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Chapter 1446: A Sense of Satisfaction

Qiao Yanze staggered out of the private room and walked towards the washrooms. Tang Xi waited a long time in the private room but didn’t see Qiao Yanze return.

He was in a bad state. Worried that something would happen to him, Tang Xi went out to look for him.

In the end, something really happened.

Qiao Yanze had started fighting with someone in the main hall of the bar.

“I was thinking who the f*ck is so daring to dare to flirt with my woman… Turns out it’s the dog underwater who was removed from the Qiao family!”

The person who spoke was a rich second-generation heir that came to the bar often. He usually idled his time away and wanted to play with Qiao Yanze in the past. However, Qiao Yanze couldn’t respect him enough and didn’t let him enter his circle of friends.

That was why this rich second-generation heir curried favor with another young master that was rich and influential. Of course, the rich second-generation heir still remembered clearly about how Qiao Yanze had despised him before.

Recently, he found out that Qiao Yanze had lost everything, so he had been looking for a chance to meet him!

He didn’t think that they would meet today.

Qiao Yanze naturally didn’t flirt with his woman. On the other hand, his woman was the one that saw how handsome Qiao Yanze looked and followed him into the male toilet secretly. When Qiao Yanze found out, he pushed her against the wall and she bumped her head during the fiasco.

He naturally wouldn’t want that woman who cheated on him anymore. But it was just the right chance for him to use this incident and ruthlessly humiliate Qiao Yanze.

Reality was like that. When one had status and power, everyone would curry favor and hold you to high pedestals.

Once one lost everything, they would be nothing anymore. Everyone that had something against you would fight to step on you first.

Qiao Yanze was playful and arrogant in the past, so he despised the usual young masters and as a result, he offended many of them.

Now that those people found a chance, how would they let go of him so easily?

When Tang Xi came out, Qiao Yanze had defeated several bodyguards of that rich second-generation heir. However, that rich second-generation heir smashed an alcohol bottle at the back of his head. Frightening streams of red blood flowed from the back of his head to his neck.

The main hall of the bar instantly turned into a mess. That rich second-generation heir had brought quite a big entourage with him. They surrounded Qiao Yanze completely, so Tang Xi couldn’t approach Qiao Yanze and could only call for help hurriedly.

After drinking, Qiao Yanze’s reaction time wasn’t as sensitive as it was usually, and very quickly, he was thrown on the floor. The rich second-generation heir kicked him again and again.

Hearing the offensive curses from the rich second-generation heir and Qiao Yanze’s low grunts, Tang Xi picked up a chair and rushed into the circle to save the injured Qiao Yanze.

The two of them ran out of the bar.

At the entrance of the bar, a group dressed to the nines walked in. Qiao Yanze stumbled. Seeing that he couldn’t stand properly, Tang Xi hurriedly stabilized him.

The leader of the group was Qiao Yanxuan. Seeing that Qiao Yanze’s face was covered in blood and that he looked terrible, Qiao Yanxuan raised an eyebrow as a surprised expression filled his face. “Yanze, what happened to you?”

Qiao Yanze pushed Tang Xi’s hand away as he fell towards Qiao Yanxuan. After greeting his second brother, he fell unconscious.

Staring at Qiao Yanze, who had collapsed on him, it wasn’t nice for Qiao Yanxuan to push him away in front of everyone, so he had no choice but to help him into the car and send him to the hospital.

The doctor cleaned Qiao Yanze’s head wound before pushing him into a ward.

The entire time, Qiao Yanxuan stood in front of the bed and stared at Qiao Yanze, whose face was slim, lips pale and covered in injuries. He felt extremely satisfied with seeing the castaway Qiao Yanze.

Right now, he was no different from a dog underwater. Everyone that saw him was able to step on him.

Qiao Yanxuan didn’t leave immediately. Instead, he pulled a chair over and sat beside Qiao Yanze’s bed, admiring Qiao Yanze’s terrible appearance.

Qiao Yanze was the Qiao family’s heir since birth. He was above everyone and had been doted on by their mother. He was dignified, hard to approach, and was able to get the best of the world without having to put in any effort.

However, he didn’t cherish it. He caused a perfectly good family to become like that and even caused their mother to commit suicide. How was he thick-skinned enough to stay alive?

Qiao Yanze woke up and opened his eyes. Seeing Qiao Yanze sitting beside the bed, he spoke with a hoarse voice, “Second Brother, I have nothing now. Big Sister and Zhizhi are ignoring me now while Cen Xi despises me too. When I went to the bar, I was kicked and punched by those young masters that are lower than me. Is this Mother’s punishment for me?”

Qiao Yanxuan’s expression darkened slightly. “Yanze, Mother loved and doted on you since you were young. Even if you caused her death, I’m sure she wouldn’t punish you.”

Hearing Qiao Yanxuan’s words, guilt and pain-filled Qiao Yanze’s eyes. He hugged his injured head with his hands. “Second Brother, I did Mother wrong. I was the one who harmed her. I deserve death…”

Seeing Qiao Yanze immersed in pain, Qiao Yanxuan went forward and patted his shoulder. “Dead people cannot come back to life. There’s no use in being guilty or hating yourself.”

Qiao Yanze moved his hands away and stared at Qiao Yanxuan with completely red eyes. “Second Brother, I keep dreaming of Mother recently. Seeing that we’re brothers after all, can you let me move back into the Old Mansion for a while?”

Before Qiao Yanxuan could say anything, Qiao Yanze continued, “I know I’m not a Qiao family member right now and that I don’t deserve to return. But I’m willing to be a dog by Second Brother’s side. I’ll do anything Second Brother says!”

Be a dog by his side?

Qiao Yanxuan loved hearing such words.

Life was really inconstant. The young master that was arrogant, cold, domineering and doted on by everyone around him was actually willing to be a dog by someone’s side!

“Yanze, don’t speak like that. We’re brothers, how could I bear to let you be a dog?” Qiao Yanxuan’s long fingers caressed his chin as if he was contemplating something. “However, you’re not a Qiao family member right now. If I let you return, Grandma and the other family members will have opinions against me. I’ll be carrying a massive amount of pressure!”

“I will never move west if Second Brother asks me to move east.” Qiao Yanze’s face was completely pale, making him look thin and weak and void of any threats. Qiao Yanxuan had never seen Qiao Yanze like this. The more down and terrible he looked, the more Qiao Yanxuan felt the satisfaction of revenge.

If he kept Qiao Yanze by his side and made him as cheap as a dog fallen into the ashes with inferiority, it seemed pretty good as well.


Qiao Yanze was someone that had experienced great difficulty before and was a lot more mature than before. How would he become his dog so easily?

However, at another thought, he was suffering from the heavy and sinful burden of their mother’s suicide. That blood letter had chained him in it and he had lost his emotional support after breaking up with Cen Xi. It was understandable for him to want to go back to the old mansion that he had grown up in and had memories with their mother.

Qiao Yanxuan made a mental analysis. Since he couldn’t see through Qiao Yanze, he nodded forcefully. “Alright, you can return to the old mansion after you’re discharged. However, you can only stay with the servants. If not, it wouldn’t be easy for me to answer to Grandma.”

Qiao Yanze got out of bed and grabbed Qiao Yanxuan’s arm. “Second Brother, I’m very grateful that you can let me go back. I will do anything you ask me to. I will listen to you.”

After Qiao Yanxuan left the room, the currying and weakness in Qiao Yanze’s eyes faded completely, replaced with only a sharp coldness.