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Chapter 1455: Ambushed

Staring at the man that entered, Cen Xi’s butterfly wings-like lashes fluttered slightly.

Today he was wearing a navy blue suit. After entering the private room, he took off his suit jacket, showing off the black v-neck silk-like shirt inside. His shirt was tucked in and the combination of blue and black made his legs look longer and if anything, he looked even taller. He was extremely handsome and good looking.

Looking away again, Cen Xi cast her long lashes down and her hands resting on her knees clenched slightly. If she knew that the Queen had asked Qiao Yanze to come today as well, she definitely would not have come.

However, she couldn’t leave immediately in respect of the Queen.

After Qiao Yanze entered the room, he naturally saw Cen Xi. Her eyes were cast down, her expression a little uneasy and she looked like she wanted to leave, but couldn’t.

Qiao Yanze’s deep eyes darkened slightly.

Nan Zhi got Qiao Yanze to sit beside Cen Xi. Apart from glancing at him when he first came in, Cen Xi never looked at Qiao Yanze again.

The atmosphere in the private room was rather stiff and extremely awkward.

Nan Zhi kicked Qiao Yanze under the table, eying him. When Qiao Yanze received the glance, he looked towards the woman sitting beside him. “Xiao Xi, I heard from Zhizhi that your words before were said to agitate me on purpose. I’ve misunderstood you. Please let me apologize.”

The urge to cry filled Cen Xi a little as the corners of her lips were tightly tensed. After a long silence, she only managed to squeeze out, “It’s all in the past.”

She heard that he had taken care of the Qiao family matters.

Now, he was the Qiao family master once more.

She was happy for him.

But, she didn’t know if they could continue on together…

Although she knew that he didn’t lose control that night on purpose, to her, it wasn’t something that she could forget easily.

Those few hours of torture had stepped on and ruthlessly crushed her dignity, pride, her entire being and soul. Even if she had moved now, she would still dream of that painful and heart-shattering memory!

It would be a psychological trauma to her for the rest of her life!

Although they both had experienced a fair few things in this life together, she had her limit. She didn’t know how to forgive a man that trampled on her body and soul when he went crazy!

Seeing the atmosphere around the two fall into a deep silence once more, Nan Zhi stood up. “Uncle, talk properly to Xiao Xi. You were too much that time. It’s reasonable for Xiao Xi to not forgive you. If it was me, I wouldn’t want to talk to you again either.”

Nan Zhi’s words were telling him to be patient.

Abuse was something equivalent to death to a woman. If it was another woman, they might have called the police right there and then.

But Xiao Xi didn’t. It was clear that she still loved Uncle, but his actions had disappointed her and made her give up on him.

Seeing that Nan Zhi was leaving, Cen Xi stood up as well. “Your Majesty, I have something else to do. I will treat you to a meal again if there’s another chance…”

Cen Xi was really afraid of being alone in the room with Qiao Yanze. She hurriedly took her bag and left the room before Nan Zhi could.

The door of the ward was slammed shut again with a bang.

Qiao Yanze glanced at the door, his handsome expression darkening a little. Nan Zhi poured a cup of water and passed it to Qiao Yanze. “You need to be more patient when pursuing a woman. You did something so cruel to her. Do you expect her to return to your side with a curl of your finger?”

Qiao Yanze took a large sip of the water before he glanced at Nan Zhi with slightly raised eyebrows. “Can I even still get her back?”

“I heard that the scene in the meeting room yesterday was rather exciting. When Mother came home and told me all about it, even I wanted to clap for you. Uncle, you’re very charismatic and you’ve had more than a fair share of girlfriends in the past. Surely, you know how to pursue a girl, right?”

To be frank, although Qiao Yanze was a playboy in the past, the girls were the ones who brought themselves to him.

He rarely had to pursue a girl properly.

“Then, what are you still sitting here for?” Get up quick and chase after her!” Nan Zhi glanced at Qiao Yanze, clearly irritated.

Because her car had been sent for maintenance, Cen Xi took a bus home.

Since she moved and resigned from her job, Cen Xi hadn’t been idle. She always felt that a woman should never lose their career no matter what.

Even though Sister had given her quite a bit of money, enough that she didn’t have to worry even if she didn’t work for the rest of her life, that kind of lifestyle wasn’t what she wanted.

Translating was something she truly enjoyed. A few days ago, her school’s principal had called her, telling her that S Country’s famed diplomat, Mrs Kelly, was returning to the Capital to pick an assistant. If chosen, they would be able to go intern at the United Nations with Mrs Kelly.

The principal had recommended Cen Xi to Mrs Kelly.

Even though she didn’t know the results yet, Cen Xi was anticipating it. She was still young and needed a lot of training and experience. Love shouldn’t be her everything.

Ding. A notification popped up on her phone, displaying a prompt of a new email. When Cen Xi opened it, she saw that it was from the principal.

Mrs Kelly had chosen her and had sent her an invitation to attend the banquet she was holding the next evening.

A small smile appeared on Cen Xi’s lips. She stared at the email for a long time, until…

“Omgosh! The Bugatti Veyron sports car following the bus outside is really cool and stylish!”

“The man driving is really eye-catching!”

“He keeps following after our bus. Could he be wooing a girl on the bus?”

Hearing several girls behind her chat, Cen Xi looked up and glanced outside.

A silver Bugatti Veyron was driving neck to neck with the bus. When the bus sped up, it sped up as well. When the bus slowed down, it slowed down as well. The sports car’s windows were wide open. The man driving inside had a hand on the steering wheel. A pair of sunglasses rested on his nose bridge while his handsome lips were pursed slightly. If it was not Qiao Yanze, who else could it be?

Cen Xi’s heart started to thump crazily.

Why did he chase after her?

Cen Xi’s hand holding her phone tightened unconsciously.

The majority of the bus’ passengers were attracted by that cool and luxurious-looking sports car outside.

Cen Xi looked away and bowed her head down, acting as if she didn’t see it. The public bus stopped at the next stop and a wave of exclamations suddenly rang in the bus.

“The handsome man from the sports car is here!”

Cen Xi looked up. When she saw Qiao Yanze get up the bus from the front door with his tall and slender legs and his handsome and dignified appearance, her heart almost jumped out of her throat.

God, what was he doing here? She bowed her head even lower, hoping that he didn’t see her.

However, her hopes fell straight away.

The man’s low and charming voice rang by her ear. “Cen Xi, get off. I have something to tell you.”

Even if Cen Xi didn’t look up, she could feel the countless gazes turning towards her.

“I’ve said in the private room that there is nothing to say between us… Youー”

Before she could finish, he walked over and pulled her up from her seat straight away. One was pulling the other out, while the other was struggling and unwilling to leave.

The two fell into a stalemate.

The bus driver glanced back. “If you’re fighting, you two go home and fight. Let me do my job please.”

Cen Xi stared at the man who held onto her tightly, looking as if he wouldn’t let go if she didn’t leave with him. She breathed in a deep breath.

“Get off with me.”

Cen Xi wasn’t as thick-skinned as he was. Facing everyone’s curious gaze on them and being the passive one out of the two, she had no choice but to get off the bus with him.