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Chapter 1432: Meeting

The next morning.

He looked at her deeply and held her slender waist, his voice was husky and sexy after waking up. “Did you sleep well?”

To be honest, she did not sleep well. But for the sake of saying something nice, she said with a smile, “I slept well with you by my side.”

“That’s good.” He suddenly turned over and covered her body with his. “Let’s do it again then.”

It was then that Cen Xi finally understood what it meant to shoot oneself in the foot.

The man’s lips pressed down against hers domineeringly. His masculine breath filled her nose and her heart throbbed.

She still had to go to work so he did not ‘torture’ her for too long.

But she still could not bear it.

She went to the bathroom to wash up and the man came over, hugging her from behind.

The man only wore a pair of pants, his upper body bare, and she looked even more slender being held by him like that. He pinched her thin waist. “You don’t have much meat on your body. You should eat more and exercise more.”

Cen Xi glared at him through the mirror. “Do all men like women who are a little fleshy?”

Qiao Yanze laughed. “I don’t know about other men, but I like the way you look.”

“This is all just sweet talk, you wanted me to eat more just now!”

Qing Yan’s face appeared in Cen Xi’s mind. She was cold and charming, had a voluptuous figure and the places where she was fleshy were firm. Men should like that kind of woman!

Mmm… Cen Xi looked at herself. She had lost a lot of weight recently because she was worried about him.

After washing up, Cen Xi and Qiao Yanze went to the restaurant downstairs to have breakfast.

Cen Xi thought of how someone wanted to steal the antidote in Switzerland and she looked at Qiao Yanze. “The Queen told you about how the antidote was almost destroyed, right? Have you found out who that person was?”

Qiao Yanze pursed his lips slightly. “There’s no need to investigate. I know who it was.”

Cen Xi looked at Qiao Yanze. “Your Second Brother?”

Qiao Yanze remained quiet.

At that time, she was in a hurry to return to the Capital so she did not call the police. It also happened overseas so it was not easy to investigate afterwards. Besides, even if he knew that it was his Second Brother who had sent someone to do it, it was hard to find the evidence.

“Now that you have recovered, when are you going back to the Qiao family?”

Qiao Yanze put down the spoon and leaned back against the chair. “Zhizhi did a test on my mother’s blood letter and it was written by my mother herself. The Old Madam was not lying.”

Cen Xi furrowed her eyebrows. “Do you plan to listen to your mother’s words, just like that? Are you really willing to get kicked out of the Qiao family, becoming unfilial and homeless?”

A smirk appeared on Qiao Yanze’s face. “Why, are you not going to be with me if I have nothing?”

“No, I just thiー”

“Enough, I don’t want to talk about it for the time being.”

So Cen Xi kept quiet.

She knew that the fall of the Qiao family and the death of his mother were things he could not get over. He did not listen to Madam Qiao’s words at the beginning which led to her suicide. Now that he wanted to listen to Madam Qiao’s words, she was not around anymore. So, he would rather comply with Madam Qiao’s last wishes by leaving the Qiao family than fight for it.

If his Second Brother was a good man, he did not want anything and Cen Xi also supported him. But if his Second Brother harbored evil intentions, wouldn’t the reputation and honor of the Qiao family, which he had finally restored, be ruined again?

However, the knot in his heart could not be resolved so soon. If she said too much now, it was just going to turn him off.

After breakfast, Qiao Yanze drove Cen Xi to work. Cen Xi decided to stay in the Capital.

After finding a job, she bought a car. The price of it was considered cheap for Qiao Yanze who was used to driving luxury cars.

“I’ll buy you a good car next time.”

“Don’t waste your money, I’m fine with driving this.” Cen Xi put on her seatbelt and looked at the drizzling sky. Seeming to have thought of something, she took out a housing deed from her bag. “This is the villa you gave me, I’ll give you back the deed.”

Qiao Yanze pushed the deed back to her hand. “I’ll buy a new villa. Even if I’m not in the Qiao family, I can still let you live a good life.”

“We can just live in this villa, you don’t have to buy another one.”

Qiao Yanze touched Cen Xi’s head and laughed. “You’re starting to have the attitude of the future Mrs Qiao.”

Cen Xi glared at him. “What nonsense are you talking about!”

Qiao Yanze turned the steering wheel and drove out of the neighborhood, but he only used one hand to hold the steering wheel and his other hand was touching Cen Xi’s waist. “Is it aching? Shall I rub it for you?”

What rubbing? He was just taking advantage of her!

“Why are you so annoying? There are surveillance cameras around.”

“What are you afraid of? It’s not like we’re having an affair.”

This fellow, he could say it so seriously and naturally when doing something shameless.

Cen Xi swatted his hand away and moved towards the car window. “Drive properly…” Before she could finish, she saw a graceful figure standing near the road.

The woman might have come out in a hurry as she had no umbrella with her. She stood at the bus stop and a bus drove over. Because it was full of people, the woman tried to squeeze in, but a man beat her to it.

The woman was pushed out of the bus and stepped back several steps, nearly falling.

“Pull over. I saw a colleague of mine,” Cen Xi spoke.

She knew that it was like being in a war to squeeze into buses to get to work here. One could not squeeze in if he did not have the skills.

Qiao Yanze turned on the signal lights and stopped the car by the side. He was about to ask Cen Xi what she was doing when he saw Qing Yan at the bus stop.

Cen Xi got out of the car with an umbrella.

Qiao Yanze saw her jogging towards Qing Yan. They talked to each other for a while and Qing Yan followed Cen Xi over.

Cen Xi sat on the front passenger seat and Qing Yan sat in the back after keeping the umbrella.

“Xiao Xi, I’m sorry to have troubled you again…” Before Qing Yan finished speaking, she was slightly stunned when she saw the man in the driver’s seat.

Qiao Yanze felt Qing Yan’s gaze and looked at her through the rearview mirror. He was about to say hello to her when Qing Yan looked away and looked out of the car window.

Treating him just like a stranger.

Qiao Yanze pursed his lips and said nothing more. Starting the engine again, the car sped off.

“Sister Qing Yan, this is my boyfriend. His surname is Qiao. Brother Yanze, Sister Qing Yan is my colleague.”

Qing Yan smiled and nodded. “Hello, Mr Qiao. Xiao Xi is a very good girl, you are very lucky.”

Qiao Yanze held Cen Xi’s hand, his eyes filled with love. “I’m lucky to have met her.”

When they arrived at the translating company, Qing Yan got out of the car first. Qiao Yanze looked at Qing Yan and Cen Xi caught his gaze landing on Qing Yan’s slender figure when she turned her head.