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Chapter 1456: Unable to Lie

Under the admiring, amazed and excited gazes on the bus, Cen Xi was pulled out of the bus by Qiao Yanze. He dragged her towards his sports car that was parked by the road.

As Cen Xi stared at the man’s extremely handsome side profile, countless emotions surging within her. She struggled out of the man’s hold with all of her strength, before she said tersely, “Do you think that I will unconditionally tolerate and accept everything you do?”

Qiao Yanze turned back and looked at Cen Xi. She was wearing a red jacket, tight denim jeans and knee-length boots. Her long, black hair was tied into a ponytail. Her fair and smooth face was only the size of a palm while her pair of moist eyes were clear and cold.

Seeing her expression, Qiao Yanze pursed his thin lips tightly. His handsome facial features looked like they had been covered with a layer of glow under the sunlight, making him look even more handsome. “I’m sorry for what happened that night. Let me apologize to you again. Please give me one more chance. I promise it will never happen again.”

He was such a prideful person… For him to be willing to bow down and apologize, he had naturally recognized his mistake and was apologizing sincerely.


Cen Xi looked down, her fingers sinking into her palm. “Can apologizing minimize the distrust and harm you gave me that night?”

Qiao Yanze wasn’t feeling any better than she was. He also couldn’t believe that he had done such a cruel thing to her that night. However, he was willing to use all of his time in the future to make up and heal the wounds in her heart.

It was impossible for him to let go just like that.

Cen Xi sucked in a deep breath, doing her best to make herself calm down. “We’ve experienced life and death together. We were even willing to give our lives for the other. I also don’t know how we ended up like this today! I feel very tired being with you. To be honest, I really don’t know what other problems will appear when we’re together.” Currently, both of their hearts were hurt and scarred.

Both of them needed time to think about their future properly.

She didn’t want to get together hastily then break up because of another matter.

It would be too exhausting if it was like that.

Cen Xi fell silent before she turned around and hailed a taxi by the side of the road.

Seeing her slender and curvy figure get on the car, Qiao Yanze’s hands curled into tight fists, the veins on the back of his hand protruding out.

When Cen Xi returned to her residential area and got out of the taxi, she met Bai Lin, who was waiting for her there.

Bai Lin was wearing a white shirt. His figure was tall and large. Although his skin was a lot more tanned, it wasn’t able to hide his handsome appearance and enigmatic charisma.

“My father told me to bring some imported fruits over.” Bai Lin handed a bag to Cen Xi.

Cen Xi didn’t shy away from the gesture as a smile appeared on her cold expression. “Help me thank Uncle Bai.”

“You’re free tonight, right? Father told me to ask you to go over and have dinner together.”

Thinking that it had been a while since she saw Uncle Bai, she nodded. “Sure.”

“I’ll come and fetch you later.”

After having dinner at Bai Lin’s house at night, he sent Cen Xi back to her residential area.

During their way there, Bai Lin hesitated for a while, before he asked, “I heard that Qiao Yanze has taken back what belongs to him. Has he looked for you?”

When she heard this, Cen Xi pursed her lips and glanced out at the dazzling night view the city had. “I saw him in the afternoon.”

“I heard you mentioned last time that your principal had recommended you to Mrs Kelly. If you’ve passed, how do you plan to juggle career and love?”

Cen Xi looked down, her long lashes casting down as the light from outside shined on her pale face, creating a glow around her. She looked so beautiful, but there was a faint lowness surrounding her as well.

“The principal sent me an email saying that I’ve passed Mrs Kelly’s selection.”

Bai Lin glanced at Cen Xi, a smile appearing on his face. “I’m happy for you. It’s a rare opportunity, so you should think about it carefully.”

Cen Xi nodded.

When the car drove into the residential area, Cen Xi said, “Brother Bai Lin, you don’t have to take me further. I can get off here.”

Bai Lin didn’t insist otherwise. “Send me a message when you reach home.”

“Okay, Dad, I will. Take care of yourself.”

Cen Xi walked into the area as she thought about Bai Lin’s question about how to juggle love and career.

If she went to the United Nations with Mrs Kelly, according to Mrs Kelly’s request, she probably wouldn’t be able to return for the next two years.

Two years could change a lot. Could she really bear to part with Qiao Yanze like this?

By then, he would probably find another girlfriend and marry and have children with another woman. She would no longer have anything to do with his life.

Cen Xi’s mind was in a mess. She didn’t know what decision she should make.

After entering the residential area, she was about to enter her building when suddenly, two dazzling white lights shone at her. Raising an arm, Cen Xi squinted towards the bright light.

The car door opened and a tall and slender man got out of the car. When she saw the man walking over, Cen Xi froze slightly.

How did he find this place?

However, at the thought that he had regained his status as the Qiao family master, it was easy to get someone to find out where she stayed if he wanted.

Cen Xi remained standing on the spot, not knowing if she should go in or wait for him to come over.

Very quickly, Qiao Yanze arrived before Cen Xi.

“Did you go and eat with Bai Lin again?” He asked quietly.

Cen Xi thought it was funny.

“Why does who I eat with, concern you?”

“Xiao Xi, are we really ending things like this?” Qiao Yanze leaned over, reaching a hand over her head as he looked down at her.

His refreshing and charming scent sprayed on her face. She turned away slightly. However, in the next second, he grabbed her exquisite and petite chin.

“I know I owe you. I will do my best to make up for it. Forgive me, hm?”

Cen Xi’s originally tall and thick walls built around her heart slowly cracked because of his sincere tone and heated gaze.

She loved him too much. That was why she was never able to be determined and reject him properly.

She opened her mouth, about to say something when he suddenly lifted her chin and kissed her.

Cen Xi’s hands resting by her sides tightened slightly. With her back pressed tightly against the wall, her mind was in a mess before it went blank.

He sucked on her lips, nibbling and licking softly as his tongue poked out to trace her lips from time to time. Her lashes fluttered terribly as a voice appeared in her mind. Don’t let him get what he wants… Push him away…

However, all of her energy seemed to have been sucked away by a giant syringe. She couldn’t muster any energy at all.

His tongue came with a faint nicotine flavor. The moment he touched her, her body trembled ruthlessly, like an electric current had flowed through her.

Right at this moment, a voice suddenly rang out and Cen Xi instantly regained her senses. Staring at the man so close to her, she pushed him away with all of her strength before she opened the building gates and ran away with a muddled mind.

Qiao Yanze caressed his lips that had her temperature still lingering on it. A smile appeared on his handsome face.

No matter how she tried to deny it, her body couldn’t lie.

She still loved him!