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Chapter 1445: As You Wished, We’re Over

The man who had gotten out of the taxi was wearing a black turtleneck knitted sweater and a coat of the same color. With his long legs, he was a person who looked good wearing any clothes. His fringe was a little long, yet he didn’t comb it up and let it cover his charming and pretty eyes.

The woman beside him was wearing a long, fitting professional suit that was black as well. She was wearing a pale green high-waisted short skirt and a pair of high heels. She looked cold, exquisite, knowledgeable and refined.

The two conversed as they walked towards the restaurant.

Cen Xi felt like some things were ingrained in them. An example was that her first thought was to choose this restaurant when she was choosing a restaurant.

Previously, Qiao Yanze and her would come here to eat from time to time. Both of them quite liked the light-tasting food and boiled soup here.

Cen Xi looked away from the couple, her pretty eyes unreadable.

Seeing Cen Xi’s bruised face, Qiao Yanxuan remembered that the boy that sent the flowers reported to him that Qiao Yanze didn’t look too good that night. Together with Cen Xi’s injuries on her face, Qiao Yanze must have abused her.

“If the Qing family didn’t migrate overseas back then, Yanze probably would not have liked your older sister.” Qiao Yanze glanced at the couple who had entered the restaurant and were walking towards them. He glanced at Qing Yan’s exquisite and cold face. “Qing Yan would have been his wife.”

Cen Xi’s expression was slightly cold. “Qiao Yanze and I are over. Telling me these have no use to mー”

Before she could finish speaking, she realized that someone was passing by her. When she looked up, her eyes met the man’s deep and devilish ones.

It was clear that Qing Yan, who was beside the man, had also seen Cen Xi and Qiao Yanxuan. She never thought that the two of them would eat together.

Qing Yan’s fingers sunk into her palms.

Her gaze landed on Cen Xi’s face. She was about to greet her when she froze at seeing the bruises on Cen Xi’s face.

She glanced at Cen Xi, then at the man who had walked towards their table first. After greeting Cen Xi, she walked over.

“Don’t you think they’re meant to be together?? The Qiao and Qing families had a marriage agreement between them since they were young. Qing Yan was Qiao Yanze’s first love.”

Cen Xi pursed her lips. “Mr Qiao, did you meet me today to say all of this?”

Qiao Yanxuan gave a handsome and elegant smile before he took out a photo album from his document bag. “Look at this. These are the girlfriends Yanze had in the past.”

But Cen Xi remained unmoved.

Qiao Yanxuan opened the photo album and flipped through the pages.

“Don’t you think the women in this look a little familiar? Look at their eyes. Don’t you think they look a little similar to Qing Yan?”

Cen Xi smirked coldly. She took the photo album from Qiao Yanxuan’s hand and flipped through it casually before she slammed it closed. She glanced towards Qiao Yanxuan. “Are you going to continue by saying that my eyes look like Qing Yan’s as well and that Qiao Yanze only got together with me because he wanted to find a substitute that looks like Qing Yan?”

Qiao Yanxuan narrowed his eyes slightly.

This woman’s reaction was slightly different from his expectations.

Cen Xi threw the photo album before him, her expression completely cold. “Mr Qiao, Qiao Yanze and I have broken up as you wished. Your calculations and distancing during the night of the company’s dinner and dance were very successful. Yes, the bruises on my face were done by him and I cannot forgive a person who has done such a thing to me. That is why you don’t have to think and do anything and everything to make us break up anymore.”

Qiao Yanxuan took a slow sip from his cup. “Then, I will be able to pursue Miss Cen openly.”

Cen Xi broke into a smile. “Mr Qiao, why are you acting like this? He is your younger brother after all. Will you only be happy after stepping on him and making him fall to the dust?”

In response, Qiao Yanxuan pressed a hand against his forehead. “Miss Cen, your misunderstanding of me is rather deep.”

Thinking that the meal couldn’t continue anymore, Cen Xi took out two notes and placed them on the table. “I’ll treat this meal.”

She then took her bag and left with a cold expression and walked out of the restaurant. Before she got into her car, she glanced back into the restaurant.

Her gaze landed on Qiao Yanze and Qing Yan.

She paused for a few seconds before she looked away, got into her car and left.

After Cen Xi left, Qing Yan stared at the man sitting opposite of her. “Yanze, what happened with Xiao Xi? Wouldn’t she misunderstand after seeing us have a meal together?”

Qiao Yanze leaned a hand against his chair as he looked extremely mischievous and casual. “Why would she misunderstand? Didn’t you see her sitting with my second brother just now?”

“Yanze, I just found out that Xiao Xi resigned from the company today.”

Qiao Yanze leaned against the back of the chair. “Qiao Yanze, what did she get from the lucky draw from your company’s dinner and dance?”

Qing Yan looked down, biting her lip.

“Can’t you tell me?”

“Yanze, I don’t want to hide it from you. The day after the dinner and dance when Xiao Xi took leave, CEO Jiang had a meeting with the rest of us and told us not to mention the grand prize. If someone investigated or asked, we have to say that it’s a cheque.”

Qing Yan leaned closer towards Qiao Yanze, lowering her volume. “It’s actually a bracelet. I wasn’t there, so I didn’t see it. But a colleague said that the bracelet was really pretty and was the limited edition of LX.”

Qiao Yanze closed his eyes, his tongue pressed against his cheek.

After taking her ruthlessly that day and regaining his rationality, he already realized that he had made a really low and serious mistake.

He had really lost his rationality.

Seeing that bracelet made him recall the words she said to him in the car, of her resenting that he was doing nothing and lost his noble status. The feeling of being despised by the woman he loved the most felt like countless thin needles had pricked his heart. The sharp pain overpowered all of his senses.

If she didn’t say those hurtful words to him, he might still have some rationality left in him to think after seeing that bracelet.

It just happened that everything occurred together.

When he left the apartment that night, he already understood everything.

However, it was too late. The worst had already happened and she was hurt.

After returning to her apartment, Cen Xi looked for a new place on the internet. Unable to find a suitable place, she went to take a shower in the bathroom and went to Gu Meng’s old room to rest.

In the middle of the night, she heard thunder resounding. At the thought that she hadn’t kept the clothes on the balcony, she hurriedly got out of bed.

When she went to the balcony and collected the clothes, she incidentally saw a tall figure standing downstairs in the rain.

Her lashes fluttered.

Thinking that she had seen wrongly, she glanced at the figure again, only to see him turning and leaving.

In a luxurious and dark bar.

Tang Xi stared at the man who came drenched and was unwilling to change. The man sat down on the sofa, took a bottle of alcohol and kept drinking nonstop. It made him feel terribly worried. “Third Brother, what’s wrong? Did Miss Cen ask to break up again?”

Qiao Yanze remained quiet.

Tang Xi raised an eyebrow. “F*ck, was I right? Third Brother, how many times have you been cast off by Miss Cen?”

Qiao Yanze ignored Tang Xi as he finished a bottle of alcohol. He got up with red eyes and stalked out of the private room.