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Chapter 1454: Meeting

The result of this shareholder meeting was…

Old Madam Qiao had a stroke and ended up in a coma in the hospital. Meanwhile, Qiao Yanxuan was charged with intentional injury and was detained by the police.

After Qiao Yanze sent Helian Xiao and An Feng away, he brought Da Zuo to the Old Butler’s house.

The Old Butler had been concerned for Qiao Yanze all along. After learning that Qiao Yanze had retaken the Qiao manor and was asking him to return as the butler, he was extremely excited.

It was not that he felt he must be the butler, but that he had worked for the Qiao family for decades and had fostered feelings for the family already. He only hoped for Third Young Master to have a good life.

Qiao Yanze brought Da Zuo and the Old Butler back to the Qiao manor. After his departure, the servants in the Qiao manor were all new servants that Old Madam Qiao and Qiao Yanxuan had changed to.

In the recent period, Qiao Yanze’s position in the Qiao manor was no different from the servants. Or to be more exact, he was lower than the servants. Even the servants were able to humiliate them whenever they wanted. When they did, he wouldn’t dare to say anything as well.

When they saw Qiao Yanze return wearing an expensive-looking suit, the new butler said impatiently, “Who are you wearing this for? Where did you go today? There are still many chores undone. Go and change and do them! Do you think you’re the Master from the past?”

Hearing the new butler talk to Qiao Yanze with this attitude, the Old Butler’s heart ached as anger surged within him. “You bunch of dogs biting on the strength of your masters, open your eyes wide! This is the Qiao family master. He’s the only one who has a say in this house!”

The new butler snorted in contempt. “He naturally was the master in the past. However, now, he’s only a lowly servant here. How is he the master?” With that said, he impatiently glanced at Qiao Yanze, who had a hand in his pocket and a half-smirk. “Are you not clear of your own status? No matter how good you look in those clothes, in this house, you’re not even a dog by the Old Madam’s sideー”

Before the new butler finished speaking, Da Zuo had already kicked him in the abdomen.

The new butler fell to the floor from the kick and spat out a mouthful of blood. He was furious with the humiliation. “Someone come. Someone come quick and chase this dog and his dogs out!”

Hearing the new butler’s cries, the servants hurriedly arrived at the entrance.

Qiao Yanze chuckled coldly before he said, “All of you, scram!”

Da Zuo threw the photos of Old Madam Qiao being unconscious in the hospital and of Qiao Yanxuan being taken away by the police on the floor.

When the new butler and the servants saw the photos, they were all dumbfounded.

How long has it been? The Qiao family has fallen into Qiao Yanze’s hands once again?!

They just couldn’t understand how Qiao Yanze was able to retake everything in such a short time! It was impossible!

After Old Madam Qiao and Qiao Yanxuan’s servants left, Qiao Yanze got Da Zuo and the Old Butler to call back all of the old Qiao family servants.

The servants packed all of the items Old Madam Qiao and Qiao Yanxuan had used before they changed all of the bedsheets and cleaned and disinfected the entire place.

Qiao Yanze left the Qiao manor in his car.

He had a window opened, letting the cold breeze blow in from outside, hitting his face. As he circled the roads aimlessly, it was not long before he drove into a residential area.

He got out of the car and leaned against it, biting onto a cigarette as he held onto a match. He lit it up before his well-defined large hand covered the fire slightly and lit the cigarette up.

He narrowed his eyes and took a huff, letting the ashy green smoke spread and blurring his face. After smoking a cigarette, he lit another cigarette up.

Suddenly, a man’s voice trailed from behind him. “Mr Qiao, you’re here.”

Qiao Yanze turned back and saw the security officer on duty. He nodded and handed the security officer a cigarette.

Since Qiao Yanze had lived here for a while and with his handsomeness and Cen Xi’s prettiness, the security officer had a rather strong impression of them. “Mr Qiao, did you come to look for Miss Cen?”

Qiao Yanze only smirked, remaining silent.

“Miss Cen moved a while back. She doesn’t stay here anymore.”

Qiao Yanze’s slender fingers holding onto the cigarette froze slightly.

She moved?

With that, he thought about him torturing her for several hours like a feral wild beast that night. His eyes darkened a sliver.

“Mr Qiao, did you two fight? It’s normal for a couple to have some fights and misunderstandings. You have to humor her more, then it will be fine.”

Will it really be fine?

With what had happened, he couldn’t bring himself to face her again. He didn’t blame her for not forgiving him.

Even he couldn’t forgive himself.

Returning to the Qiao manor, Qiao Yanze walked to every corner of the Qiao manor alone. Returning to this place as its owner felt really complicated.

He didn’t know if taking everything back would stop his mother from resting in peace. At the thought of the blood letter, his heart ached terribly once more.

However, what he needed to do now was to strengthen and grow the Qiao family.

The next day.

Da Zuo walked into the indoor swimming pool and glanced at Qiao Yanze, who was swimming like a flying fish. “Young Master, the shareholders are here.”

Hearing this, Qiao Yanze poked his head out of the water. “Let them wait.”

Qiao Yanze only got out of the swimming pool after half an hour. He looked extremely tall in his swimming trunks. Small water beads trailed down his muscular and firm chest, his abdomen muscles and Apollo’s belt well-defined. As he paid attention to training, his figure was really masculine and attractive.

Da Zuo passed him a towel. He dried his body and put on a bathrobe. Moving his slender legs, he walked out of the indoor swimming pool.

There were already more than a dozen shareholders standing in the living room.

Seeing Qiao Yanze walk over with wet hair and wearing a bathrobe, although they were a little annoyed, no one dared to say anything about him right in front of him.

“Third Young Master, we were muddled by Second Master before and thought that he was really doing good for the Qiao Corporation. We never thought that the grandmother and grandson had come to ruin the Qiao Corporation.”

“Third Young Master, we came to invite you to go back and take charge.”

“Third Young Master, with Old Madam having a stroke and Second Master arrested, the stocks of Qiao Corporation have fallen drastically. You must return!”

Qiao Yanze stared at the shareholders’ currying expressions. A cold smirk appeared on his lips as he glanced at the shareholder that was leading the group. That shareholder was also an elder in the Qiao family. “I can return, but first you have to think of a way to make that petition invalid. After I’ve returned to the Qiao family records, I will naturally return to take charge.”

Once Qiao Yanze was done, he turned around and left coldly.

The shareholders stared at Qiao Yanze’s back, all falling in a daze. Compared to when he first returned to rebuild the Qiao family, he was even colder and harder to deal with now!

Qiao Yanze returned to his bedroom and changed before he received a call from Nan Zhi.

“I’m meeting Xiao Xi for lunch today. If you want to continue to have anything to do with her, you should come.”

Since Nan Zhi had asked her out for a meal, Cen Xi found that she couldn’t refuse the request.

They met at the restaurant and once they were done ordering, Nan Zhi kept glancing at the door. When all the food was almost served, the private room’s door was pushed open.

When she saw the tall figure that entered the room, Cen Xi froze for a split second.