed it accurately.

“Mm, a lot of people are watching…”

“Let them watch.” It did not matter if people all over the world see it, because she was his woman in this life. One could only imagine how eager and intense the kiss was.

Putting one hand around her waist, he had the other on the back of her head. His eyes that were looking at her were like the sea at night, deep and boundless, as if he was going to suck her in.

Cen Xi heard applause around and her ears turned hot as she felt ashamed and flustered. She struggled to get out of the man’s arms, but he pried open her teeth. He only released her when she was almost out of breath.

She buried her face into his firm and broad chest, embarrassed to look up.

“It’s so embarrassing to be watched by so many people. Why are you so annoying?”

Her voice was low and she buried herself in his arms as she complained softly with a slightly coquettish voice.

His heart softened in an instant.

With a stretch of his long arms, he picked her up and he strode outside.

“Hey, my luggage…” Cen Xi raised her head. She found that many people were still taking pictures of them and she quickly buried her face into his chest.

He laughed deeply and devilishly and even his chest was shaking. “Da Zuo will bring it to the car for you.”

Cen Xi could hear the teasing in his laughter and she pinched his muscular arm as she grinned unconsciously.

Sometimes, relationships were so baffling.

A second ago, she hated him so much that she wanted to have nothing to do with him. But the next second, she felt that the air was full of sweet pink bubbles when she was being held in his arms.

He carried her to the car.

Da Zuo took Cen Xi’s luggage and put it in the boot. He then sat in the driver’s seat and looked behind. His lips could not help but lift into a smile when he saw Young Master getting into the car with Cen Xi in his arms.

To be honest, his mood for the past few days had been rising and falling with Young Master’s.

Especially this morning, his eyes turned red when he saw Young Master pushing open the car door and running along the jammed road, his figure so flustered and anxious.

Thank the gods that Miss Cen did not leave!

On the way out of the airport, Cen Xi struggled in the man’s arms but failed to break free. He held her tightly, rubbing his stubbled chin against the skin on her face and his lips fell onto her soft ones. “Do you still want to leave me?”

“No.” It was not without any struggle. This was a very good opportunity for her career and now she had given it up, she had definitely left a bad impression on Mrs Kelly. There was no chance for her to go in the future if she wanted to.

Seeing the regret in her eyes, he bit her lips. “I’ll talk to Zhizhi to let you work beside her.”

What?! Hearing this, Cen Xi stretched out her index finger and put it on the man’s thin lips. “No, no. Even if I want to go back to the Royal translation department, I have to go in on my own ability. I don’t want to get in through the back door.”

Qiao Yanze’s lips opened slightly and he bit the woman’s slender finger. “How about you stop working and concentrate on being Mrs Qiao at home?”

“Don’t even think about it.”

Qiao Yanze knew that with her character, she would not be a full-time wife, so naturally, he would not force her. Wasn’t he attracted to her because she had her own views and thoughts at such a young age?

Qiao Yanze took Cen Xi back to the Qiao manor.

He took her to the bedroom and as soon as the door was opened, he pressed her against the door and kissed her thoroughly until Cen Xi put her hands on his shoulders. “Aren’t you going to work?”

“I’ll go in the afternoon.” He kissed her as soon as his voice fell.