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Chapter 1449: She Had Long Given Up

Qing Yan’s cheeks burned with pain as her eyes turned red, but she didn’t shed a single tear.

This man that she had once given all of herself and had even fallen out with her family for, had ultimately disappointed her terribly!

What did she get?

After she had given him everything, she got one sentence from him that he was only with her because he wanted to snatch away the woman that was going to become Qiao Yanze’s wife.

Behind her, Qing Yan’s hands clenched tightly against the wall. She was using so much strength, her nails were about to break, blood seeping into her fingernails.

The corridor was rather quiet, with only their heavy breathing filling the space. Qing Yan couldn’t see the man clearly, but she could imagine him staring at her with extremely cold and hateful eyes.

He had never had true feelings for her. To him, she was merely a tool that could be used to avenge Qiao Yanze. When he realized that this tool wasn’t too useful for him, he could kick her away without any hesitation.

He was a cold-blooded animal.

His attitude had made her heart dead long ago.

Facing his pinches and hits, she had no reaction at all. She merely smirked coldly. “Seeing that I’m close to Yanze, you want to take me by your side again and make him suffer?”

Qiao Yanxuan let go of his grip on Qing Yan’s neck. His tall figure leaned closer towards her as he snorted. “Don’t think too highly of yourself. Right now, you’re merely a normal friend to Qiao Yanze. If I can get Cen Xi, he might be sad for a few days.”

Qing Yan’s pupils constricted slightly as her pretty lips trembled. “A person like you will not die well!”

“Ha.” Qiao Yanxuan took several steps back as his handsome and elegant expression was completely void of temperature. “How I die will never be dictated by you. You, on the other hand, if you continue being so close to Qiao Yanze, I will send a video of you being ruthlessly f*cked against the wall by me in the past to every one of your colleagues.”

Qing Yan’s lashes fluttered.

Qiao Yanxuan fell silent before he turned around and left with large strides.

As Qing Yan slowly crouched down, she hugged her own knees. Her heart felt horrible. She didn’t understand why she had fallen for such a despicable man in the past.

He looked handsome and elegant and was a gentlemanly young master. However, his inner heart was terribly ruthless and dark. After he died, he would go straight down to the depths of hell!

Although Qiao Yanxuan had become the head of the Qiao family, his managing of the Qiao Corporation wasn’t completely smooth.

Not all of the company’s shareholders respected him.

Of course, in the end, the shareholders only cared about profits. Now that he had yet to show any results and hadn’t let the shareholders see his capability, it was reasonable for them to be unhappy with him.

Qiao Yanxuan needed to prove himself and get a stable footing in the company.

It just happened that an opportunity that allowed him to prove himself arrived.

The Big Country government was looking for a few capable companies to work together on a transport and logistics transportation project from Europe to Asia.

If he was able to get the Asia partnership rights to this project, Qiao Yanxuan would be able to bring the Qiao Corporation to the next level. This was something Qiao Yanze was never able to do.

Qiao Yanxuan was the type to do what he had decided, so he got his assistant to find the name of the person from Big Country that was in charge of this project. Once the person in charge was in the Capital, he instantly got his assistant to make an appointment with the person in charge.

However, he had waited for a few days without any response.

Qiao Yanxuan wasn’t discouraged as he personally headed to the hotel the person was staying in with his assistant.

After waiting for a full afternoon, he saw a group of people walking over.

“Mr Jerry, can I take up some of your time and speak with yー”

Qiao Yanxuan saw the old CEO of another water transport company passing some documents to a blond westerner with amber eyes.

Mr Jerry?

That was right. He had gotten his assistant to make an inquiry to the Big Country’s water transport project team. The person in charge of choosing the partners was called Jerry.

Qiao Yanxuan hurriedly approached the group. “Hello, Mr Jerry. I am the person in charge of Qiao Corporation and we are the largest water transportation company in S Country. We are extremely strong financially…”

Before he could finish speaking, Mr Jerry stopped and glanced at Qiao Yanxuan.

Qiao Yanxuan broke out into a smile. He was just about to say something when Mr Jerry spoke with his authentic American English. “Isn’t the person in charge of the Qiao Corporation Qiao Yanze?”

“Ah, he’s my younger brother.”

“Qiao Yanze is on my blacklist. I won’t work with the Qiao Corporation.”

With that, Jerry left with his entourage. Behind him, Qiao Yanxuan’s expression was completely dark.

How many people did this Qiao Yanze offend in the past?

Qiao Yanxuan sat on the lobby’s sofa with a dark expression. After a few seconds, he took out his phone and called Qiao Manor.

Half an hour later, Qiao Yanze appeared in front of him.

“Second Brother.”

Qiao Yanxuan stood up and stared at Qiao Yanze coldly. After the past few days together, he had stopped hiding or acting in front of Qiao Yanze. He didn’t like Qiao Yanze and he didn’t even bother to act anymore.

Like now, his eyes on Qiao Yanze were filled with hostility. “You’re really a good-for-nothing that ruins everything. Just because you’ve offended Mr Jerry in the past, he shut us off right away after hearing the Qiao Corporation name.”

Qiao Yanxuan walked towards the elevator. When he saw that Qiao Yanze was stunned, he growled coldly, “Aren’t you coming?”

They took the elevator to the hotel’s top floor and Qiao Yanxuan said with a dark expression, “When you see Mr Jerry later, you’d better apologize to him properly.”

“Second Brother, I don’t remember who Mr Jerry is anymore.”

“You have to apologize even if you cannot remember.” Qiao Yanxuan glared at Qiao Yanze warningly. “Why haven’t you remembered to call me Second Master outside?”

“Second Master.”

Once they got out of the elevator, Qiao Yanxuan led Qiao Yanze towards the presidential suite Mr Jerry stayed in. There were several CEOS of large companies standing at the door as well.

After waiting for more than an hour, Qiao Yanxuan finally got the chance to enter the presidential suite and meet Mr Jerry.

Jerry was having a meeting with his team and when he saw Qiao Yanxuan enter with Qiao Yanze, his expression changed instantly.

“Why did you bring him here?”

A currying smile appeared on Qiao Yanxuan’s handsome face. “Mr Jerry, I brought Qiao Yanze to apologize to you. He’s no longer the Qiao family Third Young Master and the Qiao Corporation has nothing to do with him as well.”

Qiao Yanxuan hurriedly eyed Qiao Yanze.

Qiao Yanze said to Mr Jerry, “I was young and stupid back then. Please forgive me if I have offended you.”

Jerry stood up and walked in front of Qiao Yanze. “You might not remember it, but I will remember you forever. When my young sister came to tour S Country in the past, she met you, the playboy. She fell in love with you but you threw her away. When she returned home, she slit her wrist in an attempt at suicide and almost died!”

Before Qiao Yanze could say anything, Jerry lifted a leg and kicked at Qiao Yanze’s abdomen ruthlessly. Qiao Yanze took a few steps back from the kick.

Seeing this, gloating filled Qiao Yanxuan’s eyes.