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Chapter 1453: Seeing Her True Colors

Qiao Yanxuan’s pupils constricted as he shouted angrily, “Impossible! Second Uncle is an oil tycoon and is extremely wealthy. How would he lack this bit of money?”

Qiao Yanze scoffed. “Brother-in-law has investigated everything clearly. Second Uncle has been addicted to gambling since a few years ago. With him uninterested in managing his business and immersed with gambling, even a mountain of gold and silver would be thrown away by him.

“Through the past few years, he ended up owing a large amount of debt. He has also mortgaged his company. The Old Madam pitied her son for becoming poor, so she thought of me.”

Qiao Yanxuan turned towards Old Madam Qiao with red eyes, his voice trembling lowly as if it was coming from the depths of his throat. “Grandma, is what he saying the truth?”

Old Madam Qiao avoided Qiao Yanxuan’s eyes. “Of course, it’s not true. Even if your Second Uncle’s company has fallen, he still has other assets and doesn’t need this bit of money. Grandma did it all for you.”

Before Qiao Yanxuan could say anything, Qiao Yanze spoke first as his handsome expression was slightly cold. “Old Madam, are you still going to lie to Second Brother at this time? Not only do you want him to help you make money, you even want his life!”

A flicker of irritation crossed Old Madam Qiao’s eyes and she was unable to breathe properly at the sight of his face. She picked up the ashtray on the table and threw it at Qiao Yanze furiously.

Qiao Yanze took a step back and the ashtray fell to the floor, ringing loudly.

Seeing that the Old Madam was livid, Qiao Yanxuan turned around, wanting to grab Qiao Yanze’s collar with both hands. However, Qiao Yanze’s following words threw Qiao Yanxuan into a depthless frozen abyss.

“Second Brother, you probably still don’t know, but there is a problem with Second Uncle’s body. He needs a kidney transplant. Once the Old Madam gets enough money from you here, she will make you go back and donate a kidney to Second Uncle!”

“Nonsense. There is nothing of the sort!” Old Madam Qiao shouted emotionally.

Qiao Yanze ignored Old Madam Qiao as he glanced at Qiao Yanxuan, a crack appearing on his handsome face. “Second Brother, before you returned to the Capital with Old Madam, she did make you do a body checkup?”

At these words, Qiao Yanxuan stiffened.

He remembered that Grandma did make him do a full body checkup before they returned to the Capital. Grandma said that it was for his health and she had helped him make an appointment with the best doctor for his checkup.

At that time, he thought that Grandma was really doing it for his good.

“Yanxuan, don’t listen to him!”

Qiao Yanxuan hugged his head as his eyes turned completely red before he looked at Qiao Yanze with furrowed eyebrows. “What evidence do you have?”

Taking out his phone, Qiao Yanze tapped on the screen several times, before he played a recording. It was the Old Madam’s voice. “Everything is proceeding smoothly. Once I sell the 30% shares I got from Yanxuan, I will be able to repay your debt.”

Second Uncle’s voice, “Mom, are you sure he will agree to donate a kidney to me?”

The Old Madam, “I’ve doted on him for so many years. Why can’t I ask him to donate a kidney to my son? He listens to me the most since he was young. As long as I talk to him nicely and charm him, he will donate both kidneys to you obediently, not to mention one.

Second Uncle, “That’s true. If Mom wasn’t that capable, why would he hate his biological mother and brothers so much?”

The Old Madam, “Back then, your older brother didn’t listen to me and married Pei Lin, that strong woman. I couldn’t get along well with Pei Lin. Since she doesn’t make it good for me, I won’t let her have it easy too. Since you don’t have any children, I took a son from Pei Lin and raised him under your name. Seeing Yanxuan hate Pei Lin so much throughout these years is really satisfying!”

Hearing the recording Qiao Yanze was playing, Old Madam Qiao’s wrinkled face was completely devoid of blood and she was white as a sheet of paper. Her eyes were wide with disdain and anger as she shouted, “Yanze, you really did everything to sow discord between us in order to ruin my and Yanxuan’s relationship. Why are you so dark? It’s no wonder you caused your mother’s death.”

“Enough!” Qiao Yanze stared at Old Madam Qiao, who kept bringing up his mother’s death. His handsome features were completely tense as his deep eyes shone with a steely glint of anger. “Old Madam, we can hire a professional to confirm if I’ve faked the conversation. Oh right, I forgot to tell you. I’ve placed a listening device in your dog’s body. If you want to blame anyone, you can only blame yourself for hugging that d*mned dog when you made the call. After all, it allowed me to listen to your conversation with Second Uncle.”

Old Madam Qiao took a few steps back in absolute disbelief. Her weak body trembled nonstop, like a falling leaf swaying in the wind.

Qiao Yanze was indeed no longer the playful young master that had destroyed the Qiao family back then. He had become deep, mature, sharp and good at devising strategies.

When she and Yanxuan tortured and humiliated him awfully after he returned to the Qiao family, he was able to endure and hold himself back. He made them relax and let go of their guard before he gave them a heavy blow!

It was such a great strategy!

Old Madam Qiao was ultimately a person that had experienced many things. Her panicked heart calmed down really quickly and she walked in front of Qiao Yanxuan, as if she had grasped at her last straw. “Yanxuan, his purpose is to defeat and sow discord between us. You can’t let him succeed. Listen to me, Yanxuan.”

Qiao Yanxuan slowly turned around and stared at the Old Madam. The Old Madam’s gaze on him was still filled with love and warmth as if he was someone she sincerely doted on and loved.

Qiao Yanxuan smirked before he started laughing out loud like a crazed lion. His laughter gave Old Madam Qiao the shivers.

“Yanxuan, what’s wrong? Yanxuan-”

Qiao Yanxuan pushed the Old Madam’s hand on his away with all his strength. His eyes were completely bloodshot as he inched closer towards the Old Madam and shouted furiously at the same time, “Are you still thinking of lying to me at this time? You and Second Uncle have already said it so clearly. To the both of you, I’m merely a pawn that can be used. You used me to seek revenge against my mother and avenge the Qiao family for yourself.

“Once I’ve lost my value, you will take my kidneys. Grandma, this is the so-called love and doting you have for me!”

The Old Madam kept inching backward as he laughed caustically towards her. His eyes were covered with blood veins as his gaze on her was almost crazed. She opened her mouth, but before she could say anything, Qiao Yanxuan’s hands had already found her pale, thin and frail neck.

“You kept saying that you brought me back because you wanted to help me exert my worth, that it’s for my future. I kept believing it and treated you as my closest kin!” Qiao Yanxuan’s completely red eyes were filled with extreme heartache. He trusted the Old Madam completely and listened to her every word. What she said was what she said. However, he never thought that the Old Madam only treated him as a pawn, a sacrifice!

Qiao Yanxuan’s heart clenched in pain as a bitter-sweet taste swelled his throat before he spat out a mouthful of blood. His hands strangling the Old Madam’s neck tightened unconsciously.

With the Old Madam’s old age, how could she handle being treated so violently by Qiao Yanxuan? Her blood surged upwards as her eyes rolled back and she fell unconscious.

The meeting room instantly turned into a chaotic mess. A shareholder thought that a life had been taken and had hurriedly called the police.