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Chapter 1431: Sweetness

After kissing, Cen Xi held Qiao Yanze’s well-defined face and looked at him unblinkingly. She had not looked at him carefully after he came.

Dark eyebrows, slender eyes, high nose bridge, thin lips… After recovering his usual appearance, he had returned to the charming rich young master again. He was like a work of art carved by God carefully, every inch of muscle and outline was just perfect.

Cen Xi looked at the man and was slightly dazed when she thought that this man would be hers in the future.

“What are you thinking?”

“I was thinking that if a woman were to seduce you in the future, I would show her the picture of when you were poisoned and watch her escape with her tail between her legs.”

Qiao Yanze bit the woman’s earlobe. “You took an ugly picture of me?”

Red lips curved upwards. “Yes, are you afraid now? If you are, you can’t give other women a chance in the future.”

Pinching Cen Xi’s delicate nose, Qiao Yanze reached out his hand to take her cell phone on the bedside table. Then he picked up her phone and looked through it but did not find this so-called ugly picture. He lowered his head and kissed her on the cheek.

She shrunk her neck and said, “I lied to you. I didn’t take a picture of you.”

“You lied to me?” She did not look back, but she could hear a trace of danger in his voice.

Under the influence of alcohol, Cen Xi’s eyelids felt heavy. The man’s phone rang and he sat up from the bed to answer it.

Meanwhile, Cen Xi was wrapped in the blanket and lay on her side, looking at the man.

His jaw was thin, the contour of his face was well-defined and his nose bridge was high. When he was talking to the person at the end of the other line, the corners of his lips lifted up unconsciously.

He looked so handsome and charming.

Cen Xi heard that the person who had called him was Nan Zhi.

“There’s not much of a problem with my body. Don’t worry, I have a woman beside me now…”

Cen Xi glared at him with her face red, indicating that he should pay attention to his words.

The man looked at her shy expression and his other hand that was not holding the phone held the back of her head. Lowering his head, he kissed her red lips.

They were close to each other and Cen Xi heard Nan Zhi say, “You’ve just recovered, you should be resting!” As Nan Zhi spoke, she realized that there really might be a woman beside Qiao Yanze. After saying hurriedly that she would not disturb them, she hung up.

Cen Xi saw that Qiao Yanze had ended the call and wrapping the blanket around herself tightly, she buried her head inside the blanket. The man pulled away the blanket, leaving her to have nowhere to hide so she had no choice but to look up at him.

There were still beads of sweat on his face, making the hair on his temples wet and he looked sexy and lazy.

Looking at her red and slightly angry face, he lowered his head and kissed her forehead gently.

The next morning.