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Chapter 1442: Like a Devil

His palm was like a pair of pliers, almost making Cen Xi’s bones break. Her face paled slightly and her lips trembled. “Qiao Yanze, you’re hurting me!”

Qiao Yanze stared fixedly at the extravagant bracelet on her slender wrist. His eyes were full of emotions and anger was surging out from the bottom of his heart.

He pulled her up from the chair with a dark expression.

Cen Xi was caught off guard and she felt a pain at the tip of her nose when she suddenly knocked into his firm chest.

Before she could react, he raised her wrist up to their eye level and his expression was dark. “Where did you get this bracelet from?”

Cen Xi looked at the bracelet around her wrist and said, “I got it from the company’s lottery.”

“Ha.” He gave a sneer.

Would the lottery of the company have a bracelet that has a limited number in the world?

Recalling what she had said in the car that day, a flame that could not be easily extinguished appeared in his heart. “You look down on me so you went to hook up with a richer man?”


Cen Xi was shocked. She could not believe that he had said those words.

“Qiao Yanze, what do you take me for?”

Qiao Yanze sneered and his eyes that were looking at her turned red. “Do you know there are only ten of these bracelets in the world? You don’t want the jade bracelet I gave you but wore this bracelet. Do you think it’s very suitable for your status?

“Cen Xi, I thought that we could be together without reservation after experiencing that disaster. It seems like I was wrong!”

Cen Xi’s pupils constricted. Although she was hurt by his words, she still wanted to explain to him. “I don’t know where you saw this bracelet, but I didn’t lie to you. I really got it from the company’s lottery.”

Qiao Yanze let go of Cen Xi’s hand. “Call your boss now.”

Cen Xi looked at Qiao Yanze’s dark expression and she swallowed. He was really frightening right now, as if he would swallow her alive if she did not make the call.

Taking out her phone from her bag, Cen Xi called the president of the company.

“President Jiang, the grand prize for today’s lottery is a bracelet right…”

“Xiao Xi, the grand prize tonight is $100,000 in cash and not a bracelet. It’s also a check that is in the bag. It’s going to be the holidays soon, you can use the money to go on a small trip with your boyfriend or something.”

Qiao Yanze took the phone away and hung up the call.

Cen Xi was stunned. She didn’t expect that the boss would say that. What had happened? But earlier that night…

Her mind was blank for a moment and when she regained her senses, she felt that she had fallen into a trap.

“I’ll call the colleague who put the bracelet for me.”

Qiao Yanze threw her phone to the ground directly.

The atmosphere turned stifling and oppressive. She did not want to quarrel with him, so she went around him to get back into the apartment.

But she had just walked to the balcony door when her wrist was grabbed by the man. He pulled the bracelet off her wrist and threw it into the bin.

“I didn’t expect you to be such a materialistic woman!”

Cen Xi knew that she was being set up by someone. The person who did this wanted to break them up. She told herself to be rational, but what he said was still hurtful.

People could not control their rationality when they were angry.

She was the same.

“Yes, I’m a materialistic woman. You have nothing so I despise you! Let go of me! I asked you to pack your things that day, so quickly pack up and leave my apartment!”

Qiao Yanze smirked coldly.

Grabbing her slender wrist, he pulled her into the apartment and threw her onto the sofa roughly.

Cen Xi was dazed by his throw. After a while, she wanted to stand up from the sofa, but the man pushed her back to the sofa, pulled out his belt and tied up her wrists.

“Qiao Yanze!”

She never thought that he had such a cruel side to him.

He knelt on the sofa on one knee and pinched her chin with his index finger and thumb, his gaze cold. “I wonder how you’ll feel to be f*cked by someone you looked down upon?”

Cen Xi’s pupils constricted.

She kicked her legs at him.

Right now, she was still dressed in the evening gown she had worn for the party. When she lifted her legs, the dress was turned up, revealing her fair and well-proportioned thighs. Qiao Yanze’s Adam’s apple bobbed when he saw the g-string she was wearing inside.

He bent down and pressed hard against her lips.

Cen Xi looked at the man’s red eyes and violent expression. There was no trace of gentleness to it.

It was like he had turned into a devil.

Cen Xi’s body and mind were shaking. She felt frightened and explained again. “President Jiang lied. I didn’t accept the bracelet from another person…”


The doorbell rang suddenly. Qiao Yanze carried Cen Xi into the room, took a belt and tied her to the chair.

Cen Xi glared at him with red eyes. “Qiao Yanze, I didn’t expect you to be such a person! Let go of me, do you hear me?”

As if he had not heard her, he went out of the bedroom and slammed the door shut.

He went to the hallway and opened the door.

A young man stood outside the door with a bouquet of beautiful roses.

“Hello, Sir. Is this Miss Cen Xi’s house?”

When Qiao Yanze saw the man holding the roses in his arms, his anger rose again. When Cen Xi heard the sounds at the door, she moved and made a sound with the chair.

The young man who was delivering the flowers heard the noise and looked at Qiao Yanze, whose expression did not look too good. “Sir, is Miss Cen home?”

Qiao Yanze narrowed his gloomy eyes. “Who sent these flowers?”

“I’m not quite sure, Sir.”

Qiao Yanze smirked coldly. “Scram with the flowers!”

The young man had the door slammed in his face.

Cen Xi struggled on the chair and the belt tied around her was broken by her. She immediately got up from the chair. However, she had just taken a step forward when the bedroom door was pushed open by the man.

“Do you want to see the flowers sent by the man you hooked up?” He spoke in a strange tone.

Cen Xi furrowed her eyebrows and said angrily, “Qiao Yanze, do you know you’re breaking the law by tying me up?”

“What am I afraid of? What have I not experienced before?”

He walked towards her slowly, an unfamiliar and dangerous expression on his handsome face, just like a beast that smelled blood in the forest, with a terrifying and aggressive look in his eyes.

Cen Xi’s heart quivered. She was terrified and kept moving backwards. Until she was by the bedside and had nowhere to move.

He stood in front of her, his red eyes clearly reflecting her pale face.

“Qiao Yanze, listen to me. Be reasonable!”

But Qiao Yanze only smirked and held her slender wrist, his lips enveloping her earlobe. “Cen Xi, do you want to marry into the Qiao family?”

Cen Xi’s eyelashes fluttered.

She did not quite understand what he meant.

“I have thought about it…” But if he didn’t bring it up, she wouldn’t have brought it up either.

Before she could finish, she was interrupted by his mocking tone. “So, you couldn’t get married to me so now you want to get married to my second brother?”