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Chapter 1450: He’s Here!

After Jerry vented his unhappiness, he took the documents Qiao Yanxuan had given him.

A week later, Qiao Yanxuan received a call, informing him that the Qiao Corporation’s proposal had passed the initial screening. In fact, the Qiao Corporation was the only one to pass the screening in S Country.

After learning about this, Qiao Yanxuan finally broke out into a smile.

Instantly, he went to Big Country and after some personal observations, he signed the agreement with Mr Jerry. To prove his capability, he got his assistant to inform all the stakeholders that he was holding an emergency meeting.

Back when Qiao Yanxuan had gotten 60% of the company’s shares from Qiao Yanze, he had transferred 30% of it to Old Madam Qiao. That was why Old Madam Qiao had to be present when a shareholders meeting was held.

“Yanxuan, why are you holding a shareholders meeting?” Old Madam Qiao glanced at Qiao Yanxuan before she looked down, an unknown expression filling her eyes.

Qiao Yanxuan hugged the Old Madam’s shoulders. He was like a child in front of the Old Madam. “Grandma, you will know in a while. From now on, my position in the Qiao Corporation will be invincible and unwavering. I will make the Qiao Corporation shine and do so well that Qiao Yanze can only look up at me.”

The Old Madam nodded. “Yanxuan, you have always been the best.”

“Grandma, you’re probably the only one that thought I was the best. Mother never ever thought that I was more capable than her youngest son.”

“Yanxuan, she’s already dead, why are you mentioning her?”

“Yes. I only need Grandma to dote on me.”

In the meeting room.

Seeing that most of the shareholders were present, Qiao Yanxuan took his seat at the main seat.

This seat was something he had been dreaming of and vying for his entire life. Although he had already sat on it for several months, he still felt it to be somewhat surreal.

He was originally the Qiao family Second Young Master. Why could Qiao Yanze have everything but he couldn’t?

Qiao Yanxuan got his assistant to introduce the big project he had taken to the various shareholders.

Shareholder A, “Second Master, I’ve heard of this project before. It’s not easy to clinch it. You’re really capable.”

Shareholder B, “Second Master, we may have had our doubts about your capability at first, but I didn’t expect you to give us such a great surprise.”

Shareholder C, “As long as this project is successful, we will be able to follow after Second Master at ease from now on.”

Qiao Yanxuan got his assistant to turn on the projector and show the signed contract to the various shareholders.

“I’ve already signed the contract with Mr Jerry, so the contract is in effect. Everyone, you just have to wait and get the profits!”

Several shareholders were amazed at Qiao Yanxuan’s ability, while some were questioning it as well.

“Second Master, I heard that clinching this project is extremely hard. My old friend is the CEO of a family corporation in Y Country and even he wasn’t able to get this project. From what I’ve heard from him, Jerry is extremely strict and would only make his decision after two to three months.”

Qiao Yanxuan’s expression darkened a little. “CEO He, are you questioning my ability?”

“No, no, I just wanted to confirm the true effect of this contract.”

But Qiao Yanxuan felt that his capabilities were being questioned. In order to get the shareholders questioning him to shut up, Qiao Yanxuan got his assistant to call Mr Jerry and turn on the speaker.

“I will call Mr Jerry right now.”

The entire meeting room fell silent as they stared at Qiao Yanxuan, who was seated at the main seat. The call went through and a confident smile appeared on Qiao Yanxuan’s face.

After ringing for the tenth time, the smile on Qiao Yanxuan’s face slowly faded.

Because no one had answered the call, it was hung up automatically. Qiao Yanxuan’s confident demeanor no longer existed as he furrowed his eyebrows and glanced at the shareholders. “Mr Jerry is extremely busy. He might be doing something, so he couldn’t answer the call.” He glanced at his assistant, who made the call once more.

This time, no one answered as well.

Qiao Yanxuan pursed his lips tightly as he reached a hand out to the assistant. “Give me the phone.”

The assistant passed the phone to Qiao Yanxuan.

Qiao Yanxuan sent a message out before he called Mr Jerry once more. What he didn’t expect was to be notified that the phone was turned off.

What in the world?

Qiao Yanxuan’s expression darkened. He could vaguely feel that something was wrong, but he still believed in his judgment. He made the call once more, but the receiving end was turned off still.

The shareholder that had questioned him earlier spoke suddenly, “Second Master, I just asked that friend of mine through text. Mr Jerry has already signed the contract with another company.”

Qiao Yanxuan put the phone on the table as his expression darkened completely. “Mr Jerry has already signed the contract with me. How can he sign again with another company?”

“Second Master, can you let me see the original copy of the contract?”

The other shareholders were starting to be suspicious as well, each voicing their suspicions.

Qiao Yanxuan’s eyes were completely dark.

Ever since he took over all of the Qiao family’s affairs, he had been giving his all. Were these people blind to dare suspect him like this?

Qiao Yanxuan then stared at the quiet Old Madam Qiao. “Grandma, say something.”

Old Madam Qiao glanced at the shareholders before she said sternly, “I believe in Yanxuan.”

Qiao Yanxuan said to his assistant, “Bring that contract over.” If Mr Jerry wasn’t answering the calls, he was probably busy. There was no need to think too much into it.

After the assistant went out, he returned hurriedly.

“Second Master, it’s bad.”

Qiao Yanxuan furrowed his eyebrows. With the assistant’s expression, something really bad must have happened. He planned to go out and ask the assistant individually, but that shareholder that has been questioning him pushed on further, “Second Master, you can say anything here. We all believe in you. Why are you avoiding us?”

The other shareholders nodded.

Qiao Yanxuan stared at his assistant with a dark expression. “Say it, what happened?” His hands on the table had unconsciously clenched into tight fists.

He hoped that things weren’t what he was thinking.

Facing the shareholders and Qiao Yanxuan’s sharp gaze, the assistant stammered, “I just received the notice that the real Mr Jerry didn’t stay at XX Hotel. The one we signed a contract with is the fake Mr Jerry.”


Qiao Yanxuan instantly stood up.

One had to know that he had directed all of his cash flow in order to clinch this project.

In the end, the one he had signed a contract with was a fake Mr Jerry?

No! It was wrong! How could such a thing happen!

“Did you make a mistake?” Qiao Yanxuan glared at his assistant sharply. “I went to Big Country to inspect everything before. I even called myself and confirmed the place. Besides, when I went to find Jerry, the other companies’ CEOS were there as well. How could he be a fake?”

“Second Master, when you went to Big Country, the inspection site was a real one. However, the real Jerry and his staff were on leave. The fake Jerry made the guards unconscious and brought a group of fake staff with him, to make you think it was legitimate.”

Qiao Yanxuan held onto the meeting table tightly, the veins on the back of his hands popping up.

How could this happen?

He did not believe it!

“Who would be so capable to make such a big trap?”

The moment Qiao Yanxuan finished speaking, the heavy meeting room doors were pushed open from outside and three men walked in.

The person walking in front was wearing a tailored black suit and had a black coat covering his broad and wide shoulders. Under his soft, short hair, his facial features were handsome and devilish. The edges of his face were well-defined, while his pretty eyes were filled with arrogance and coldness that looked down upon everyone else.