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Chapter 1437: Decision

Seeing Xiao Ying looking unwell, Tang En came over and said with concern, “Junior, you and your sister have a rest. I’ll grill it.”

Xiao Ying handed the brush to Tang En and nodded. “Okay, thank you.”

The two sisters sat on the lounge chairs. Cen Xi looked at the considerate Tang En and said softly, “Sister, I think your senior is interested in you.”

But Xiao Ying only wrapped her arms around her slender body and looked at Tang En, who was focused on barbecuing. “Don’t talk nonsense. Senior is already taken.”

Cen Xi was a little surprised. “Sister, you don’t usually like to get too close to boys who have girlfriends. Won’t your senior’s girlfriend be jealous with the two of you being close?”

“To be exact, it’s a boyfriend,” Xiao Ying came close to Cen Xi ear and whispered.

Cen Xi’s eyes widened slightly. Seeming to have thought of something, Cen Xi held Xiao Ying’s hand. “Sister, what if that boyfriend gets jealous and gives you trouble?”

“I’ll tell you the truth. When I first came here, I was in low spirits. I was walking on the road one day and almost got hit by a car. It was Senior who pulled me away. He recently broke up with his boyfriend who was too domineering. He asked me to pretend to be his girlfriend and I met his boyfriend once.”

Cen Xi shuddered with fear. It was not easy for her sister to resume her quiet and plain life. If she provoked this boyfriend, she would be in trouble. But her sister would always repay her debts and was very loyal.

Her senior saved her and needed her help, so naturally, she would not refuse his request.

Cen Xi asked nervously, “Did that boyfriend give you any trouble after that?”

Xiao Ying shook her head. “No.”

It was only then that Cen Xi then let out a sigh of relief. Tang En came over with the cooked lamb and beef and put them on the table. “Have a bite and see if it tastes good?”

“Senior, sit down and eat with us!” Xiao Ying said.

Tang En pointed to the grill. “I’ll make some more eggplants that you like.”

Cen Xi looked at Tang En, who was walking towards the barbecue grill again. He was tall, probably about 1.86 meters tall. With his red lips, pearly white teeth and bright eyes, it seemed to be filled with stars when he smiled. He was really better looking than those young hunks on TV.

Xiao Ying took a bite of the mutton and after chewing it, her stomach felt uncomfortable again. Covering her mouth, she walked quickly into the villa.

What was wrong with her sister? Cen Xi hurriedly followed after her.

When she found Xiao Ying, her sister was squatting in front of the toilet, retching. Cen Xi went in and patted Xiao Ying’s back, her face full of worry. “Sister, what’s wrong?”

After the discomfort in her stomach had eased, Xiao Ying got up slowly and went to the sink. Turning the tap, she washed her face and looked back at the worried Cen Xi. “I’m feeling a little nauseous, the greasiness makes me feel like throwing up.”

Cen Xi looked at Xiao Ying’s face that had turned pale because of her vomiting and frowned. “Sister, are you pregnant?”


Xiao Ying thought of last time in Burma when she thought that she was pregnant, but it turned out that she was having her period and appendicitis.

This time, she was not sure and dared not speculate.

“I’ll go to the hospital for a check-up tomorrow.” Xiao Ying wiped away the beads of water on her face, her eyes were as cold as frost. “If I’m really pregnant, I’ll abort it.”

Cen Xi looked at Xiao Ying and said nothing else.

She understood her sister’s feelings. She was finally having a new start in life and if she was pregnant with Long Ming’s child, they would always be involved with each other.

Having no mood to continue the barbecue, Xiao Ying let Tang En know and took Cen Xi back to the villa she had rented.

Cen Xi had brought her bank card over. “I’m working now and my salary is pretty good. Sister, this is your money, I spent some of it and you can keep the rest!”

In response, Xiao Ying only pushed the bank card to Cen Xi again. “I still have a lot of jewelry, keep the card. I gave this to you and you can spend it however you want it. I’ll get angry if you continue to be polite.”

Cen Xi hugged Xiao Ying. “Sister, you must meet your own happiness quickly.”

“I know. You’ll be the first one to know when I meet the right one.”

The next day.

Cen Xi accompanied Xiao Ying to the hospital. After the examination, the results showed that Xiao Ying really was pregnant this time. Seeing the results, Xiao Ying did not speak for a long time.

By her side, Cen Xi was quiet.

Half an hour later, Xiao Ying went to find a doctor with the results and proposed to have an abortion. The doctor looked at Xiao Ying and told Xiao Ying about the consequences of getting the abortion.

After determining that she still wanted to do it, the doctor issued an abortion operation sheet. The operation would be carried out in the afternoon.

At noon, Xiao Ying and Cen Xi went out to eat.

“Sister, have you thought it through? Do you really want to abort it?”

Xiao Ying nodded. “Yes.” She was not that great. She had only begun living a free life and was going to have a baby. What’s more, it was Long Ming’s.

Both of them had already agreed to forget each other. What was she if she were to secretly give birth to his child? When the child was born in the future, it would also be known as an illegitimate child.

Xiao Ying put down the knife and fork. Holding her forehead in her palm, she looked at the TV in the restaurant.

A news segment on TV was about how Long Ming had unified the North and South of Burma. Wearing a tailored suit, he had become the king at the top under the spotlight.

Seeing his well-defined and handsome face again, Xiao Ying felt that centuries had passed. His deep blue eyes looked colder than ever and there was a kingly air all around him.

She would never let him know that she had not forgotten her memories of him.

She never wanted to have anything to do with him again!

In the afternoon.

Xiao Ying entered the operating theater, while Cen Xi waited outside.

The nurse asked Xiao Ying to take off her pants and lie down on the operating table.

The nurse put on the oxygen mask for Xiao Ying. “The anesthetist will come over later. Your abortion procedure will be painless and after you are anesthetized, it will be like you’re sleeping. I will wake you up after the operation.”

Xiao Ying nodded.

After a while, the anesthetist came. Xiao Ying was not afraid of injections, but after seeing the anesthetist taking out the needle, her palms were sweating.

“Take it easy, relax.”

The needles went into Xiao Ying’s blood vessel and it felt like she was being bitten by an insect. Xiao Ying did not know where this strength came from. Pushing the anesthetist away, she pulled the needle out.

She then staggered out of the room.

“Miss, where are youー do you still want to have the operation?”

But Xiao Ying seemed to have not heard a word. Staggering out of the operating theater, she saw Cen Xi waiting outside and rushed into her arms.

“Xiao Xi, I can’t do it.”