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Chapter 1439: If Not, Let’s Break Up!

A cold air exuded out from Qiao Yanze. He stared fixedly at Cen Xi, not wanting to miss the slightest expression on her face. Her face was tensed and she was biting her lip, not responding to his words.

Not responding meant that she agreed with what he said.

Thinking that he was idling around every day and was not worthy of her!

A sharp pain suddenly spread out from Qiao Yanze’s heart and his eyes that were looking at Cen Xi’s face turned cold.

He had never thought that she would look down on him like this.

She had saved him when he was in his darkest and most troubled time and brought him out from the darkness and into the light.

In his heart, she was an angel.

But how long had it been since he recovered and returned to her side?

Her attitude towards him had changed.

Qiao Yanze’s tall body leaned against the car seat and a sneer appeared on his lips. After the sharp pain in his chest dissipated slowly, he said in a hoarse voice, “I thought you were different from others.”

There was a layer of loneliness and sadness surrounding him.

Cen Xi clenched her hands into fists, her fingers digging into her palms. She did not look at him and lowered her thick eyelashes. “I like you and can accompany you through any difficulties. But only if you don’t give up on yourself.”

Her long eyelashes covered the emotion in her eyes, making him unable to see the thoughts deep in her heart. But her every word was like a gem. “I don’t need you to be rich, but you have to at least be ambitious. All day long, you do nothing but play games and have sex, spending the money your family gives you. You will only be looked down upon being like this!”

The atmosphere in the car suddenly dropped to a freezing point as soon as her voice fell. She could feel the chill and anger from him even if she did not look up.

Her words were very hurtful, she had not held anything back. It was like a thin and sharp needle had stabbed into his heart.

He stubbed out the cigarette that was still between his fingers. His long fingers reached over to Cen Xi and pinched her delicate chin, forcing her to raise her head. “Say that again?”

The two pairs of eyes stared at each other.

One pair was red with a fire that could not be ignored burning.

The other was cold with angry disappointment.

“I care about you and can give my life for you. But it doesn’t mean that I have to tolerate you unconditionally. What I despise most in my life is a man who has no ambitions and no fighting spirit. You weren’t like this before. You used to have aspirations, ideals and goals. Why should you let a blood letter crush y-”

Before she could finish the man’s grip on her chin tightened. Cen Xi’s bones were almost crushed by him, but she remained silent, looking at him coldly with a stubborn and proud gaze.

Qiao Yanze then realized that she really meant it.

“What if I want to continue being like this!”

Tears filled Cen Xi’s eyes and her lips trembled. “Then I’ve misjudged you. You can rely on the Queen and your sister for a lifetime, but I can’t accept it. If you want to continue like this, we can only break up.”

Break up?

Qiao Yanze lifted his lips into a wry smile. They had experienced life and death and had gone through the most difficult time hand in hand.

In the end, they were defeated by reality. It was laughable.

Qiao Yanze laughed.

“You really want to break up?”

Cen Xi’s eyes turned red and she lowered her head, trying to calm herself. “If you change, I will take my words back.”

Lifting Cen Xi’s chin, Qiao Yanze made her facelift higher. He said nothing and kissed her on the lips. With a rage that could not be ignored.

Sucking, gnawing and biting.

His hot breath spilled onto her skin. She did not push him away, or respond to his kiss and was like a wooden stake.

Qiao Yanze felt powerless and hollow. Releasing her slowly, a trace of anger gradually appeared in his eyes that were staring at her.

When women became fickle, they were really merciless.

Qiao Yanze sat up straight and looked at the woman in the front passenger seat. Her expression was cold, her eyes were red but cold.

“If you want to continue to be self-indulgent and unambitious,” she clenched her hands into fists then unclenched them and then clenched them back again, as if to summon all her courage to say, “then take away all the things you have left in my apartment!”

Was she driving him away?

Qiao Yanze sneered. Saying nothing else, he pushed open the car door and got out. All the while, Cen Xi sat in the car, watching him walk out of the district as she dug her fingers into her palms.

Her eyes prickled with a hotness and she felt a lump in her throat. Biting her lip, she forced herself to look away and pulled out the car key. She got out of the car and returned to the apartment.

The two people, one went south, the other north and neither of them turned back.

Qing Yan returned home from work by bus. She went to the supermarket outside the district and bought some ingredients. She was about to go upstairs when she saw a thin and tall figure on the road.


Qing Yan blinked to make sure she did not see wrongly. She opened her mouth to say hello, but she found that he looked a little lonely.

Realizing that he was feeling down, Qing Yan followed behind him while carrying her groceries.

After walking for a long time, Qiao Yanze reached the seaside. Qing Yan remembered that when he was a child, he would often go to the seaside to vent when he was in a bad mood.

Qiao Yanze asked Da Zuo to bring a bottle of hard liquor. After Da Zuo left, he sat on the beach, looking at the vast and boundless sea and drank a big mouthful with a heavy mood.

There was a burning sensation when the strong taste entered his throat and his organs were twisting in pain.

Qing Yan stood a short distance away and was worried that something would happen to Qiao Yanze when she saw that he had drunk most of the hard liquor and was going to continue drinking it. Walking over, she took the bottle away from his long fingers.

The hard liquor that Qiao Yanze drank had a high alcohol content. After drinking half a bottle, his slender eyes were slightly red and he reached out his hand to snatch the bottle back after it was taken away.

He was much stronger than Qing Yan. Qing Yan did not stand properly and fell into his arms with the wine in her hand.

Qiao Yanze looked down at the slender woman in his arms and pinched her chin with his eyes looking slightly dazed. “Cen Xi, is this the extent of your so-called ‘like’ for me? My sister and Zhizhi gave me money, but I didn’t use a cent of it. Do you think I can’t earn money myself after leaving them and the Qiao family?

“Yes, I play mobile games every day, but can’t games make money?” He tightened his hold on her chin. “I used the money I made from games on the stock market and the money earned is enough to make you have no worries about food or clothing. Am I so useless in your eyes?

“Were you also interested in my status? Now that I don’t have the aristocratic status of being the Qiao family’s young master, you’re looking down on me? Ha…”