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Chapter 1436: She Might Be Pregnant

The sleepiness in Cen Xi suddenly disappeared.

“What’s wrong?” He looked at her.

“You held another woman.” Her tone was decisive.

Qiao Yanze was stunned at first, then he gave a low laugh, biting the tip of her delicate nose. “Were you born in the year of the dog? You have such a sensitive nose.”

Cen Xi looked at the man who was calm and furrowed her eyebrows slightly. Either he was an experienced playboy or he had a clear conscience.

She naturally leaned towards the second reasoning.

“You really held another woman?”

“What are you thinking about?” Qiao Yanze took off his shirt and sat at the head of the bead with his upper body bare, holding Cen Xi in his arms. “I met Qing Yan in the bar.”

Qiao Yanze sympathized with what Qing Yan had encountered. He did not want to hide it from Cen Xi and told her what had happened. “She was forced to be a hostess by her manager. I couldn’t stand by and do nothing, so I pulled her out of the bar.”

Cen Xi did not expect Qing Yan to be selling wine in the bar after work. She had said last time that she had a child so she must be a single mother. Her family went bankrupt and not only did she have to raise the child, but was also responsible for her father’s medical expenses and the expenses of the whole family. It was not easy for her.

Qiao Yanze took out the jade bracelet. “I bought this. For you.”

Cen Xi shook her head. “I don’t want it.”

Qiao Yanze looked at Cen Xi who had refused without any hesitation. “Because my mom gave it to Qing Yan?”

“Your mother doesn’t like my sister and she certainly wouldn’t like me either. If I wear something she has worn, it will make her unhappy.”

Qiao Yanze stared at Cen Xi for a few seconds and said nothing more. He put the jade bracelet into the box, got up and went into the bathroom.

Hearing the door of the bathroom slammed shut, Cen Xi felt her scalp tingle and she stuck out her tongue. Cen Xi knew that he felt guilty towards his mother and her things were like treasure to him.

He was honest with her and even gave her the jade bracelet. But she refused without thinking about it and it was indeed a little hurtful!

Fifteen minutes later, the man came out from the bathroom and did not even look at Cen Xi who was sitting on the bed.

Cen Xi got out of bed.

Qiao Yanze sat on the sofa, smoking while watching the news. He only had a bath towel wrapped around his body. Under the orange light, the muscles on his upper body were firm and rippling. There were still beads of water dripping from his soft, black hair, his handsome face was tense and there was a sense of coldness and indifference to him.

Cen Xi looked at him for a while and seeing that he did not respond, she walked towards him. Standing in front of the sofa, she blocked the TV and took the cigarette from his hand. “You’re angry?”

Qiao Yanze looked at the woman standing in front of him. “Give me the cigarette.”

“No.” Not only did Cen Xi not give the cigarette back to him, but she also stubbed out the cigarette in the ashtray.

She crouched down in front of him and poked at his strong chest. “Why don’t you put on the jade bracelet for me?”

“It’s late.” The man spat out the words coldly. It was clear that she did not want to wear it.

Looking at the tensed expression on the man’s handsome face, Cen Xi gave a flattering smile and said softly and gently, “Don’t be angry. I’m in the wrong, okay!”

“Is that all you’re going to do to make me not angry?”

Although his expression was still tense, his voice showed the slightest signs of relaxing.

“What do you want me to do?” Although there were only the two of them in the apartment, a blush still appeared on her face.

Cen Xi was cold and independent usually. She was young but had her own opinions and ideas. She never attached herself to others in relationships, dared to love and hate, and was intelligent. Qiao Yanze was attracted by her charm at that time.

But which man did not like their woman to be more open when they were together in private?

Qiao Yanze leaned against the sofa and said nothing. There was some flicker of interest in his slender and upturned eyes and his lips were lifted up slightly, showing a devilish look on his handsome face.

Faced with his gaze and expression, Cen Xi’s heart could not help beating faster.

Taking the initiative, she perched herself on his legs, then wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed his lips.

It was the weekend.

Cen Xi went to see Xiao Ying. She did not tell her sister in advance as she wanted to give her a surprise.

As Cen Xi knew that her sister was studying management at university, she hailed a taxi and went directly to the university from the airport.

Cen Xi did not go in and stood at the school gate.

Before long, Cen Xi saw her sister’s figure. She was walking with a tall, thin and sunny looking boy.

They were talking and her sister’s gentle and charming face was animated. Although she had a scar on one half of her face, she did not use makeup to cover it. Her bare face looked up to the sky confidently and there was a tinge of red under her fair skin, like a fresh and attractive lily.

It was rare for Cen Xi to see her sister with such a relaxed and comfortable smile. Xiao Ying and the boy beside her walked out of the campus and when Xiao Ying saw Cen Xi standing at the school gate, she was surprised. “Xiao Xi?”


After letting the boy beside her know, Xiao Ying opened her arms and ran towards Cen Xi. The sisters hugged each other and only let go of each other after a long time.

The boy came over and Xiao Ying made introductions. “Xiao Ying, this is Tang En, my senior and neighbor. Senior Tang En, this is my sister, Xiao Xi.”

Tang En greeted Cen Xi warmly.

Tang En and Xiao Ying were going to have a barbecue in the evening. While Tang En went to the supermarket to buy the ingredients, Xiao Ying and Cen Xi set up the barbecue grill in the yard.

“Sister, are you dating Senior Tang En?”

Xiao Ying poked Cen Xi’s forehead with a smile. “What are you thinking? Where will there be boys who will like me with my face like this? But Senior Tang En is the only person who didn’t laugh at my appearance in university. I feel that he is a good person, he’s so sunny and optimistic, and doesn’t judge people by their appearance. That’s why I decided to become friends with him.”

After Tang En came back with the ingredients, the three of them had a barbecue together.

But for some reason, Xiao Ying did not know why she felt nauseous and uncomfortable when she smelled the odors from the barbecue.