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Chapter 1430: Holding Her in His Arms Tightly

Taking out her phone, Cen Xi immediately called the security company. Soon after, the security company sent two security officers over.

“Someone came into my house. Look at the mess in the kitchen…” Drifting off suddenly, Cen Xi found that something was wrong. If it was a thief, how did the thief get in?

When she came back, the front door was fine and there were no signs of a break-in.

It was probably Young Master Li and the incident of the antidote almost being destroyed that made her have some psychological trauma. She would be nervous at the mere rustle of leaves by the wind.

“Miss Cen, we’ll go and have a look in your bedroom, you can wait in the living room.”

Cen Xi nodded.

The two security officers walked towards the bedroom and were about to open the door when the bedroom door was opened from the inside.

A tall figure stood at the door.

The man only had a bath towel around his waist. He had just come out of the bathroom and his hair was wet, the drops of water sliding down from his well-defined face…

Cen Xi gave out a cry of surprise, covering her mouth with her hand. When the two security officers saw Cen Xi’s startled expression, they thought that the man standing at the door was a thief and wanted to rush forward to hold him down.

But before they could get close to the man, they were shocked by his expression that had turned dark.

“Why don’t you ask Miss Cen who I am?”

Cen Xi looked at the man standing at the door and she felt like her heart had been hit by something hard. She was confused and did not respond for a long time.

She was afraid that it was just a dream.

“Miss Cen?”

Cen Xi regained her senses after hearing the voice of the security officer. Her eyes were red and her voice trembled slightly. “Get him out. I don’t know him.”

The slender, upturned eyes of the man at the door narrowed slightly.

“Cen Xi, you don’t know me?”

The man strode towards Cen Xi. When he was about to reach her, Cen Xi ran to the bedroom.

Bam! She slammed the door shut.

Qiao Yanze’s expression turned dark. He went to the bedroom door, raised his hand and knocked.

There was no answer. A moment later, the door opened and clothes were thrown on him.

The door was then closed again.

Cen Xi lay on the bed and tears fell from her eyes. This period of time felt very long to her. Although she knew that he did not want her to face his scary face every day, he had never contacted her during his period of recuperating.

Even though he had survived, he had taken the initiative in their relationship into his hands again.

And she did not like that feeling very much.

No, she didn’t like it at all.

There seemed to be no movement outside after some time. The security officers should have already asked him out by now!

Cen Xi sniffed and went to the bathroom to wash her face. Thinking of the mess in the kitchen, she went out of the bedroom.

The man was not in the living room.

There was a beige bath towel on the sofa, which the man had wrapped around his waist earlier. The image of him having just a bath towel around his waist flashed past her mind unconsciously.

It was totally different from his thin and weak appearance two months ago. She could imagine how strict he was with himself during his recovery so that his figure could recover so well.

Although he was still a little thin, his muscles and the outlines of his body were quite attractive after taking off his clothes.

Ugh! What was she thinking? Cen Xi hit her head and quickly went into the kitchen and cleaned the kitchen counter. There were several dishes thrown in the garbage can. When Cen Xi looked over, she saw that it was food that she liked to eat.

Did he come here to make her a delicious meal, but was not good at cooking that he dirtied his clothes so he went to her bathroom to have a bath?

Looking at the food that was thrown in the garbage can, Cen Xi’s heart relaxed a little.

After cleaning up the kitchen, Cen Xi took a bath. Her head was a little dizzy after drinking several glasses of white wine in the evening and she planned to go to bed.

Just when she was feeling drowsy, the light in the living room was suddenly turned on and some white light shone through the crack in the bedroom door.

Cen Xi sat up immediately.

The moment she sat up, the bedroom door was opened.

A man wearing a silk V-neck shirt and black cropped pants came in. There was a square box held between his long fingers.

Cen Xi’s pupils constricted when she saw the packaging of the box. Picking up the pillow. She threw it hard at the man.

“Qiao Yanze, get out!”

Qiao Yanze caught the pillow that hit him and put it on the bed. Standing at the end of the bed, he narrowed his eyes and a small smile appeared on his thin lips. “Why are you so fierce, you don’t want to see me?”

He had recovered his handsome appearance. When he smiled, the corners of his eyes were lifted up slightly and his eyelashes were long and thick, which made him look devilishly charming.

Cen Xi’s heart skipped a beat when she saw his smile.

Biting her lip, she did not look at his charming upturned eyes and her cold face was tense. “I don’t want to see you!”

Qiao Yanze walked to the side of the bed, bent and his handsome face came close to her, looking at her like she was a child throwing a tantrum. “You’re angry with me?”

He was so close to her that when he spoke, his breath spilled down at her. It was familiar and strange, cool and charming which made her feel flustered.

Cen Xi buried her face into the blanket and ignored him.

Qiao Yanze held her and said in a low voice, “After taking the antidote, a layer of skin on my face and body came off. I couldn’t even look at myself and I couldn’t speak for a while. I wanted to see you when I was almost recovered. Can you understand the feeling of wanting to show your best side to your lover?”

Cen Xi heard his explanation and her eyes peeped out from the blanket. “Is your body better now?”

Qiao Yanze looked at the trace of nervousness that flashed past Cen Xi’s eyes and he held his heart. “There’s still a bit of pain here.”

Seeing him, Cen Xi panicked. “What did the doctor say? There are still aftereffects after taking the antidote?”

No wait, that couldn’t be right. The man did not look like his heart was in pain. Those slender eyes were looking at her deeply like two small whirlpools as if they were going to suck her in.

Cen Xi knew that she had been deceived. She punched him on the shoulder and was about to draw back her hand when her slender wrist was clasped by his palm. He pulled and she fell into his arms.

The joy of recovering what was lost surged out from the bottom of her heart. He looked at her eyes that were filled with tears and lowered his head, pressing his lips against hers.